Dusan Djolevic and Lazar Novovic are experts in calisthenics in the world of fitness. They started the Bar Brothers Movement which became a phenomenon that spread across the globe. This was how the pair transformed average individuals into athletes by teaching them body-weight training. As more and more people inquired about their unique approach to training, they created the Bar Brothers System.

An Overview of the Bar Brothers System

This system was created by the Bar Brothers to help you transform both your mind and your body in a twelve-week period of time. The purpose of the system is to help you learn how to become a street workout athlete. To complete the entire course, you will only require minimal equipment such as the floor and a pull-up bar. This is because the program trains you using the weight of your own body.

An important aspect of the program is a video series. This covers the introduction to the program, tips, good information for your nutrition and detailed workout instructions and plans. This focuses on each day of the twelve-week plan including the days for rest. You will also receive a PDF containing thirteen pages. This will help you track your workouts easily so you know what you need to do each and every day.

Dusan Djolevic and Lazar Novovic developed this program to teach you how to use bodyweight exercises to transform your physique. This is a lot more than the typical workout program so common in today’s market. The Bar Brothers System has become a cult smash. You will not be the same person in either mind or body once you complete the system as you were when you first began.

The Bar Brothers System has made the world stand up and take notice. There are currently more than 600,000 individuals who are members of the Bar Brothers community. This is due to the impact of the system on both the body and the mind as well as the benefits of the physique that comes with following the program. Your journey begins as soon as you have purchased the system.

Upon the conclusion of your purchase, you will be immediately taken to your own online private dashboard. This is where the introductory videos are located to prepare you for your participation in the program. Your dashboard will be divided into twelve weeks. Naturally, you will begin with week one, There are seven different videos inside of each week.

This will show you which exercises you will be using for each day. This is meant to simulate having a personal trainer to help you during every step of your journey. As you progress with the Bar Brothers System, the workouts will become a lot more intense and the exercises progressively more difficult. By your twelfth week, you will be considered a Bar Brother of intermediate level.

One of the best parts of this system is you have the ability to start at any level. If you are a beginner, you will need to start with level one. If you are already an intermediate, you can pass by the basics to begin working at your current level. Anyone serious about using bodyweight training to increase their strength can use this system effectively.

The best testimonials of all came from the founders themselves. Dusan Djolevic and Lazar Novovic both used the system to complete the transformation to their physiques. They are proof the system does work.

Inside the Program

The structure of the course is user-friendly. You should not have any issues while navigating through the system. All of your new videos are in a logical order. All you have to do to access them is click your mouse. There are seventeen different sections in the Bar Brothers System. These are:

Part One: The Introduction. This is a quick video to welcome you to the program.

Part Two: What You Need. You will be shown the equipment you will require to be able to perform the workouts. The only investment you will be required to make is a pull-up bar. The mindset you will need to have during the course to help ensure you receive the results you are looking for is discussed.

Part Three: Explanation of the Program. You will be given your PDF cheat sheet to use for your workouts. All of the instructions for using the system for the next twelve weeks is provided.

Part Four A: Workout Advice.

Part Four B: Nutrition Advice. You will be shown the recipe for the shakes you will drink pre and post-workout. You will be taught basic nutrition. The different body types are explained such as mesomorph, ectomorph and endomorph. You will have to adjust your nutrition according to your body type.

Parts Five through Sixteen: A video is provided for each day of your workout program. You will be informed of what you need to do every day of every week in addition to what you need to pay attention to. Every week there is a new quote and a pep talk to keep you motivated so you can complete the system. This is unique to the Bar Brothers System.

Part Seventeen: System Conclusion.

The Bar Brothers system includes:

  • A workout plan for twelve weeks where the plan for each day is created according to your muscle group.
  • Each section will explain a little basic nutrition, the workout and what you will need.
  • You will be provided with a video including a motivational quote for each week.
  • Your daily videos will provide an explanation for how to perform the exercises. All of the main bodyweight exercises have a guide including sit-ups, pull-ups, squats, push-ups and dips.
  • The first videos you will see are the introduction, nutrition and advice and what you need.
  • According to the introduction, the Bar Brothers System will enable you to reach your goals. The Bar Brothers will also thank you for purchasing their program. You will be informed the system is not easy but it is the best one on the market.
  • The video for what you need explains the Bar Brother’s core values. This includes keep going, hard work, no excuses and dedication. You will be asked to take pictures of your progress from the front, back and side both flexed and unflexed. The equipment you will need for your workouts is discussed including parallel bars, a pull-up bar and floor space. An additional motivation is also provided.
  • The workout plan and the way it works is discussed. You will be told to go full out since the workouts become progressively harder. You will receive links for downloading all of the files.
  • You will receive some good advice about progress, warmups and caution that progress requires time.
  • The section for nutrition offers you two different shakes. One is for bulking or weight gain, the other for your pre-workout. There is a video to explain the different body types while offering advice for working out for each type.

Seven different kinds of workouts are included with the Bar Brothers System. The first and last days of the program are evaluation days. The workouts are upper body, lower body, cardio, shoulders, core, chest and back. Each video has its own day when you will perform them. The videos you will use most frequently are the core, lower body and upper body.

You will usually perform three to five sets for each workout with a thirty to one minimum rest period between sets. This increases to two for your cardio days. The exercises are performed in the circuit order. Depending on how intense the exercise is, your reps are between four and thirty.

Your warmup will consist of a few high knees, jumping jacks, circular movements and rotator cuff exercises. The recommendation is finishing off with movements to increase your blood flow. You will not need to warm up your wrists because they are under stress during your workouts.

Your leg days will include squats, wall sits, jumping for a specific period of time, standing in place, lunges and calf raise. These workouts will include one additional exercise in comparison to the majority of the other days to add more volume.

Your upper body days are a combination of pushing and pulling movements. This includes pulling up, pushing up, and dipping using different types of variations. Some of the days with higher reps and more intensity will only include three different exercises.

Your core days will generally have you hanging from a bar or lying on the ground. You will be performing HIIT exercises such as variations of sit-ups, planks, leg raises and knee raises. Your reps are usually high with extremely short rest times.

Your chest days are similar to your back days but they include pushups. Your variations are a lot more creative with much higher reps. This includes incline, decline, ofc super-wide pushups and a pulsing ninety-degree hold.

Your back days include different variations for lots of pull-ups including close, wide and chins.

Your shoulder days include more variations of push-ups in pike positions. This will include some handstand work. These days will be rare.

Your cardio days include standard HIITs. You will be using exercises including running in place, sprints, variations of burpees, jumping and squat jumps.

The Importance of Calisthenics

Calisthenics is simply working out using your own body weight as opposed to using actual weights. This type of exercise helps you eliminate fat because they are aerobic. Calisthenics are low impact, increase your heart rate and have minimal risks for your joints. Since you do not require any equipment, you can perform them at any time, from anywhere at no cost.

Calisthenics are easy to perform while keeping you motivated due to the wide assortment of positions available. This type of exercise is extremely important for the Bar Brothers System. You will be shown how to use calisthenics to help you increase your general muscle mass. You must follow the instructions when performing this type of exercise or the result may be an injury due.

Due to the repetitive motions of this kind of exercise, performing the exercises incorrectly can be harmful. The system prevents this exercise from becoming boring or mundane by combining calisthenics with other kinds of exercises. It is extremely important to make certain you have the right nutrition prior to performing any of these exercises or you may not receive the results you are expecting.

The Bottom Line

The Bar Brothers System is a good option if you are interested in the street workout lifestyle. The progressive nature of the tutorials is especially beneficial for beginners. The program will teach you how to increase your level of confidence by pushing your body to the limits while performing freestyle feats of pure strength. The tutorials offer you the guidance to help prevent any injuries.

You must be willing to take the time necessary to follow the program. Your total commitment is necessary if you want to be successful. The improved physique is actually nothing more than a side effect of the program. If you are ready to make a serious commitment to training, this may be the perfect system for your needs.