Marsh Meats: A Cut Above


Since 1931 Marsh has built a heritage of providing fine foods to discerning Midwestern customers. Today, that legacy continues with Marsh Signature Meats—Premium-Aged Black Angus Beef, Premium Quality Indiana Pork and Grade-A Poultry. 

A Promise to Our Neighbors

Our food experts take meat seriously. They know that the products they select will nourish some very special people—your family and ours. Just like professional cooks, home cooks want healthful meats prepared to high standards of production and food safety. Because of this, our meat professionals deliver only top tier meats raised in the United States to USDA standards.

At Marsh, we are committed to serving our neighbors in the same way we want to be served: with integrity. We pay farmers a fair price, while giving you uncompromised service and products. We’re determined to offer only the freshest, safest and most delicious meat at excellent values every day. You won’t eat any better than when you let us help you put together meals for those you love.

Making the Grade

Marsh Signature is a select group of top quality, grade-A meats, chosen by our expert meat buyers. To find suppliers, they search the nation for the best farms and ranches, reviewing farming practices, tasting products and conducting interviews.

Marsh Signature Beef

When it comes to selecting premium beef, most food professionals agree Black Angus cattle are the gold standard for being tender and tasty. Deeply flavorful and juicy, steaks and other cuts from this breed were first introduced to America from Scotland in the late-1800s.

Creekstone Farms Premium Black Angus Beef is the beef of choice at all Marsh Supermarkets. Cattle experts at Creekstone believe in producing quality, not quantity. The company has worked for more than a decade to attain the nation’s highest quality beef using exceptional cattle management practices.

• It has one of the few branded programs certified by the USDA.

• The herds have verifiable Black Angus genetics.

• Cattle are born, raised and grazed in the United States.

• Animals are fed high-quality, corn-based feed.

• Cattle receive humane treatment.

• The last step in production is a state-of-the-art processing facility.

Why is Angus beef better? Beef is graded based on marbling—the amount of intramuscular fat. Chefs know that some marbling is needed for best flavor, tenderness and moisture. Angus beef develops superior marbling compared to most cattle, making each bite an outstanding experience. Marsh chose Creekstone Farms for this signature line because it offers some of the best beef in the world, earning a high rank on the USDA grading scale.

Marsh Signature Pork

Indiana pork producers are passionate about producing premium-quality pork, providing Marsh with its enviable selections. Producers raise their own breeding stock, which leads to exceptionally tasty, lean hams. The animals are fed a special diet high in corn and soybean meal, and are raised under strict quality assurance standards established by the National Pork Producers Council.

Why is Marsh Honey Gold Spiral Sliced Ham better? It begins with the farmers who supply animals to Indiana Kitchen, our pork processor. All are dedicated to serving Marsh and our customers with quality meat. This is a more healthful, leaner pork that compares favorably for fat, calories and cholesterol with other meats, and even with poultry. Many cuts meet government guidelines for “lean” or “extra lean.”

Marsh Signature Poultry

The freshest, plumpest and most full-flavored chickens are available at Marsh. For a premium dish, try our best-in-the-market air-chilled chicken. Produced by Miller Poultry in northern Indiana, the birds are chilled by cold air, rather than by cold-water immersion. The process delivers a bird with lower water content and a more “chicken-y” taste compared to conventionally frozen chicken.

This is 100 percent natural chicken, which can be purchased as whole fryers or cut up as wings, breasts, drumsticks and thighs.

Marsh carries a variety of poultry, including turkeys, ducks and geese. Turkeys are available year-round, though the stock is highest at the holidays. In the off-season, you can request a whole turkey at the meat counter and it will be ready for pick-up in two or three days.

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