Marsh Cares

Introducing Marsh Cares:

An easy way to earn money for your non-profit group by simply shopping Marsh.

How does it work? By simply registering your qualified group for a shopping event that will be conducted over Thursday, Friday and Saturday dates selected by you and approved by Marsh (subject to availability), five (5) percent of your group’s eligible purchases will be donated by Marsh to your group.

How do I apply? It’s easy; just follow these steps to register your group for a Marsh Cares Weekend Event.


  1. Call 1-800-382-8798, Monday thru Friday 8am to 4pm, to get started.
  2. Provide appropriate information about your group.
  3. Provide a copy of your 501(c)3 tax exemption IRS designation letter.
  4. Select from the available dates for your event (dates will be Thursday-Saturday).
  5. Sign the event agreement.
  6. Distribute the “Marsh Cares” identification slips to your group prior to the event.
  7. Encourage your group to shop any Marsh or O’Malia’s store on the specified dates and present the Marsh Cares ID slip at the time of checkout.
  8. Within 30 days of the event, your group will receive a check for the Marsh Cares donation based on the group total of qualifying purchases.

Are there things I should know?

  1. Maximum donation per event is $2,000.00.
  2. Must schedule the event a minimum of 4 weeks in advance.
  3. Qualifying purchases are net sales after coupons, sales tax or special prices and do not include alcohol, tobacco, pharmacy, gift cards, lottery tickets or other customer service items.
  4. Any eligible group may conduct a shopping event once each four weeks.
  5. Marsh reserves the right to exclude a group from participating in an event.
  6. Marsh reserves the right to cancel the program at any time.
  7. Forms may not be distributed in Marsh stores or on Marsh property.
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