Marsh Seafood: The Fresh Catch


When Marsh puts its name on something, we believe it’s the very best and we stand behind it. That’s exactly why you’ll find our name on Marsh Signature Seafood. The hallmark of our Signature lineup is its ocean-to-table freshness. Every item in our display case is caught or farmed sustainably to ensure we don’t indulge today only to go without tomorrow.

Swimming in Flavor

Anyone who has enjoyed fresh-caught Marsh Signature Seafood can tell you that there’s nothing more delicious. Each piece is guaranteed to meet or exceed the USDC government specifications for Grade A quality. You can expect restaurant-quality seafood without the restaurant price tag, right in your home.

Making the Grade

Whether wild caught or farmed, all Marsh seafood has gone through several inspections before you spot it in our seafood case:

• The U.S. Department of Commerce performs food safety inspections on all Marsh seafood.

• The distributor also inspects the fish.

• The catch is inspected again by Marsh employees after it reaches our central warehouse.

• Seafood specialists in our stores inspect fish as it is placed in our seafood cases.

Keeping Seafood Fresh

With seafood, fresh is a specific promise. It means that seafood has not been frozen. That may not sound like much, but it’s no casual guarantee. For seafood to remain fresh, it must be kept chilled just around the freezing mark for the two to three days it takes to get it from the ocean to you. It has to stay in that range on the boat after it is caught, in the plant where it is packaged and on the airplane and truck that transport it from the water’s edge to your neighborhood store.

Freshness is critical to flavor. While frozen fish is still very good, most seafood lovers prefer the taste of foods that have not been transformed—even slightly—by icing.

This is where the Marsh Signature promise stands out. You’re going to get the most flavorful and healthiest eating when you look for Signature seafood.

Refrigerate seafood immediately after you get it home. It is best when eaten within one day of purchase.

On Display

The last stop for most seafood before you buy it is at one of the Marsh seafood display cases. You may notice that these cases have been changed. It was a significant upgrade.

Until very recently, fish were displayed on mounds of ice in open counters. “That was probably the worst way to display fish,” says Mark Miller, Marsh vice president for meat and seafood. “Ice saps moisture and absorbs odor, which is not good for the fish.” So Marsh invested in a new way of chilling seafood—fully refrigerated cases, where fish and shellfish are displayed on stainless steel trays. Mark says, “It’s the best possible way to display fish because stainless steel is the best conductor of cold.”

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