Cakes and Pies


There is no day more important than a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or other special occasion. As the focal point of your party treats, your cake should be nothing less than the best! This is the very reason we recommend your Marsh Bakery.

A new cake has joined our list of winners.

Strawberry Dream Cake. This layer cake has a generous offering of strawberries, partially hidden by a hill of whipped topping. As long as high-quality fruit is available, we’ll be making Strawberry Dream Cake.

All of our cakes are custom-crafted from the finest ingredients and decorated specifically in your theme. Our Bakery associates look forward to helping you pick out the perfect cake. We offer an impressive selection of favorite designs from which to choose, and we frequently update our stock of current movie characters used for decorations.

Also among our cakes are:

• Cream Cakes. Our bakers are known for these old-fashioned creamy cakes. The cakes come in 10 flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, marble, lemon and strawberry.

• German Chocolate Double-Layer Cake. Light, fluffy chocolate icing covers two rich, moist 8-inch layers. The top is bordered by chocolate fudge and sprinkled with chopped pecans.

• Turtle Double-Layer Cake. Two layers of chocolate cake are covered with rich caramel icing. The final touches are a sprinkle of pecans and a drizzle of chocolate.

Gourmet Pie Shop

We offer a large variety of gourmet pies that are as good as your favorite homemade recipe. Our pies feature the plumpest fruits available—only generous portions of the highest-quality ingredients go into our pies. Whether you choose fruit pies, “No Sugar Added”, or cream pies, our pies are sure to be party pleasers.

The latest creation is our Fresh Strawberry Pie, a dessert overflowing with sweet flavors.

We also offer a selection of 9-inch fresh-fruit pies topped with lattice crusts and made with real cream and butter. Here are our varieties:

• Apple. This one is filled with Michigan Northern Spy apples.

• Peach. Starring in this pie are California Firestone peaches.

• Cherry. Inside is a generous amount of Michigan Montmorency cherries.

• Blueberry. This pie is filled with a generous helping of plump, juicy blueberries.

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