When we reach our most desperate times and feel our loneliest, finding that light at the end of the tunnel can seem grim. When we reach these rough patches, we look for a hand to help lift us from the fog. That is where everything can suddenly feel worse.

You may see all sorts of flashy “fix-all’s” swimming around. With all these spiritual promotions making false promises of immediate solutions, is there anything to help? This is where the course comes in. Amanda Ross created the 7-Day Miracle Course which banks from a ton of great manifestation tools, but also sheds light on the less discussed road: the power of prayer and why you need it.

Who is Amanda Ross?

Amanda found herself indebted beyond recognition, taking care of a bedridden husband. By finding herself at rock bottom, she was determined to find a better way. By embracing the power of prayer, she transformed her life. Amanda claims that her life is better than ever in every area: finance, marriage, and health. She claims she and her husband are Twin Flames. This concept refers to the cosmic counterparts to one another; two halves of the same soul.

She then formulated this 7-Day Prayer Miracle Course to help those who needed to turn their life around. She is very certain that it will help, as it has created wonders in her own life. By producing this based around her own life experience, she is secure in knowing that these methods work and have helped a multitude of people achieve a heightened spiritual life. Perhaps, she can help you turn yours around as well!

What is the 7-Day Prayer Miracle Course?

This course is based around concepts such as the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is a method by which we can live to use our thoughts to generate what we want. Basically, your thoughts produce what you are putting out to the universe. Patterns of negative thinking and worries of failure often project these things into our lives without us realizing it. The impact can be very damaging to our spirits. It can create a separation from our inner selves and our outer actions.

Amanda created an interesting additive to this where she promotes the intense power of life-changing prayer. Because prayer is such an overlooked and underused method of communication, it can come across as unfamiliar territory for some. By realizing the impact of prayer along with our roles in the universe, we can use prayer to manifest our realities and connect to a higher power. She specifically concentrates on the faithfulness and prayer of prophet Daniel.

With the 7-Day Prayer Miracle Course, you are given guided prayers you can tailor especially to your life. This will help you change your perception of both yourself and the world around you. This can help you reshape your existence as you know it, creating a newfound sense of happiness. Truly embracing your faith and communicating with your spirit regularly can create you to live in balance with what your life was meant to be.

The 7-Day Prayer Miracle course helps you learn in a step-by-step guided eBook designed for educational teaching. Following the program, as it is designed can help you use tools and resources given to implement the changes that you need to make. It comes with a simple four-sentence prayer that is said to make miracles happen and has done so successfully in the lives of many.

While it is based in a general sense for your overall life, some main areas it touches on are related to health, relationships and success. She touches on these major aspects so that you can focus on the area that you most struggle with so that you can make a permanent and lasting move in a more fulfilling direction.

What is Included in the Course?

The course is made up of an eBook that has 7 separate prayers to practice. In accompaniment with this eBook, there is a journal included so that you can record your personal journey. This will help you to record what is happening to see your progress along the way. You can record any hopes, fears or experiences you want to make special note of. Having your own spiritual path recorded allows you to keep track of how far you have come and set intentions for where you want to be.

It comes set up in such a way that you can skip over parts that don’t apply to your life and focus on the parts that do. It will tell you what is in each portion of the eBook and give you direction on where to go next if the part does not apply to your life for the time being. Since this eBook offers so many areas of direction, you can use them for different struggles as you face them. You can always come back to sections if you need them in the future.

Along with the eBook, journal and other materials, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Also, the course is originally a $147 value that changes in price. Currently, it is marked at an incredible value of $27! So, that is quite a steal. Since the money-back guarantee is risk-free, you can purchase without being out anything financially if it does not work out for you!

Bonus Material

It comes with bonus features as well. There are four main features: Divine Healing, Divine Numbers, a Song of Shifts and Prayers of Daniel. Each of these bonus features touches on an aspect not directly covered by the course. You can use them if you need to or save them for later. But one thing is for sure, it is greatly beneficial to some.

The website to order this program also offers a Prayer of Archangel Michael when you sign up. It is said to be simple, so you can add this to your list of prayers to open up to the highest of all Archangels to expand on your divine connectedness.

7-Day Prayer Miracle Testimonials

On the site to purchase the course, there is a list of testimonials from various individuals who purchased the course. You can gain inspiration from each person and their story of how the course changed their lives. It is a really great motivation to see the hardships others face and how they manage to overcome them.

Reading about the trying time’s others face help you to see that life as you know it does not have to be such a negative cloud hanging over your head. You can reach a level of greatness within yourself. You hold the power to do so, you just need the boost to be able to get there sometimes. This has helped many people and will continue to do so.

While it does only show customer reviews who rated the system highly, it is still a great way to gauge the success and how much it has done to improve the quality of life. It may be beneficial to see the other side of the equation, just to get a clear perspective on the reasons it may not have worked for someone else.

Positives and Negatives

There is a chance this program may or may not be for you. Though it is a very well-compiled program with lots of benefits to the user, there are various answers meant for each individual. While it is likely that this course can noticeable and lasting changes into your life, you will want to be sure before purchasing. That is a wise move on your part!

Let’s go over a list of pros and cons we’ve discussed so you can see if the course is right for you!


  • It was created by someone who lived this system personally.
  • It touches on the power of prayer along with other elements to heighten your spirituality.
  • It promotes a way to achieve inner peace and life balance.
  • It shows you natural techniques to tap into your personal potential. Your experience is yours alone.
  • It can be done at your own pace, so there is no pressure toward a finish line. Take your time or go at a pace that suits you best!
  • It comes with a selection of helpful bonus features to enhance the teachings in the main course.
  • It will help you succeed to reduce stress, anxiety, and eliminate hardships.
  • You can receive consolation from others who have had a successful experience with the program.
  • It comes with a 60-day, risk-free money-back guarantee so you have no hassle if it doesn’t work out.
  • There is also customer support that comes with the package if you need any assistance during the course.


  • It may not be beneficial to every individual as our learning styles and needs differ.
  • It does take work on your part to achieve the desired results, it will not work just by going through the motions. Actions must be implemented alongside of your learning.
  • It is fully digital, so it is only able to be accessed if you have internet availability.

As you can see, the benefits you can access from this course greatly outweigh the negative factors. Primarily because you can have this method be proven by others who have used this to achieve greatness. Having people on the other side of where you are aiming to be can provide a sense of confirmation that you may be looking for to commit. Hesitation is a normal part of the process.

Again, even in the event, it does not work for you, you can get your money back and call it a day. Having the consolation of being able to be refunded should be even more persuasive and tempting! With the positive experiences people have had, it is worth the try! You only have the potential to gain from the situation! If you never try, you’ll never know.

In Summary

With this being written by Amanda Ross, a person who has experienced this transformation firsthand, it is a good indication of what can be. If you are tired of feeling distanced or emotional shutdown, this course can help you to achieve spiritual connectedness with your soul and the other side. By using the power of prayer and understanding the way the universe works to assist you, you can improve on areas that otherwise looked grim.

No matter what area of your life that you are struggling with, this course can guide you to turn your negative behaviors and thought patterns into joy. There is no reason you cannot open yourself up to the abundance of the universe and act in your life to live the most amazing existence that is possible for you. What are you waiting for? Capture the power of prayer and transform your life!