Custom Services


There’s no reason to be concerned about serving fish and shellfish. You have an entire Marsh seafood staff ready to help you with your selections, dinner preparations and serving suggestions. Once you’ve cooked seafood, you’ll almost certainly say—as almost everyone does after a first seafood cooking experience—“That was a lot easier than I expected.”

Get started on your next trip to Marsh. Take a look at the seafood case and don’t be surprised when one of our fish experts asks, “May I help you?” Instead of the standard “I’m just looking,” put your toe in the water by asking about what you see. For instance, you may spot a big, hearty piece of lovely pink salmon. Ask about it and you’ll learn that it’s no harder to prepare and cook than a steak—probably easier, actually. You’ll also receive quick, clear instructions on how to get it ready for the oven or grill, how long to cook it, when to flip it and other tips for success.

The same scenario will play out whether you are asking about ocean fish, freshwater fish or shellfish. If you can turn on an oven, fire up a grill or even just boil water, you’ll be an experienced seafood chef in no time.

Ordering seafood

Fresh seafood goes into the display cases every day. If you have a specific need, such as several large trays of shrimp and sauce, ask for it a couple of days in advance at the seafood counter. You have three options for ordering:

• Stop by the Seafood Department

• Phone your local Marsh store

• Visit our website at

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