Marsh Signature Seafood

Discover how healthful and easy it is to put fish on the table with Marsh Signature Seafood. We’ve aligned ourselves with an East Coast vendor who understands our customer’s desire for restaurant-quality seafood at home.


There are two kinds of seasonal seafood—one kind is caught during fishing season and the second is served to celebrate a season’s holiday. Both are delicious. Fresh catch, such as the wild fish caught during Alaska’s salmon season, taste amazing. The other seasonal seafood is what you’ll serve to celebrate a special day—maybe an Independence Day crab boil or seafood stew on Christmas Eve?


Before Marsh made the dive into offering fresh fish, our seafood experts made sure that the future looks strong for fish. We only work with suppliers who value tomorrow’s catch as much as today’s.

Customer Services

You want shrimp medium sized, shelled, cleaned, deveined and precooked? Yes, we can do that. You want tilapia cut into chunks? Certainly. Whatever you need, we’ll make every effort to accommodate your request.


If you have a favorite fish, we can keep your plate full. Come to Marsh for salmon, cod, perch, tilapia, catfish, tuna, mahi-mahi, swordfish, haddock and the list goes on.


This is a fish-centric world. But anyone who has ever cracked open a crab or dipped jumbo shrimp into cocktail sauce knows fish isn’t the only choice. Come take a taste of the shellfish Marsh offers.


It’s party time, which means it’s time to order seafood trays from Marsh. Whether you want crab, shrimp or salmon, our trays are designed to help you manage party preparations and please your guests.
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