Produce Seasons

Until recent times, a discussion on farm crops and seasons was a simple matter. For example, berries grow best in summer, so berries would arrive each year along with warmer weather.

Today, berries still arrive from U.S. farms in summer, as they should. But berries are now on sale year-round as berry companies can rely on shipments of fresh fruit from around the world. The blueberries you mix with your cereal on a snowy February morning probably came from South America. To find out where produce comes from, check for the country of origin marked on the label.

In Season

So what foods will be in stock soon? Here are a few popular foods that are coming in spring and early summer.

Cherries: Mid April

Strawberries: March

Vidalia Sweet Onions: April

Sweet Corn: Early to Mid April

Grapes: Late May

Stone Fruit (peaches, apricots, plums, etc.): June.

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