Specialty Foods


Put more fruits and veggies into your diet by starting your day with a glass of 100 percent real juice from the Produce Department. These fruit and vegetable juices are fresh and powerfully nutritious.

Juices aren’t the only specialty item in Produce. Look for these unusual foods.

Manzano Bananas: About 5 inches in length, these bananas are very sweet with hints of apple, guava and strawberry. The fruit is ripe when it yields to gentle pressure. When ripe, the flesh is creamy white with firm texture, but the skin has black mottling. Eat it out of hand or cut it into fruit salads or shakes. It’s also a delicious addition to cakes and breads.

Ugli Fruit: A cross between a grapefruit and mandarin, ugli fruit has the juicy texture of a grapefruit without acidity in the taste. The mottled green and yellow skin looks ill fitted and bumpy, but it peels easily and is mostly seedless. Eat out of hand, in a fruit salad or as garnish for rice or couscous.

Green Kohlrabi: A squatty bulblike tuber that looks like a cabbage, kohlrabi has a surprisingly delicious flavor. A pleasing blend of mild broccoli and cucumber flavors, it has a gentle sweetness and a very subtle hint of peppery radish. Gracefully arching stems sprout from the sides and top. Kohlrabi can be eaten raw or cooked. Shred and add it to coleslaw, put slices on a sandwich or stir it into vegetable soups, cheesy spuds or Waldorf Salad. The leaves look and taste like collard greens and can be washed, trimmed and cooked in a similar manner.

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