Strawberry Tree

The Strawberry Tree shown in Marsh Dish Holiday 2015 was under 12 inches tall. It took 18 wood skewers and about 70 strawberries to make. The amount of strawberries and chocolate needed for this project depend on the size of tree desired.



Prep strawberries by rinsing in cool water, and patting dry. (Dry completely; chocolate will not stick to wet spots on strawberries.) Cut a 3-inch section from a skewer, and poke skewer halfway into stem end of a strawberry. Repeat with rest of strawberries, laying the skewered berries onto cookie sheets as you go.

Using a double boiler, melt white chocolate chips according to package instructions.

Fill a frosting bag with melted white chocolate. With a writer’s piping tip attached to the bag, drizzle white chocolate onto each berry, individually. Allow chocolate to dry by placing strawberry-covered cookie sheets in a refrigerator for 20 to 30 minutes. If the chocolate starts to harden, run bag under hot water to soften chocolate.

Using floral foam and a sharp knife, cut block into a triangular tree shape. Cover with lettuce leaves, and secure with floral “U” or “T” pins.

Strawberries are ready to mount when chocolate is firm. Start attaching strawberries at the tree bottom, working in a circular pattern. Continue attaching berries up the tree to the top, placing the final berry skewer vertically down into the foam.

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