One of the most frustrating experiences if you exercise frequently is to put in the time and effort, but not see any results. While anyone who is trying to get into shape can hit these sorts of slumps, they become increasingly pronounced among men over 30. All too many men have found themselves grinding away on a treadmill or doing hundreds of stomach crunches every week, only to find that they see little to no change in how they look.

Falling into a suboptimal exercise routine doesn’t only affect your physical appearance, but rather, it can spread into other areas of your life. Some men find that even though they are technically in great shape from doing long runs, they still find that they easily become sluggish and sore. Worse still, they may also have issues with sexual performance, as this lack of energy can affect how you perform in the bedroom.

Surely, people shouldn’t have to resign themselves to losing energy and attractiveness just because they’re middle aged. Is there any sort of solution to this sort of exercise slump, short of taking various vitamins and supplements in hopes that they rejuvenate the body? While supplements may work for some, they likely aren’t necessary, as workout programs such as Anabolic Running try to solve this problem through a new fitness routine.

Why was Anabolic Running Created?

The origin story for Anabolic Running is one that will sound familiar to lots of men. The creator of the program, Joe LoGalbo, is a personal trainer who originally got his start as a marathon runner. Despite the fact that he was putting in dozens of miles running every week, LoGalbo was still unimpressed with the way his body looked after all this work. Even when he tried to increase his training intensity, he still felt like he had plateaued.

LoGalbo became desperate for a solution after this malaise seeped into his personal life. His love life with his wife had started to suffer, and in addition to a thin physique, he was diagnosed with low testosterone by his physician. Clearly, something had to change. Rather than pursuing a medical route for improving his testosterone levels, LoGalbo did more research into the effect that exercise might have on testosterone.

Anabolic Running is what emerged from this research. At its core, the program draws from the science behind high intensity interval training. Most people who frequently exercise will be familiar with this basic principle. To put it simply, there are many advantages to working out in short, intense bursts of activity, rather than doing a longer, slower cardio workout. This means that your workouts will not only be more effective, but will also be much shorter.

The program designed by LoGalbo provides a model for interval training that is based around short, high-intensity sprints. A typical workout from the Anabolic Running workout plan will consist of alternating sprints and rest, and will last for about 16 minutes. Some people might scoff at this shorter workout time, but the length of the workout should not be taken to mean it will be easy. These are the sort of sprint exercises that will leave you tired at the end.

A solid feature of Anabolic Running is that it doesn’t just drop you into the hardest workout when you first begin. This is a major issue with certain workout plans, which are too intense at the beginning and lead to either injuries or frustration with not being able to finish. LoGalbo’s method is meant to build up over time, so that you can steadily improve at your own pace and not feel rushed when you start up the program.

The beauty of this sort of program is also in its relative simplicity. LoGalbo’s course doesn’t involve any sort of major investment into a new piece of exercise equipment, signing up for a gym membership, or starting a routine of supplements. All it really requires is your body and a place to run and exercise. This is good for people on a budget, of course, but it is optimal for anyone who is looking to get into better shape and wants to be able to start immediately.

Anyone interested in an interval training program of this sort is probably wondering whether this is a comprehensive system of everything you would do in a week, or if it can be supplemented with other workouts. The good news is that following this course doesn’t mean you have to give up other sorts of exercise you love, and you can keep lifting weights or playing sports. This is great for people who like to have variety in their weekly workouts.

To sum up, Anabolic Running is a training program based on high-speed sprint interval training. While lots of different people could benefit from it, it is probably best for middle-aged men who need to add a new feature to workouts that aren’t doing enough for them. It will now be helpful to go over what exactly it is that you get from the course when you purchase it.

What You Get

One very attractive feature of the Anabolic Running system is that for a relatively low price of $15, you get a lot of material. People who buy this program will get the Anabolic Running course, as well as three different supplemental courses: Shock and Awe Strength, Testosterone Hacker, and Indoor Anabolic Running. This is an impressive amount of material for such a low cost, making the system one that certainly seems worth the investment.

The most important part of the program is, of course, the Anabolic Running guide itself. This section will have the sprint workouts that you should follow week-by-week, becoming progressively more difficult. It also includes the warm-ups that you should do before you go through the actual training. This element is just as important as the workouts themselves, as it is critical for older men especially to warm up completely before doing a difficult workout.

Another feature of Anabolic Running is the video guides that are included alongside the text descriptions of the warm-ups and workouts. This is a very helpful addition to the text guides, especially for those who have a bit less of a background in fitness. For the warm-up exercises in particular, you will want to make sure you have good form as you go through them. The video demonstrations will help to make sure you’re doing them correctly.

The supplemental guides all give more information that will complement the Anabolic Running training program. Shock and Awe Strength is an effective, six-minute bodyweight workout routine. Testosterone Hacker is a handbook that will give tips for a variety of ways that men can raise their testosterone levels. Finally, Indoor Anabolic Running is filled with advice on how to continue your workouts throughout the winter months.

Those who are thinking about buying the program may want to take into account that all of the material is only available digitally in e-book form. While now almost everyone has an e-reader and would be able to access the material easily, there are still some who like to have hard copies. This program is probably best for people who don’t have a problem accessing digital material for their workout planning.

Advantages to the System

Perhaps the greatest selling point for Anabolic Running is how much you get for a small investment. Though the course only costs $15, you get a full workout plan and a number of supplemental guides that can be incorporated into your weekly routine. It would probably take hundreds of hours of research to try to gather all of the information that has been gathered into these manuals, and it is extremely affordable.

Of course, anyone interested in this sort of interval training will want to know the experiences of others who have tried it. Reviews of this program are quite positive. Those who have tried Anabolic Running found that the workouts were challenging without being overly intimidating, and that they saw results quite quickly. People also enjoyed the fact that the workouts could be added into other forms of exercise, helping fill out holistic weekly workout plans.

A key to the positive feedback of Anabolic Running has been in its efficiency. Starting at workouts of about 16 minutes per week, people found that they started to improve their physiques, and generally have more energy in their lives. While the workouts may be challenging, the science behind these sorts of workouts is proven to help with muscle growth and testosterone. Almost everyone who has tried the program has good things to say about it.

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

It is difficult to create a workout plan that will be perfect for everyone, so there are a few potential areas for improvement to also take into account. This particular set of exercises may not be for everybody, as it really is targeted towards men between the ages of 30 and 60. This doesn’t mean that women or men of other ages wouldn’t be able to get anything out of these plans, but simply that middle-aged men are those likely to see the most optimal results.

It is also important to take into account that while Anabolic Running is a well-designed interval training program, it still requires a lot of time and effort to see results. As with a lot of workout plans, you will definitely get out of it what you put in. People who are trying out these workouts will need to be disciplined enough to stick to the program, eat healthily, and get plenty of sleep to make sure that they get the results they are looking for.

Neither of these points means that Anabolic Running isn’t worth the investment, but rather, that it might not be for everybody. It is important to make sure that you are committed to sticking to the program before starting, and it may be helpful to supplement it with other kinds of exercise. That being said, those who devote themselves to this program and take care of themselves in general have typically been very satisfied with the results.

Conclusion: Bang for your Buck

The overall consensus is that Anabolic Running is a solid workout plan that is definitely worth the money. Even if you aren’t satisfied with the material, it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Most people who have gone through the workouts have at the very least found that they were happy with the results in terms of their physical appearance, in addition to generally feeling like they had more energy in their daily lives.

New workout plans are constantly being designed and sold, so it can be challenging to sort through those that are the real deal, and those that don’t deliver on what they promise. Anabolic Running is well-designed, based on established scientific principles, and has received a number of positive reviews by those who have tried the system. It is worth a try for those who are looking to add something to their workout routines.