USDA Certified Tender

USDA Certified Tender

While we pride ourselves on providing consistently aged tender steaks and roasts, only a number of cuts qualify as USDA Certified Tender. These aged tender muscle cuts include:

  • Ribeye
  • T-Bone
  • Tenderloin
  • New York Strip
  • Sirloin Tip

Marsh Signature Aged Premium Black Angus Beef is truly Premium Beef with unprecedented flavor and consistency. Grain feed produces mouth-watering beef with superior marbling resulting in unmatched tenderness and taste!

At the Marsh full-service meat counter, our expert meat specialists will help you choose the right cut of meat and give you recipes and grilling tips too. You won’t find a better selection of the best steaks or experts anywhere else in the Market.

The best beef in the world comes from the Midwest and Marsh Signature Black Angus Beef is the best of the Midwest. It’s Certified Tender by USDA inspectors to ensuring it meets the highest standards for quality, tenderness and flavor.

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