Deli Meats


There’s nothing quite like purchasing fresh meats made the old-fashioned way. The savory, sweet and spicy aromas of meat being sliced draw you to the Deli—an island of eating pleasure.

Don’t limit yourself to lunch meats. Think bigger. Purchase chunks of our specialty Gourmet Lite Virginia Baked Ham to top a salad or thin slices of Premium Angus Roast Beef to serve au jus.

Here are some other ideas:

London Broil Roast Beef. USDA Choice Top Round seasoned with fresh lemon and crushed garlic, then oven roasted to mouthwatering perfection. Gluten- and nitrate-free.

Pastrami. Fresh, hand-trimmed corned beef brisket, coated with pepper and coriander and smoked to perfection. A perfect sandwich meat, our traditional pastrami is juicy, delicious and 97% fat free.

Buffalo Style Chicken Breast. Hand-trimmed fresh chicken breast prepared with all-natural seasonings and authentic buffalo wing sauce—then browned in canola oil and oven roasted.

Southern Fried Chicken Breast. Fresh hand-trimmed chicken breast prepared with our natural spices, then breaded and coated with our fried chicken seasonings for a down-home, southern-fried chicken flavor.

Uncured Classic Dinner Ham. An all-natural cooked ham prepared with sea salt for slightly smoky, delicious off-the-bone flavor.

Gourmet Lite Virginia Baked Ham. A premium Southern-style ham, prepared with a touch of sugar, paprika and natural seasonings, topped with pineapple, and slowly oven- cooked for spectacular flavor.

Ham Capocollo. A traditional Italian delicacy prepared from fresh pork shoulder, seasoned with natural spices and dry cured to perfection.

Prosciutto. Authentic Italian-style dry-cured ham prepared in the Italian tradition from selected fully trimmed meats that have been allowed to slowly age for 3 to 4 months. Serve with melon, in a traditional antipasto with cheese, or as part of a pasta or chicken entrée.

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