The author of Anabolic Cooking is Dave Ruel. He is a nutritionist, certified personal trainer and bodybuilder. He has often been referred to as the muscle cook. During the course of his career, he acquired a lot of experience and knowledge. He understands the most important aspect of a muscular, ripped and impressive physique is nutrition. Everything he has learned is included in this eBook.

The Basics of Anabolic Cooking

Dieting when you are trying to build your muscles can be extremely difficult. The majority of bodybuilders are consuming foods that are unpleasant, boiled and tasteless. Even though these types of meals are healthy, they are also incredibly bland. This makes it difficult for anyone to remain committed to their diet plan. One of the best alternatives for bland and tasteless food is Anabolic Cooking.

Dieting is so much easier when you are able to enjoy meals filled with delicious foods. This eBook offers you an excellent option for breaking the cycle of tasteless and unsatisfying food. The majority of bodybuilders agree the combination of muscle building and weight loss is comprised of eighty percent nutrition and diet and twenty percent exercise.

This type of cooking was created to put your body into an anabolic state. This kind of diet will also keep your body in this state. Once this has been achieved, the nutrients you have consumed will be used by your body for the building of complex substances including healthy tissues and muscles. The catabolic state is the exact opposite. This is when substances are broken down by your body into the basic forms.

Anabolic cooking will enable you to consume foods capable of promoting lean muscle growth and building muscle. You will literally be eating your way into the body you desire. This diet must be used in conjunction with a good exercise or bodybuilding program to be effective. You will fail if you simply sit on your sofa waiting to see the results. Every bodybuilder requires exercise in addition to a good diet.

Dave Ruel has done a lot more than just create a large cookbook filled with delicious recipes. He has also included more than twenty PDF files. This contains important information regarding how to improve your overall health, eat to lose weight and the best ways to increase your muscle mass. All of this will improve your lifestyle. The eBook is basically a wellness program that will enable you to accomplish your goals.

You will be able to get healthy and stay on track. You will feel good about the foods you are consuming as well as yourself. The emphasis of the program is using whole, healthy foods as fuel for your body. Dave Ruel has provided meal plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will be shown the best way to prepare fish, chicken and meat in a filling and healthy manner.

One of the best aspects of the book is you are provided with excellent options for dessert. This means you will be able to take care of your sweet tooth as well as your body.

The Contents of the Program

The program has about 200 recipes. These were created to help bodybuilders remain healthy and fit by losing excess fat. The recipes are delicious and can be prepared quickly and easily. There is a special meal plan to let you know how to prepare your food, what to eat and when you should be eating. You will be provided with virtual cooking classes to teach you different cutting techniques and how to prepare recipes.

The classes will teach you basic cooking skills. The nutrition tactics for your post-workouts will show you what you need to eat after a workout to improve your results. There are even tips to help you shop for groceries in a smarter manner as well as numerous bonuses. Anabolic Cooking includes:

• The Main Recipe eBook: This includes more than 200 delicious and easy to prepare recipes for fat loss and building muscle. Every recipe has a breakdown of the carbohydrates, fat, protein and calories in the recipe.

• Quick Start Guide: This is a nutritional guide to teach you the fundamentals of Anabolic Cooking in addition to nutrition. The guide explains the terminology used for recipes and cookware and all about basic cookware. If you have limited experience with cooking, you will find this guide extremely helpful.

• Sample Meal Plans: All of these plans have already been written by the author. There are meal plans for optimal weight loss and gaining lean muscle mass containing between 1200 and 5000 calories. This makes it simple to know which foods to consume every day. You will get results by customizing your specific meal plans.

• Anabolic Food Log and Cooking Training: This is a good way to track both your nutrient intake and calories. Once you have a meal plan and recipes, the most critical aspect for achieving the perfect bodybuilder physique is tracking. You will be able to make improvements because you will have the correct date. This tool makes the process effective and simple.

• Advanced Calorie Calculator: This calculator enables you to determine the fat, carbohydrates, protein and calories your body requires every day to reach your goals for fat loss and muscle building.

• The Truth About Supplements: This report reveals which supplements are actually effective.

Anabolic cooking is ideal if you have no idea where to begin, have difficulty following meal plans, are confused, uncertain how to organize your nutritional planning or are too busy for meal planning. There are seven different sections in the eBook. These are:

  • Breakfast
  • Sides, soups and salads
  • Pork and red meat
  • Bars and snacks
  • Seafood and fish
  • Chicken and poultry
  • Desserts

The recipes are very easy to understand because they have been laid out well. The book will show you how to prepare a good nutritional plan in the simplest and easiest manner possible. You will receive a plan that is easy and simple to follow as opposed to numerous plans that have information so confusing either you will be unable to follow along or you will be unable to understand what you have read.

The author recommends beginning by choosing a quick menu plan including all three meals. You can print out the recipes you will be using, use a magnet to affix them to your refrigerator door or store them in a binder. Once you have chosen all of the recipes you have decided to prepare, you can make your ingredients list. Your next step is going to your grocery store to purchase all of the ingredients you will need.

After you have all of your groceries, you will be able to prepare your first anabolic meal. The meals do not take long to prepare or cook and are absolutely delicious. You may be surprised you can make something both tasty and healthy in such a short period of time. A lot of the recipes will appear fancy. Despite this, you should have no difficulty preparing a meal that looks like it came from a fancy restaurant.

The best part is you have a large selection of different meals to choose from. You will not be forced to eat the same meals over and over again. The different options and taste of each meal are what will enable you to remain faithful to your diet. There are more than 200 recipes for either losing fat or building muscle. This will enable you to remain healthy and fit. The author created these recipes for bodybuilders.

You can prepare delicious recipes quickly and easily. You will know how to prepare your meals, what to eat and exactly when you should be eating due to the special meal planner. One of the best aspects of the program is the virtual cooking classes. No matter how easy the recipes are, you will need basic cooking skills to prepare them. These classes will teach you all of the skills you need to know.

Dave Ruel will help you improve your results by showing you what you should be consuming after your workouts. Anabolic Cooking also includes several bonuses with the main eBook. These are:

  • Anabolic post-workout recipes for shakes
  • The ugly truths regarding supplements
  • Unlimited updates for life
  • The food log guide and training for anabolic cooking

The standard protocol for bodybuilding is used for most of the recipes. This includes large amounts of complex carbohydrates and protein and the smallest amounts of sugar possible. The recipes use wholesome foods because they are excellent sources for both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

The Benefits of Anabolic Cooking

Since the author has included an extremely large number of recipes, the frustration and monotony of consuming the same meal day after day have been eliminated. You will be able to reach your goals a lot faster due to the fast effect of the delicious foods on your body. This is true whether you are interested in a fit and healthy body or a muscular bodybuilder’s physique.

You can prepare all of the recipes easily. You can find everything you will need at your local grocery store. The author uses a step by step approach of just two or three sentences to show you how to prepare your meals. Even if you are an inexperienced cook, you will be able to easily understand all of the instructions. The nutritional information is included with every recipe.

Dave Ruel understands the correct meals for bodybuilders because he is a nutritionist as well as a bodybuilder. He spent a lot of energy and time on the cookbook in addition to conducting extensive research. Anabolic Cooking will show you how to spend less by purchasing items that are effective and necessary. The meals have been created specifically to save you money.

You will save additional money and time since you will be preparing your own meals as opposed to eating out or purchasing expensive packaged meals. The suggestions of the author will correct and improve your eating habits to enable you to reach your goals much faster. Very little effort or time is necessary for planning your meals for the entire week.

The recipes used sugar substitutes because numerous bodybuilders believe sugar has a negative impact on fat loss. This also enables more calories to be consumed using real food. You will be using spices to add incredible flavor to your meals as opposed to flavoring agents.

Final Verdict

Anabolic Cooking gives you the ability to consume the correct diet to obtain the physique you desire. Preparing the recipes is actually fun. You will also learn a lot of new information about food. The eBook will teach you to use food to lose weight and build muscle instead of eating for fun or as a coping mechanism. The author will show you how to succeed and reach your goals.

Dave Ruel is highly qualified to write this book. He teaches you that faith, exercise, the right diet and some hard work will enable you to accomplish almost anything. If you are serious about losing weight or having the physique you have been trying to achieve, the book will get you there.