Guiding Stars

Guiding Stars
Guiding Stars

Marsh is committed to you and your family’s health. That’s why we implemented the Guiding Stars program. It takes the confusion out of reading nutrition labels and makes it easier to find the more nutritious foods. Just look for the stars on the shelf tag. It’s easy. The more stars you see, the more nutritious the food.

Think of our Guiding Stars program as a navigational system, pointing you and your family to smart food choices with more good stuff than bad.

More Less
Vitamins Saturated Fat
Minerals Trans Fat
Fiber Cholesterol
Whole Grains Added Sodium

Guiding Stars

As Americans become increasingly aware of the connection between diet and health, there is a growing interest in which nutrition symbols, health claims and information sources are relevant when purchasing food. Consumers shy away from making a healthier food choice that requires them to process too much information. They want a reliable system that is easy to understand, quick to use and relevant to their shopping habits and health and wellness concerns.

Guiding Stars is a nutrition navigation program that was implemented in September 2011 at all Marsh Supermarkets to help guide consumer food and beverage choices. Each food item throughout our stores receives a zero-to-three star rating according to its nutritional value, offering busy shoppers a simple, at-a-glance tool that helps them quickly identify foods that offer the most nutrition for the calories.

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