Shopping for Yogurt

  • Reach for nonfat or low-fat yogurts that contain “live and active cultures.”
  • Choose plain yogurt or a flavor like vanilla, coffee or lemon. Fruit-flavored varieties pack in more sugar and calories.
  • Skip the “whipped.” Whipped yogurts are full of air so you are paying more for less yogurt (look at the total number of ounces listed on the container).
  • Beware of the calories in yogurt drinks as these products may contain lots of added sugar.
  • Substitute nonfat or low-fat plain yogurt for sour cream. If you’re using the yogurt in a cooked dish, stir it in after removing the pan from the heat so it won’t curdle.
  • Don’t pour off the whey! This is the fluid that sometimes separates from the yogurt and it contains nutrients, including calcium. Mix it back in and enjoy it all.
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