Healthy Eating


Instead of setting aside a single area in our stores for foods that are organic, gluten-free or in other ways health-related, at Marsh we place these products in aisles where other products in the same category are shelved. For instance, we don’t put organic cereals in one spot and mainstream cereals in another. We put all cereals in the same aisle, but group those cereals that are organic or gluten-free, posting signs or giving the area another treatment to set it apart.

Michael Savage, Marsh vice president for center-store merchandizing, says, “A store might have twenty-four or forty feet of shelves for all the typical cereals, but then has eight feet of space for these healthy-for-you products. That way, the shopper can look at the selections across the full spectrum and decide what is best.”

The approach is the same whether looking at soup or pasta sauces or even frozen foods. An organic and gluten-free area is now part of many Marsh frozen food sections.

“Across the board, food products of all types are getting healthier. It’s what people want,” Savage says. “We have our own in-house nutritionist, Mary Snell, who is working on this with us.”

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