Supporting Local Farmers


As the hometown grocer, Marsh is committed to supporting our local food growers and producers. We sell fruits, vegetables, meats and poultry grown and raised in Indiana and nearby states in order to reduce waste, support sustainable agriculture and provide a healthier food supply. Our Meat Departments offer many locally produced meats including pork and chicken. If there is no local supplier, our aim is to find a regional source so we can cut down on the costs—economically and environmentally—of doing business.

Close to Farmers

As the hometown grocer, Marsh always tries to shop locally for you. Here are two of the many companies we are proud to call our friends.

• Indiana Kitchen. Located in Delphi, Indiana, this business has been supplying pork since 1991. “Indiana Kitchen is where we get our Honey Gold Spiral Cut Ham,” says Mike Miller, Marsh vice president of Meat/Seafood. “Indiana Kitchen consistently delivers a better cut of meat.”

The livestock grown for Marsh come from family-owned farm neighbors in the eastern Corn Belt. The animals are fed a balanced diet of corn and bean meal, along with the essential vitamins that are best for hogs.

• Miller Poultry. The company started in 1942 as a small, family-owned operation in northern Indiana, then known as Pine Manor Farms. Milos and Annas Miller began as dairy farmers and later switched to raising turkeys. In 1974, they saw a future in chickens and began raising them.

Miller chickens are raised antibiotic- and hormone-free, and are fed a diet of ground corn and soybeans. The company also offers organic and gluten-free products.

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