According to recent statistics, the pet food industry is a 25 billion dollar industry and rising. Arguably, dogs are the number one most beloved pet, with hundreds of millions of people around the world owning nearly a billion puppy dogs. If you are a dog lover who has been searching for a business in a rewarding field that would include products that are near and dear to your heart, getting in on the extremely lucrative dog treat market may sound like the ideal way to go. That is why we are reviewing ‘Bake A Dog A Bone,’ a step by step resource written by authors and experienced pet-industry executives/entrepreneurs Chris Trombley and Doug Bertram.

About the Authors

Chris Trombley and Doug Bertram are experienced executive-level consultants. Having both secured very profitable partnerships in the pet industry over many years, they decided to pool their knowledge, write ‘Bake A Dog A Bone,’ and bring it to the public in order to share their expertise about marketing within the pet-treat industry. Both of these gentlemen found themselves ideally situated to create the ideal resource for others who wish to start and grow their businesses in the very lucrative pet treat industry.

Chris Trombley has worked as a senior manager in American retail chain PetSmart, one of the largest and most successful business in the pet industry ever. Mr. Trombley worked in the food and treat section of PetSmart, which gave him the immeasurable knowledge and experience to co-write this book. He has since presented hundreds of products into the pet industry, including one that sold more than one million dollars’ worth of product in just three months! He also maintains ownership interests in several lucrative companies within the pet industry.

Doug Bertram has worked at the executive level of several successful companies within the pet industry. He was president of Happy Dog Toys and CEO of Farnam Pet Products, and he is currently president of eBizWize, LLC, which is a highly lucrative online pet consulting company. Having discovered several niche markets at Farnam, Mr. Bertram grew profits to unparalleled heights.

A look inside the ‘Bake-a-Dog-a-Bone’ program

This book is designed by its authors, Chris Trombley and Doug Bertram, as a guide that will help aspiring pet-industry business owners to start up their own businesses, create their own products, market those products to potential clients, secure clientele, and reap the benefits of the pet industry’s billion-dollar profits. The book touts being able to provide you with the knowledge and resources that will help you to carve out a six-figure income from that very lucrative industry. Here is some of what this program offers:

Secret to partnering with other pet-industry professionals: Networking is a vital part of starting and building your own business. Without a solid network of knowledgeable consultants within the industry, your business will be over before it starts. This book provides methods to help you build that network that will help get you to the top.

Step by step order tracking system: It is nice to know you don’t have to create your own order tracking system from scratch. These guys have done it for you.

#1 mistake to avoid: What is it? If you are starting your own pet-treat business, you need to know it. You can learn this important mistake to avoid via the expertise and knowledge the authors of this book have already acquired.

Best treats to sell: One of the best things about this book is that the authors have already provided ideas for you about the best types of treats to sell. They’ve done the leg work so all you have to do is follow the steps and profit from them.

Customer service tips: Every business owner knows there are strategies that work with clients and those that do not. You want to avoid the customer-service pitfalls–those strategies that don’t work. You also want to know which ones to employ, which is why Trombley and Bertram have included what they call the ‘Golden Rule of Pet Parent Customer Service’ within the pages of this book—so you will know beforehand the strategies that work. They’ve also included the one ‘sin’ that can cost you clients, sales, and even your reputation in the pet-treat industry!

Regulatory agency information: FDA, AAFCO, DSHEA—do you know what these are? Most of us know the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), but how many of us know the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) or the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA)? Very few, and one of the things that can shut down a business faster than any other single component is not being in total compliance with government agencies. However, learning all the ins and outs of government regulations can be a nightmare for a new startup, and you likely can’t afford a team of attorneys in order to ensure you’re doing business within that total compliance. The great news here is that the authors of this book have included a section that teaches you what you need to know about them and how to deal with these government agencies in order to ensure your business’s compliance.

Marketing strategy plans: Every business owner needs marketing strategies, but learning these can take years of college courses. The authors of this book have tapped into their many years of boots-on-the-ground experience and knowledge to develop marketing strategies that will help you build your clientele progressively and quickly.

Does it really work?

When attempting to learn whether a resource’s information is valuable or not, it is best to go to those who have tried it.

Ryan from Washington says he sold over 100 four-pound bags of his new peanut-butter biscuits. He touts the book’s methods as ‘fun and easy,’ adding that dogs love them and his customers are happy. He states, “I recommend your resource guide 1000%!” He also adds, “Your extra e-mail support was awesome!”

Holly from Florida states simply that she is extremely pleased and couldn’t ask for more. She found the resource guide goes way beyond the ‘going-to-the-local-fairs’ advice. She loves that the authors give real-life examples of things that work and why they work.

Ken from California says he has searched book stores, pet stores, and the internet ‘from top to bottom,’ and this book is the very best step by step guide he’s found. He adds that it answered all his questions—“nothing is left out.”

Pros and Cons

Like all products, this book has its good points and its bad points.

The pros:

Available online: All you have to do is go to their website from any device you choose. The book is readily available in digital format, which means just a few clicks will get it delivered to you quickly so you can access it every time you need to read it or refer back to it.

Step by step guide: The information contained within the book and its bonus guides make for an all-inclusive tool designed to provide you with marketing plans, pet-treat recipes, and everything else you need to start and grow your business from the ground up. But the good news is you don’t have to go through all the trial-and-error most other business owners do because the hard part’s been done for you.

Includes additional materials: The book itself is packed with valuable information from authors who not only know their stuff in the pet food industry, but who also have acquired a wealth of knowledge regarding marketing those products. But it it’s nice to know there are added bonuses that are equally helpful.

Money-back guarantee: Apparently, the authors wanted to bring their product to as many people as possible, so they included a wallet-pleasing, ‘no-questions-asked,’ 60-day money-back guarantee.

The cons:

Not for people who require a 9-to-5 job: Starting and working your own business is not for everyone. Some people like the security of a ‘9-to-5’ job. They want to know exactly when they’re expected to be in, exactly how long they’re expected to work, and exactly when they’re permitted to leave. If you are a person who does better punching a clock, this resource may not be for you. However, there is always the possibility of working a ‘side hustle.’ If that’s your intent, ‘Bake A Dog A Bone’ may be the way to go.

Cannot be found in stores: This book is only available online. Like many entrepreneurs who find getting a product onto stores shelves cost-prohibitive, this product is not available in stores. However, the good news about this is that keeping it off brick-and-mortar store shelves helps to keep the cost low.

Added bonuses

The authors have included bonuses along with their book that up the ante and make this purchase even more attractive. These include:

Profit estimator spreadsheet: Starting up your own dog treat business isn’t all about fun and games. It involves understanding such things as profit and loss, which is why the authors included a profit estimator spreadsheet that will help you to track your expenses and create a workable budget.

Recipe guide: You don’t even need to do the trial-and-error when it comes to recipes for nutritious pet products because the authors have included this helpful recipe book that includes over 150 recipes designed by pet-nutrition experts.

All-natural remedies for common pet health issues: Whether or not you are a pet owner yourself, this resource will benefit you and your new pet-treat business because it contains 33 all-natural remedies you can either use for your own pet or pass on to your customers.

The authors’ guarantee

Mr. Trombley and Mr. Bertram must be pretty confident about their product because they have offered a 60-day money-back guarantee that’s almost unheard of within the resource-material industry. The cost definitely is not prohibitive for most budgets, particularly considering how much you get and how many additional resources are included. But if upfront money is an issue, you will be glad to know you can get it back if it does not work for you.

Our conclusions

Starting your own business is a daunting thought. Quite naturally, it is even more daunting to do it. That’s why it’s helpful to have the knowledge and expertise of others who have gone before you, and it’s why we reviewed ‘Bake A Dog A Bone’ in the first place. What we’ve found are authors who not only know their stuff; they have put it to the test. And so have many others. The testimonials regarding this book and its additional bonus materials make it a top-rated resource for those considering starting their own businesses, particularly within the pet industry. There’s a lot of money and success to go around in the dog-food industry, and this book offers step by step facts—not theories—to get you from point A to success. It’s almost like buying a turn-key operation only without the enormous startup costs.