Week 6

Week 6 – Portion Distortion

Goal for the week:

  • At home, use a smaller 7” salad plate instead of the standard 9-10” dinner plate for your meals.
  • When eating out, automatically put half of your meal in a take home container. Use the leftovers for lunch the next day.

The amount of food you eat is just as important to your good health as what you eat. It only takes an extra 100 calories per day to add up to ten extra pounds of weight gain per year which can lead to conditions such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease.
Growing portion sizes are changing what Americans think of as a “normal” portion. This trend towards larger portion sizes began in the 1980’s and has continued to this day. Thirty years ago, a typical cheeseburger had 330 calories; today, it’s 590. The french fries you ordered on the side were a 2.4 ounce handful totaling 210 calories; today the standard order packs over 600 calories.

Simple tips to help you watch your portion sizes:

  • If you select a food from a larger container or bag, portion out the recommended serving size (found on the label) and put the rest away.
  • Don’t order anything that’s been “supersized.”
  • In restaurants, order an appetizer instead of an entrée or split your entrée with a friend.
  • Order a medium pizza instead of a large. Everyone gets the same number of slices as before, they’re just smaller.
  • Select single-serve portions for snacks and desserts. Always use the food label to be sure you are accurately selecting your portion.
  • At home, use a kitchen scale to measure your food portions and take the guesswork out of it.
  • Use this handy serving size cheat sheet

Recipe of the Week: Chili-Garlic Glazed Salmon

Join me next week for another healthy habit!

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