Healthful Organics

One bite from an organic carrot is enough to win over skeptics who don’t understand that heightened flavors are a chief reason for going organic. This is farming the way it used to be, when tastes were fuller, deeper and all natural.

Produce Seasons

Plump, juicy berries are a summer crop, which once meant we faced a berry drought for much of the year. But no longer, because it’s always growing season somewhere, and some of that harvest makes it to our tables.

Homegrown Produce

By eating locally produced crops, you can be certain your food will be as fresh as possible. It won’t have been transported across the country, with all the costs and time involved. That’s why Marsh is partnering with local farmers to stock fruits and vegetables with homegrown flavor.

Customer Services

Keeping bins and cases filled with fresh picks for you is the chief aim of our Produce staff. They can also answer all of your questions about selecting, ripening, storing and preparing your purchases. Also, rely on our prepared fruit and vegetable trays for parties and other occasions.

Fresh Fruits

Here’s what Marsh promises: Peaches that are sweet as a summer day. Watermelon so cool you’ll get the chills. Bananas for slicing on your cereal. Berries of every kind, from strawberries to blueberries to cranberries. And during apple season? More varieties than you can shake a tree at.

Delicious Vegetables

Here’s a great piece of nutritional advice: Eat your veggies. Putting vegetables on your plate is necessary if you want to feel healthy, control your weight, support your body’s immune system and maintain your energy and enjoyment of life. We’ve got it all, from broccoli to tomatoes to cauliflower to peppers.

Flavorful Varieties

The first kiwi fruit you encountered seemed a bit odd. What was that fuzzy, brown, egg-like fruit? Of course, once tasted, it’s now a fixture on your shopping list. Ready for more eating adventures? Sample other exotics in the Produce Department.

Specialty Foods

There are other delicious tastes you don’t want to overlook in our Produce Department. To get an energy boost any time of day, try one of our fresh juices. Looking for more flavor in your cooking? We offer a selection of fresh herbs—you’ve never tasted basil until you’ve snipped some into a sauce.
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