The real estate business can be exceedingly tricky. You’ll hear people throw around terms like buyer’s market, and seller’s market, and you never really know which way to go. Even if you’re using the Internet for information, thinking you’re getting an inside look at the real estate business, the fact is that around 90% of all the information online is misleading.

So while real estate might be the most popular business to get into, with people buying, selling and flipping properties, it’s also the most common business where people fail and go flat broke. This is why Kosta Apostolou, a real estate expert, created a program that can help people navigate real estate deals using accurate, real-time information, to hopefully turn a profit.

Kosta’s program, Bird Dog Bot, is very highly rated and acclaimed, with many different users speaking well about all the different features you can get with this program, and how easy it is to track, set up and ultimately make deals that can be incredibly lucrative.

Just know before we get into the meat of the program here, that this is not some automated program that’s going to do the work for you. It’s not some plug-and-play system that allows you to instantly turn a profit once you have invested. It’s more about helping people in the real estate business make the best possible decisions using the best possible information.

What Is Bird Dog Bot?

Bird Dog Bot is a complex piece of software that was designed specifically for real estate. The main gist of Bird Dog is that real estate investors get to browse deals, compare them, and make deals, with real-time information that comes in from all across the globe. The software itself is rather complex, but the best part here is that users do not have to know how to code or even understand the complexities of the software to use it.

This is because Bird Dog Bot actually aggregates all the information it receives about real estate, but whittles it down by tossing aside what doesn’t match up. This is how the software determines what’s real and what’s fake, and therefore the end benefit for the user is that they get to use accurate information to help make deals.

Apart from having that steady flow of accurate, live information, the software also makes it easier to create and make deals between brokers, lenders, buyers, sellers, and much more. You can set up deals a lot faster and a lot more efficiently, and even your clients and/or partners will appreciate the difference in speed and efficiency of your real estate dealings.

A good example of this would be people who buy and flip auction homes. While there are a lot of guides out there that help with this, Bird Dog Bot updates with real-time information about any property that’s coming onto the market, so that a house flipper using this software will find out about the property and potentially buy it before the competition even hears about the property coming up for sale. That’s the Bird Dog difference.

What Bird Dog Bot Offers for Real Estate

As mentioned earlier, Bird Dog Bot is all about making it easier for you to make deals. Not only does this software put you in touch with accurate, real-time information, but it also makes it a breeze to work out your deals. However, there is so much more that this software offers in terms of real estate incentives. Here are some of the main features of this software package.

  • Listing Status of Properties: Any area you select, you will find the listing status of said properties. And this means all of the status, including rent or sale, short sale, etc; detailed, current photos of the property, whatever is available; and the realtor’s information, whether a company or individual. This means that you can save a trip, save on phone calls, etc, and get all the info you need from the same location.
  • Thorough Search: The creator of this program is a real estate investor from Canada, but it will search any location you’re set up in, and conduct a very thorough search of all sorts of properties. This is because Bird Dog Bot actually performs multiple searches on multiple real estate sites at once, and it aggregates the results to give them to you.
  • Custom Searching: If you don’t like a certain site, a certain type of house, or even a certain realtor, you can actually use this software to limit your searches by eliminating the criteria that you do not like. This saves you a ton of time by not having to sort through listings you don’t want to see, and also helps the software itself perform more thorough searches.
  • Advanced Criteria: Want to find houses with only multiple bathrooms and bedrooms, or a fenced-in yard and porch? Whatever you want to set in your search parameters, this software will allow you to do it. This is a great way to find whatever you want, and to skip over everything you don’t want. You can also extend this to zip codes, towns, cities and counties, and much more.
  • Custom Analysis: Real estate investors know that making money in the business is not about simply searching for properties and buying; it’s about running complete statistical analyses to ensure that the investment is worth it. This is the sort of feature that Bird Dog Bot offers you, the ability to run complex, custom analyses on properties to decide if you’re making the right investment or not.
  • Detail Sharing: One of the biggest parts about making real estate deals is actually having investors. Even successful people in the field do not always put their own money up, at least not all of it. They find investors who are willing to front the money for a percentage on the back end. With this feature, you can share a lot more details with potential investors, and share them a lot easier. This allows your investors to see every detail they need to in order to make a decision.
  • Secure Deals: Only members of Bird Dog are allowed onto the secured servers, so only members can actually see the data. This is ideal if you’re using this software to make deals. For instance, investors are privy to the same information you are, if they’re also using this software, so it’s a great way to attract one another and to come together for better, quicker, more secure real estate dealings.

Are There Any Bonuses?

While these are not really bonuses, there are actually two really great features that you get with Bird Dog Bot that similar real estate packages just do not offer. Here’s a little bit of information about them:

Video Tutorials

One of the coolest features about Bird Dog Bot is that you don’t have to fumble around until you get the hang of things. There’s a litany of video tutorials that walk you through the entire process in great detail. This is ideal because you can watch the videos at your own leisure and learn more and more about using the system, before you even perform your first search.

24/7 Tech Support

Another great feature is that this program offers you all the support you’re going to need. A lot of programs have support, but you typically have to fill out a ticket and wait, and then you’ll only have a very limited time where you’re entitled to that support. As long as you have Bird Dog Bot, you’ll be able to get 24/7 tech support.

Who Bird Dog Bot is For

Because of secure data servers, customizable searches and analytics features, and the fact that investors of all stripes can benefit, Bird Dog Bot is really for anyone involved in real estate. For instance, if you’re just starting out and have a limited budget, you can use the search features to find affordable starter properties that can help get you started.

Contrarily, even if you’re an old pro and know exactly what you’re doing, running custom searches and analyses on a variety of properties can actually help you get a lot more bang for your buck and ultimately end up attracting more investors so you can turn more of a profit. In other words, this is a program that’s great for both rookies and old pros.

Pros and Cons

Every product out there has positives and negatives. For as well as Bird Dog Bot is reviewed, and as satisfied as the customers seem to be with the system, there are still some negatives that go along with the positives. So, let’s take a moment to go over the pros and cons of this innovative program.


  • Allows for honed custom searches over a very wide area
  • Can perform customized, personal statistical analyses on properties
  • A program that’s very easy to learn and use
  • Video tutorials that will help you to easily learn the ropes
  • Technical support that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Private servers that keep data safe and only allow members to see
  • A great way to track properties and entice investors to your business


  • Cannot use the program as a team; e.g. an investor with the business
  • Only available to use online
  • Can only search per defined area, not over an entire region like a state, unless changing region
  • Will not run on Mac without an emulator


When it comes to real estate, this is a business that can be very tricky. Unlike a lot of industries out there, the real estate business is very prone to fluctuations in the market, and even successful businesses can easily crash when the market isn’t being kind to people who sell houses and other properties. Though Bird Dog Bot acts somewhat like an equalizer for a fluctuating market.

With this software program, you can easily check out only properties in your price range, in your prospective buyers’ range, and you can find properties that are inviting to different investors. You can search anywhere you want, for any type of property you want, and all of your data is entirely safe and secure. With a program like this, you’re going to get access to properties before anyone else. You can figure out whether you want to get the property, and even attract investors, before anyone else even finds out about the property.

At the end of the day, people in the real estate business are much better off with a program like Bird Dog Bot than without it. It’s definitely a system that can work wonders for people who are investing in this tricky business.