The Deli is so well-stocked with cheeses, it’s hard to reduce the selection to only six. But these are the best of the best. Serve slices with water crackers, grate atop bruschetta or melt into the best mac and cheese ever.

Aalsbruk Smoked Gouda. A classic Euro-style cheese with a semi-soft creamy texture and very mild flavor—and a delicious hint of dill. Slice for a perfect complement to ham sandwiches; or melt into omelets, casseroles or fondues. Can be enjoyed with fruity white wine, light red wine or beer.

Muenster. The creamy texture and very mild taste makes this cheese a favorite in France, Germany and the United States. Try it in deli sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches, omelets and casseroles. Can be enjoyed with any fruity wine or beer.

Premium Swiss. This is a classic with a mild, mellow, nutty flavor and a creamy texture. Swiss is the perfect cheese for pairing with everyone’s favorite: ham. Also, try it melted into a tasty omelet or cubed in a light salad.

Horseradish Cheddar. A rich creamy flavor enhanced with ground horseradish, this cheddar nicely complements roast beef sandwiches. Also, melt it on burgers, over kielbasas or baked potatoes, or grate it on omelets or in casseroles. Can be enjoyed with red wine, white wine, ale, beer or hard cider.

C-Sharp Cheddar. A genuine New York cheddar, C-Sharp is aged for 6 months to offer a creamy, nutty flavor. Good on deli sandwiches, cubed in salads, melted in a casserole, an omelet or on pizza. Enjoy it with red or white wine, pale ale, beer or hard cider.

Provolone. This is a flavorful aged provolone prepared in the authentic Italian style. Ideal for pizzas, deli sandwiches or served with traditional antipasto.

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