Blue Breeze Mojito

A sweetened coconut syrup adds a taste of the tropics to the classic mojito. You’ll love every sip!

15 min.





1. For coconut-mint syrup, in a medium saucepan combine sugar, water, coconut, mint and red pepper flakes. Bring to boiling. Continue boiling for 2 to 3 minutes. Remove from heat and let stand for one hour to allow flavors to develop. Strain mixture through a fine strainer, pressing out as much liquid as possible; discard the solids. Let cool to room temperature.

2. For Mojito, fill a tall glass (10 to 14 ounces) with ice. Add rum, 3 tablespoons coconut-mint syrup, lime juice and blue curacao. Slowly add club soda. Stir before serving. If desired, garnish with mint leaves and lime wedge.

Quick Tip: If not using syrup immediately, cover and refrigerate for up to one month. Stir before using.

Nutrition Per Serving

254 Calories, 2g Fat, 2g Saturated Fat, 0g Trans Fat, 0mg Cholesterol, 48mg Sodium, 31g Carbs, 1g Fiber, 29g Sugar, 0g Protein. Daily Values: 0% Vitamin A, 0% Vitamin C, 0% Calcium, 0% Iron
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