Local Farmers


Local grown produce is critical for us because our shoppers request it. They are more interested in eating fruits and veggies from a farm they can drive to today than from an operation halfway around the world. Local assures customers that the produce is fresh and that it has not been processed more for packing and shipping than for eating.

By local farmers, we mean Indiana and Ohio—states where Marsh Supermarkets are located. You’ll know their crops by the ‘Local Grown” signs in the Produce Department. Here are some of our local suppliers:

Kercher’s Sunrise Orchards, Goshen, Indiana. This fifth-generation farm raises 14 crops, plus makes jams, jellies and apple cider. In addition to supplying Marsh, they also have u-pick fields open to customers. Their eight apple varieties are as good as any rivals from Washington or Michigan. You’ll find Kercher’s sweet corn, apples, pumpkins, peppers and cucumbers in our Produce Department.

JMR Farms, Vincennes, Indiana. Still in the family, this farm was established by Gotlieb Vieck, who immigrated here from Germany in 1882. Though they harvest several crops, the favorites of Marsh customers are the farm’s sweet corn and broccoli. JMR has been supplying food to our supermarkets for 15 years.

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