Specialty Meats


Put some depth of taste on your plate with specialty meat items from Marsh. Be adventurous: Make a bison burger from the ground meat we offer. Be less stressed: Purchase a main dish that comes prepared for cooking, such as stuffed chicken breast or meatloaf. Or be relaxed: Pick up premade kabob skewers loaded with meat and veggies. You supply the grill.

Marinated Meats. Cut down on prep time by picking up marinated beef or chicken. You’ll enjoy the rich flavors of Marsh Italian, barbecue and teriyaki marinades.

Kabobs. Our skewers are ready for the grill. Try veggie, beef, chicken or any combination you’d like.

Dinner-Ready Items. The Marsh butcher staff does the prep work on these delicious entrées and you only have to turn on the oven. Try our stuffed pork chops, stuffed chicken breasts, dry-seasoned and wet-seasoned fryers, meatloaf, breaded pork cutlets and much more.

Handmade Beef Patties. Our Bistro Patties are top quality and pre-seasoned for grilling. Plain ground beef patties are also available in any quantity you need.

Stuffed sausage. At Marsh, we make some of the best stuffed sausage you’ll ever taste. The flavors are bold, and no preservatives are added.

Lamb. For lamb lovers, we stock a variety of cuts: boneless leg, ground, chops  and stew cubes.

Veal. Purchase this delicate meat as a round cut or a loin. You can also get scaloppini veal, a thinly sliced cutlet that makes for fine dining.

Bison. Hungry for the husky flavors of a bison burger? Stop by the meat counter and pick up ground bison, ready to be formed into patties.

Specialty Beef

There’s no trade-off when it comes to health and taste if you shop at Marsh for specialty beef items. Try the true-to-the-breed flavors of:

Grass-Fed Beef.  Raised the old-fashioned way by grazing on pastureland, Strauss Brands cattle put honest beef on your table. Straus farmers are passionate about the grass they grow and the land they preserve. Their sustainably grazed pastures produce a diverse variety of grasses, ensuring that heritage-bred cattle enjoy a year-round, all-forage diet that is rich in nutrients and energy. This allows Strauss farmers to raise cattle naturally, free of antibiotics and growth hormones. The company promises:

• 100% grass-fed and grass-finished.

• Raised on open pastures; never penned in feedlots.

• Never administered antibiotics or growth hormones.

• Agriculturally sustainable and environmentally friendly.

• Born and raised in the United States by family farmers.

Lean Beef. Laura Freeman knew she had a problem when she took the reins of her family’s cattle farm business in 1985. Beef sales were under assault. What had been a staple in American diets was gaining critics who said beef was high in total fat with too much saturated fat and cholesterol. People were cutting back on beef or removing it from their diet.

Because she was as concerned about healthy food as she was about keeping the company afloat, she found an answer in producing leaner beef with a better health profile. This idea became Laura’s Lean Beef. By breeding lean strains of cattle and raising them without hormones or antibiotics, she was able to give her customers the meat they desired. Her line of Laura’s Lean Beef has been a huge success.

Praised in such magazines as Men’s Health, American Cowboy and Family Circle, her lean ground beef products are sold at Marsh Supermarkets and across the country.

“Laura’s offers an all-natural, lean alternative that people really enjoy,” says Marsh category supervisor Mark Ransford.

A four-ounce serving of Laura’s beef is 96 percent fat free and has 140 calories, 24 grams of protein and 4.5 grams of fat. Try this lean beef at your next party. It’s a delicious option that makes good eating and good sense.

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