Signature Breads and Dessert


Because there are foods that Marsh managers don’t want you to miss, we call it Signature items. These foods, including a Signature bread, cake and cookie, are the best we have to offer.

Setting these Signature items apart are the out of the ordinary methods and ingredients with which they are made. Some selections, such as the Signature Carrot Cake, will overwhelm you with their richness, sweetness and full flavors. Bite into the Rustic French Baguette and you’ll note its authenticity and clarity of taste; you won’t find a better baguette this side of France.

Here are Signature items from the Bakery: 


Marsh Signature Breads are hand-formed, made with all-natural leavening and given a long, slow period of fermentation that builds flavor. They are baked in a special European stone-hearth oven so they form a chewy, crunchy crust and moist interior.

All of our artisan breads are made with the highest-quality natural ingredients, including unbleached wheat flour, kosher salt and natural yeast. To some, we add only extra virgin olive oil to create distinct textures. No fats, sweeteners, preservatives or dough conditioners are added. Each slice of these breads tastes outstanding.

• Focaccia Bread. With an aroma that’s sure to please, this flavorful Italian favorite features a blend of olive oil, basil, oregano and rosemary. Try this bread with a glass of Pinot Grigio wine.

• Multigrain Batard. Seven grains go into the making of this hearty bread. Serve it with a deep Merlot and a piece of Monterey Jack cheese.

• Rustic French Batard. Hand-shaped into a long baguette, this bread has a chewy crust and a light interior. Pair it with a glass of rosé and a wedge of Brie.


• Signature Carrot Cake. Four layers high, this cake is an imposing beauty with rich texturing and complexity. Featuring cream cheese icing between its layers, it’s like something your mom might have made—if she were a professional baker. Every bite is off the Yum Scale.


• Signature Cookie. This one is huge—literally. It’s a 4-ounce cookie available in one flavor each day. Flavors vary from Belgian Chocolate with Walnut Cookies to, in the fall, Pumpkin Spice Cookies.

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