Dr. Ian Hart is the creator of Back Pain Relief 4 Life. He is a specialist with certification for treating injuries and back pain. His experience has enabled him to help numerous individuals though the program he created. As a former basketball player, he is well acquainted with injuries and pain. One of the reasons his eBook has become so popular is his credibility.

An Explanation of the Program

Back Pain Relief 4 Life helps decrease back pain in a fairly short period of time. As an injury veteran, the author of the eBook has learned how to decrease your aches and pains including the severe pain often felt in the lower back. This will enable you to get back to your usual daily activities. Dr. Ian Hart has been authorized as a conditioning, durability and strength specialist.

Back Pain Relief 4 Life has an extremely large number of positive reviews. The program is downloaded from the internet after you have made your purchase. This means there is no waiting period necessary before you can start experiencing back pain relief. The program is convenient since you will be able to access all of the information at any place and at any time.

The book includes excellent tips for reducing or eliminating the suffering caused by back pain. The instructions and high definition videos were created to address all of your possible concerns. In the majority of cases, back pain is experienced in the lower, center or top of the back. This pain can result from a disorder or damage caused to your back due to an injury.

Back pain can also be the result of an inflamed or pinched neural, a minor accident, a mild strain or a sprain. You may eventually develop pain in your lower back resulting from poor weightlifting habits or extensive and incorrect positioning or sitting postures. Back pain has an extremely negative effect on your overall health such as weight issues, Mellitus and diabetes.

Due to the numerous risks of developing back pain, Back Pain Relief 4 Life was created by Dr. Ian Hart. The eBook includes different methods and options to improve your quality of life by stopping the back pain and health issues associated with numerous difficulties such as spondylolysis, spine stenosis, sciatica, disc bulges and herniation, strains and sprains.

The program includes a wide variety of materials such as instructional videos, photos, tutorials and PDF training materials. All of this will help you reach your goal of putting a stop to your back pain. The author has divided the program into three separate parts. These are:

• Part One: Diagnosing Your Back Pain: The title is the perfect reflection of this section. You will be provided with the information you need to figure out which condition is responsible for your back pain. This is incredibly important because you will need to know the cause of you pain to be able to complete the exercise portion of the program. You must choose the exercises for the condition causing your back pain.

• Part Two: The Exercises: Your ligaments, tendons and muscles are all important for successfully eliminating your back pain. Focusing on the exercises detailed in this section is critical for your pain relief. You will use the instruction to perform the specific exercises created for the treatment of your condition.

• Part Three: Nutrition: The majority of individuals suffering from back pain do not realize the impact the foods they are consuming have on their condition. There are a lot of different foods that can help relieve the pain you are experiencing in your back. This includes cherries, lemons and fish to name just a few.

The Contents of the Package

Back pain for life is an extremely comprehensive digital program. You will be provided with mobility coaching to enable you to understand and learn the eight movement method for healing the back pain you have been experiencing for years. The program includes:

  • Ten coaching videos
  • The level one video for mobility training
  • The level two video for mobility training
  • The level three video for mobility training
  • The printable movement book
  • Two videos with different levels for the Begin Your Day method

The majority of the program is in video format. This will not only help you understand the specifics of the therapy but you will also be able to use the videos every day. This will reduce your pain while improving your movements. A good example are the coaching lessons you will receive on ten videos. This will teach you how to up and down from the ground with no risk of injury or pain.

You will also learn how to increase the mobility and flexibility of your back prior to beginning the actual lessons. You will receive three videos teaching your three different movement levels. This training will encourage faster and better quality relief in addition to alleviating pain as you progress with the program. The recommendation of the author is beginning at the first level.

You should use the movements a minimum of three times per week for a three week period prior to progressing to level two, then eventually the third level. The foundation for the second and third levels is created at the previous level. This means you need to use these videos in the correct order. If you are having a hard time with the movements in the first level, the author has included a bonus video to help.

The Begin Your Day bonus video was created to help your entire body warm-up so you can effectively complete the program. The author recommends you print out the Movement Book. This will enable you to perform the program if there are times when you are unable to watch the video. Back Pain Relief 4 Life is an online program. All you have to do to perform the workouts for mobility training is log in with any device.

If you do not want an online version of the program, the author has made a physical form available. The program for both options is convenient and extremely easy to follow. The program begins when you complete a short questionnaire. This is an excellent feature of the program because it makes the approach to the program much more personal.

The questionnaire also prepares you for the information you are about to learn and use in your life. You will then progress to the introductory video. You will learn how movement is a type of medicine. This is a biochemical method of providing your lower back with oxygen, blood flow and nutrients to create a new brain pattern. This will take both your body and brain away from pain.

All of this information is extremely interesting. It is very important for understanding the reasons for your actions. The next step in the program is the FAQ video. Do not bypass this section of the program. The author has included this section to explain a lot of valuable information regarding how the program and your body will work together as a team to provide you with relief while answering your questions.

Once you have completed this section, the author recommends proceeding with the bonus coaching videos. Even though these are additions as opposed to the actual program, they are extremely important. These videos offer you a wide variety of additional tips and coaching for:

  • Ab activation
  • The importance of consistent breathing.
  • The body and mind connection and proprioception.
  • What you need to do to help your back after completing each section of the program.
  • The different ways you will progress through the levels of the system.
  • The eight harmful mistakes that increase your back pain.
  • How to get up and down off the ground without risking injury or experiencing pain.
  • The best ways to increase the mobility and flexibility of your back.
  • Another tip for after you have completed a session.
  • Activating your abs.
  • The link between the neuromuscular connection and your breathing.

Everything detailed above is what you will accomplish before you ever get to the heart of Back Pain Relief 4 Life. Once you have completed all of these steps, you will progress to the coaching videos. These contain the three different levels detailed earlier.

The Specific Components of Back Pain Relief 4 Life

The author explains several different strategies to help you attain relief from your back pain. Each strategy was created to focus on a different component of your pain. These strategies will address:

  • Core strength
  • Neural adaption
  • Healthy movement
  • Increased flexibility

The combination of these strategies will address your pain so you start to feel a lot better. According to the creator of the program, movement is a type of medicine. The program will teach you specific movements that are not only medicinal for the pain in your back but your entire body as well. You will learn why a strong core is so important for getting past your back pain.

The majority of people in the world have a weak core. This being said, even the most serious of athletes will see benefits when their core becomes even stronger. The program will teach you the effective and safe ways of working your core to increase your strength quickly. You are most likely not familiar with the concept of neural adaption.

This is simply creating new patterns in your nervous system through proper training. This will enable your nervous system to stop feeling pain. You are basically teaching your body how to unlearn pain. The author will show you some interesting methods to accomplish this goal. The average individual has a spine moving too much and tight hips not moving enough. You will learn how to fix both of these issues.

The Additional Videos

In addition to the Begin Your Day video and the main routine for back pain, you will also be receiving a series of ten additional videos. All of these videos contain information critical for successfully relieving your back pain. You need to watch all of these videos because they are important for your success with this program. You should not have any difficulties understanding and following any of these videos.

The PDF portion of Back Pain Relief 4 Life is extremely well written. Despite all of the information included, the writing style makes the PDF very easy to understand. It becomes obvious rather quickly that Dr, Ian Hart knows exactly what he is talking about.

Final Conclusion

Back Pain Relief 4 Life is one of the best sources of information available for this issue. The way the details of this condition have been explained is simple and easy to understand. The author is providing individualized care for each person depending on the cause of their back pain. This is an excellent program if you are looking for serious relief from your pain.

You will have the security of knowing you have a sixty-day money-back guarantee. If you are not impressed by this program, your money will be sent back. This may be the permanent solution you have been searching for to deal with your back pain once and for all.