Havarti and Spinach Panini

A sandwich meal doesn’t get much better than this: buttery Danish cheese gets stacked with baby spinach, cucumbers and a punchy olive spread on sourdough bread that grills in minutes to a crisp golden brown.

Makes 8 servings (1/2 sandwich each)



1. In a food processor, combine olives, red peppers, capers and lemon juice. Process until chunky.

2. Evenly spread 2 tablespoons olive mixture on 4 slices of sourdough bread. Layer each with 1 slice of Havarti, 1/2 cup of spinach and one-fourth of the cucumber slices. Top with remaining bread slices.

3. Spray a panini press or countertop grill with nonstick cooking spray. Cook sandwiches in press or grill until golden brown and cheese is melted. To serve, cut sandwiches in half.

Nutrition Per Serving

220 Calories, 8g Fat, 3g Saturated Fat, 0g Trans Fat, 15mg Cholesterol, 540mg Sodium, 28g Carbs, 1g Fiber, 1g Sugar, 9g Protein. Daily Values: 20% Vitamin A, 15% Vitamin C, 10% Calcium, 10% Iron
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