You may be on the hunt for the elusive perfect bottle of wine, nearly regardless of cost. Or your idea of perfection may be a palatable $7 bottle that tastes like it could go for more than $20. Whatever your want, Marsh Supermarkets have it.

Most locations carry a wide selection of wines. Always stocked are such popular brands as Robert Mondavi, Beringer and Yellow Tail. Also look for the special features available in select locations. These programs include:

Bin 60—Under $10. Sixty wines priced at $10 or less are always offered. Look for specially marked wood displays or ask at the counter. There will be labels you recognize and some you won’t, but all offer great taste along with value.

90-Point Rated Wines. Marsh Wine, Beer & Spirits Department manager Teri Kadri keeps up with reviews from some of the nation’s top wine critics. Picking from the critics’ top 10 percent, she selects 60 of the best wines to include in the 90-Point Rated display. Because some of these wines are under $10 a bottle, there’s something for everyone.

Wine Cellar. Wine Cellar sales rooms have been opened at several Marsh Supermarkets to showcase selections of fine wines. These rooms are kept at 55˚ to 57˚F, about the same ideal temperature as a cellar. This keeps the wine chilled without make it too cold.

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