Everyone is looking for the perfect mattress to get a good night’s sleep, but how would you even know if a mattress suits you without sleeping on it first? Well, the 2920 Sleep Mattress offers a 100-night free trial for you to try the mattress out before deciding if you want to keep it.

The 100 Night Free Trial and a Ten Year Limited Warranty

The 2920 company offers a 100 night free trial, but asks that you at least sleep on the mattress for 45 nights before choosing whether to keep it or not as they claim, it can take at least 45 nights for your body to start adapting to the mattress and the mattress to adapt to your body as well. After that, you will begin to enjoy the comfort of its contour more and more.

If within the 100-night trial period, you decide that you are not completely satisfied with the 2920 Sleep Mattress, all you have to do is contact the company and they will pick it up then recycle or donate it to a good cause to help reduce impacts on the environment. The company will then refund the money you paid when you purchased the mattress minus the $99 environment impact fee.

The Company must be very confident in this mattress since they also back it with a 10-year limited warranty.

Only the original purchaser, who bought the 2920 Sleep Mattress directly from the company or an authorized dealer, can utilize the warranty that begins on the day the mattress was purchased. Therefore the warranty is not applicable to someone it was gifted or sold to.

Contact the company, if you should happen to come across any defects in the constructing or manufacturing of the 2920 Sleep Mattress and at their option, they will replace or repair it at no cost to you. The company even covers the shipping costs to return the faulty mattress. However, it is the customers’ responsibility to pay for shipping of the repaired or replaced 2920 sleep mattress.

In addition, during the warranty period, the customer can also get a new upgraded 2920 mattress, for which they will only have to pay the difference between their price and the cost of the new version. Thus, with this new upgrade, they will also get a new 10-year warranty.

Shipping & Receiving Your 2920 Sleep Mattress

The 2920 Sleep Mattress is made in the USA and can be ordered online, it is available in the US, Alaska, and Hawaii. Within 24 hours after placing your order, the mattress will be shipped free of charge via UPS and it should arrive within a week depending on where you are located.

When you receive your 2920 sleep mattress, it will be in a cardboard box like other bed in a box mattresses usually are.

Setting up Your 2920 Mattress is So Simple

Setting your sleep mattress up for use is very simple, just remove it from the box, unroll it, then cut open the plastic wrapping and allow it to inflate. In two to three hours your mattress will be approximately 80 percent decompressed, however, it will take between 12 to 24 hours before it is fully expanded and ready for use.

Available Sizes of the 2920 Sleep Mattress

The mattress is available in a number of different sizes for you to choose from:

  • Twin size: 39in x 75in x 10in
  • Twin XL size: 39in x 80in x 10in
  • Full size: 54in x 75in x 10in
  • Queen size: 60in x 80in x 10in
  • King size: 76in x 80in x 10in
  • CAL king size: 72in x 84in x 10in

Materials, Layers, and Construction

One of the most important aspects of a mattress is the material used to manufacture it and the 2920 mattress contains new generation foam a material specifically designed to regulate and dissolve heat so your mattress always stays cool. Thus, this material makes the 2920 ideal for comfort, support, and relief of pressure for everyone as it is a universal type mattress or a one size fits all deal. Moreover, this stability along with the motion isolation reduces disturbance while the foams are stacked up in a way that creates a sturdy edge that is durable and long-lasting.

The Sleep Mattress is 10” thick in total and is comprised of four layers of unmatched high-quality superior foam for extra comfort and support.

The top layers of the 2920 mattress contain high-grade foams that — most other mattresses on the market that claim to have high-grade foams — can’t compete with.

  • Layer 1– The top layer is called a “Pressure Relief Layer” since it acts as a pressure relief point that results from the surface layers response. It is crafted from 2” new generation foam that contains millions of micro air coils that assists with motion control, pressure relief, and airflow as it contours to your body.
  • Layer 2– The next layer is 1” of premium proprietary foam that combines the qualities of both latex and memory foams and is of medium resistance. It adds enhanced pressure relief that is responsive instead of sinking and can be noted as a transitional layer between the layers above and below.
  • Layer 3– This core support layer consists of 5.5” high-density support foam. Although this added extra layer is not quite as firm as the one beneath it, it helps to give overall support to the back and spine.
  • Layer 4– This 1.5” dense support foam is the final layer that makes the shape of the mattress long lasting. It is edge-to-edge, therefore, the firmness won’t change no matter how much you move towards the edges, and it allows for more sleeping space.

To avoid using dangerous chemicals and meet with the fire safety standards, these layers are bound inside of a fire-protected sock with an elegantly designed cover wrapped around it that is quite appealing. This cover combines viscose, polyester, and Lycra to create a high-end Belgian blend fabric that uses adaptive temperature control technology (mostly used in sporting apparel) to keep the mattress cool and moisture free.

Moreover, the cover fits well on the mattress as it has the perfect stretch to fit.

In addition, the cover is equipped with a zipper so that you can remove it for washing.

The Cost of the 2920 Sleep Mattress

Compared to its competitors, the 2920 Sleep Mattress is very reasonably priced, especially since it is made of the highest quality materials. Of all the 2920 sizes the Queen mattresses seem to be the most popular as they are the biggest sellers. Although the price may vary between dealers, it can range from $600 to $1,150 depending on the size selected.

Research and Development

The creators of the 2920 Sleep Mattress are a company that was recently formed called, “2920 Sleep.” The company’s goal is to provide the highest quality of sleep products to its customers helping them get a better night’s sleep every night. To help fulfill their goals, they spent two years in research and development to create the “internet’s most supportive mattress,” the 2920 Sleep Mattress while focusing on a fix for the four causes of poor sleep: temperature, motion transfer, durability, and support.

Caring for Your 2920 Sleep Mattress

Caring for your sleep mattress is really quite simple. To ensure even wear to each side of the mattress over its lifetime, it is very important to rotate it from head to toe on a regular schedule (for the first six months rotate once a month after that rotate once every six months.

You should never use bleach or other harsh chemicals on the mattress cover; rather you can spot clean the fabric by applying mild detergent with a sponge to remove any dirt or stains. However, in the case where the cover is heavily soiled, do not tumble dry or machine wash, instead you can hand-wash it in cold water, then avoid shrinkage, by air drying.

Although it is not recommended due to the possibility of changing the way the mattress feels, you can try using a mattress cover to keep it safe from ruin.

What People are Saying About the 2920 Mattress

Most customers love their sleep mattress and give it great reviews. However, there have been a few issues with the feel of the mattress mentioned, not about the quality of the fabric or material but about the firmness of the mattress. Seems some customers had higher expectations.

The mattress is best fitted for people who toss and turn frequently in their sleep, turning from their stomach onto their back, then to one side and then the other.

Another important point is that the bed seems to be better for those who weigh 200 pounds or less as they could actually feel their bodies sinking in the mattress. Anyone weighing more might say the mattress belongs in a softer to medium category.

One person noted that after just four months of sleeping on the mattress every night, he began to feel the body impression he made as he lay in one spot each night.

Another commented that the mattress had a lighter memory foam feel to it.

“It’s very accommodating and comfortable in terms of firmness,” stated another.

Motion Transfer and Sinkage

The motion transfer and sinkage of the 2920 mattress have been put through tests to check their reliability and they performed well.

One test was done to check the consistency of the mattresses motion transfer where a half-full glass of water was placed on the bed while two individuals rolled around it. The results of the test were, the glass stood its ground and barely moved at all. This was not surprising, as most all foam, mattresses don’t contain any bounce, unlike innerspring or hybrid mattresses.

Bottom line is a couple could enjoy a good night’s sleep without waking each other up in the middle of the night, even while tossing and turning the whole night through.

Sleep Hot and Temperature Regulation

The 2920 Sleep Mattress was designed specifically with high-grade foam on its surface layer, to stay at comfortable sleep temperatures as it allows air to flow through the coils so that those who sleep on it will never have to sleep hot.

In fact, the cover is equipped with adaptive temperature quality control technology to maintain a cool and dry slumber. The top layer also helps dissolve heat as it has millions of micro air coils that provide comforting temperatures while you sleep.

Additionally, you can give the bed warmth and comfort by using a heating pad set on medium heat, (avoid using high heat as it can cause damage to the layers of foam).

Mattress Responsiveness

Generally, most all-foam beds are the same in that after pushing down on the foam, then releasing the pressure, it will pop back up and regain its normal shape in seconds, which is the case of the 2920 mattresses. Its sudden response and flexibility are especially good for those who move around a lot in their sleep.

Edge Support

It happens too often, where a couple is sleeping comfortably on their bed when suddenly one rolls over forcing the other to move to the edge of the bed. This is where edge-to-edge support is helpful as its support ensures you won’t fall off.

Typically, innerspring and hybrid mattresses provide the best edge-to-edge support, but lately, more companies are starting to reinforce the edges of their mattresses with dense foam perimeters. The 2920’s edge support is provided by the bottom layers of the mattress.


The 2920 Sleep Mattress is perfect for those who want a medium to high-grade firm experience since it was designed to be ideal in providing firmness and with ten being the most firm, is a 6 on the scale of firmness so that any type of sleeper can sleep well on it. The mattress is not too soft or too firm rather it is dead centered with a little bit of both.

For those who sleep mainly on their back, the mattress provides proper spinal alignment, for the side sleepers, it offers pressure relief and excellent contour while providing good support for the stomach sleepers as well.

Sleep Position

2920 mattress is a medium firm option. Medium firm is the best support level for combination sleepers or those who frequently change positions throughout the night. This doesn’t mean turning from one side to the other, either. If you move from your back to your side to your stomach and back again, a medium firm mattress provides decent support for all of those positions.

It has high responsiveness, so as you move, the mattress quickly bounces back. You don’t feel like you’re moving through quicksand to change positions.

It’s also a good compromise for couples who have different preferences. Your partner wants a firm mattress, and you want a soft one, so you meet in the middle.

That said, 2920 mattress really shines if you’re exclusively a side or a back sleeper. The extra give in the contouring layers provides you with enough support that your spine aligns the way it would when you’re upright by allowing your shoulders and hips to sink further into the mattress.

If you’re exclusively a stomach sleeper, you may find that it has a little too much give unless you use the side of the mattress to get comfortable. If you have the right kind of pillow, you should be comfortable, but we recommend finding a slightly firmer mattress if you can.


Memory foam is naturally anti-microbial and dust mite resistant. It’s also bed bug resistant, though you may need to check your frame or linens periodically if you’ve had an infestation in the past.

The cover materials can be removed entirely and washed, further reducing the amount of allergens located on the surface of the mattress.

Memory foam can have strong odors, but 2920 Sleep’s memory foam is certified by CertiPur-Us, an independent council responsible for verifying that products contain low or no emissions in the form of VOCs or other toxic gasses.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are responsible for the smell of things like paints and that chemical smell in older styles of memory foam. The mattress will have a slight smell right after you open the box because these compounds have been trapped in the plastic wrapping. However, allowing the mattress to air out for a few hours should dissipate the smell.

If your respiratory allergies are highly sensitive, we suggest an all-natural latex mattress instead.

Do the 2920 Mattresses require a Foundation for Support?

Although the 2920 mattresses can be placed on top of any flat foundation base — for added support, or to gain more height — it is not required as the mattress has its own proper support base. Therefore, you don’t have to purchase any special foundation for the 2920 mattress.

For extra support, the 2920 mattress can be placed on…

  • A box spring
  • A metal frame that has a solid foundation
  • A firm platform base
  • A slatted base that has thick slats to support the 2920 mattress
  • An adjustable base
  • Or can even be placed right on the floor if you don’t want to purchase a foundation.

Keep in mind that the mattress should not be placed near an area that may gain moisture since it could damage the foam mattress layers or the cover.

Does the 2920 Mattress Have an Odor?

Nonetheless, the only smell that the 2920 mattress has, is a new mattress scent that is common among these types of mattresses that come in a box and the odor is only present for a short while after unpacking the mattress, in a few days it will be completely gone and your mattress will be completely odorless.

Is 2920 Sleep Right For Me?

You skipped all the way to the bottom of this review, didn’t you? Whether you read the whole thing or not, here’s the bottom line.

You may love the 2920 Sleep Mattress if:

  • you frequently change positions throughout the night.
  • you prefer a medium firm mattress.
  • you sleep hot on traditional memory foam
  • you’re on a budget and can’t afford a showroom mattress or don’t want to pay showroom prices.
  • you like the bounce of innerspring. The mattress doesn’t quite match that response, but it is far more responsive than conventional memory foam and rebounds quickly.

The mattress may not be the right one for you if:

  • you’re over 300 pounds. There are other mattresses out there that can consider your true needs.
  • you prefer the traditional “hug” of memory foam. This one is a lot more responsive.
  • you want a thicker mattress than just ten inches.
  • you’re exclusively a stomach sleeper and want a firm mattress.

Final Thoughts

2920 Sleep makes an excellent all-purpose mattress for combination support. It contours and supports your body well without making you feel like you’re conforming to the surface or sinking into quicksand.

The mattress is a mixture between both soft and firm and was made of a high-quality material with a new technology design after two years of research and testing. A total of ten inches is included in the combined four layers that are all covered in an elegantly designed fire resistant cover.

The support level is similar to what we’d recommend for those with no outstanding issues such as severe back pain but need a cushion to allow the spine and lower lumbar to decompress. It won’t cause your arm to fall asleep before you do because your shoulders sink into the contouring layers.

If you’re a light sleeper, the mattress cuts down on most motion transfer. You might get a sounder night’s sleep, at least in the motion aspect. It gives you, and your partner equally supportive surfaces and edge support is excellent.

We think you’ll like the cost of the mattress most of all. You get a quality, durable mattress with support and contouring, just like those expensive showroom mattresses but at a much lower investment. You could almost upgrade the whole family. It should give everyone a new lease on sleep health. Here’s to a better night’s sleep.