Just imagine being the keyholder to others’ minds. What would you do with power like that? What if you had the capability of swaying people to come in alignment with your way of thinking without them even realizing it is happening? It seems too good to be true but it may not be as far-fetched as you would think!

There are many reasons you may be curiously searching. No matter what inspired you to investigate hypnosis, chances are you aren’t sure what’s real and what isn’t. The web is full of scams and empty promises. You care about your money. So, how can you be sure what promises to teach you these skills are legitimate? Look no further! Your answer may just be written here.

Who is Cameron Crawford?

Cameron Crawford is the one who formulated this helpful course to give people the power of ultimate mind control. He claims that he was always obsessed with the idea of hypnosis. For years, he studied ways that could help him truly capture the essence of proper mind control. He never quite seemed to quench his thirst for answers, as he deemed the material dated and useless. That is until his friend changed his life with a phone call!

He claims a friend contacted him who had found a self-written journal from a secret group of people who practiced such power. Crawford claimed to have been hypnotized into contacting the professor who wrote the original journal. He spent two years with him learning all the material and teachings. And now, here we are having him teach us all that he was taught himself. It sounds like a pretty strange story, doesn’t it?

About Black Ops Hypnosis: How Does it Work?

With this super-secret audio online training material, Crawford explains just how powerful the techniques are. So powerful, he claims, that he may pull it at any time. If too many people get their hands on it, he says it would be catastrophic. So, if it is so powerful, how exactly does it work? Great question.

First, he claims there is nothing supernatural about it. It is quite literally a series of techniques to alter another’s perception. As you may know, Black Ops means something confined or secretive. This a well-compiled 8-hour training course that teaches you real-life tactics, not spells! These tactics are to subconscious manipulate another person and their perception of you, it will give you the reigns in the situation.

The course was designed for more advanced people, guiding you through a very particular learning process. You must complete it step-by-step as designed. It was created to give you a series of strategies to help you with social interactions. Whether your mission is to become more attractive to potential mates or more successful in your career, these tips can guide you.

Crawford shares with buyers what he considers top-secret material. This can be detrimental in the wrong hands. Because it carries such an element of control, if you do not have the best intentions, your actions can be negative both to yourself and others. Caution is greatly advised. But if you use it in the manner of which it was created, you can reap the benefits of a top-dog-persona.

This is a series of training steps that are for individual areas of persuading different individuals for various reasons. Crawford walks you through with rich guidance and lots of knowledge on how to get what you want and climb to the top. If you are tired of feeling like you are at the bottom of the barrel, these skills may greatly enhance your life.

What Does Black Ops Hypnosis Teach?

There are so many bases covered by this 8-hour course. It teaches you all about “The Dark Side” hypnosis, or “Covert” hypnosis.

It can help in the following areas:

  • Improving social status
  • Becoming more attractive to others
  • Boosts personal confidence
  • Deeply accessing the subconscious
  • Spot liars and other bad types of traits
  • Have someone remember you or even forget you

And it also can cover plenty of other areas when needed. In an overall manner, it helps you to embrace your inner confidence and wear it outwardly. Once you have that down pat, everyone will pick up on this energy and follow suit accordingly.

What is Included?

The Black Ops Hypnosis course is broken up into a total of 8 lessons which are one hour apiece. Because of the way the course is structured, it important to not skip ahead. Each portion is made up of the topic and other sub-lessons therein.

So, what are the 8 lessons? Let’s go through a basic overview of each section in the Dark Side training.

  1. Dark Side Hypnosis: This goes over the process of hypnosis, providing an overview with tips and precautionary mentions. It goes over any previous misconceptions about this being a quick process so you can get a realistic idea of what to expect.
  2. The Godfather Method: This is directed more towards the people who find it difficult or intimidating to be the center of attention. It will guide you in social settings to harness the power of getting those around you to admire you.
  3. The Authority Hijack: If you are looking for a way to be looked at as a leader, this portion will teach you how to harness that.
  4. The Empire Man Technique: This part of the course will help you to grow your confidence to be the sturdy person you need to be to properly execute the teachings.
  5. The Dangerously Effective Dark Shadow Method: This is an invention between Crawford and the professor he learned from. They refer to it as “soul-controlling”. It must be done very carefully, as it is harmful if used inappropriately.
  6. The Hidden Persuaders: This part of the course is designed to help you understand and implement the powers of persuasion. You can sway anyone in any direction you choose if you do so correctly with the provided guidance.
  7. The Forbidden October Man Sequence: This portion is directly for those who are looking to attract potential mates. It is designed to help you learn the right ways to persuade someone that you are the one they have been looking for. Whether you want life-long love or someone to become insanely sexually attracted to you- this works wonders!
  8. The Lie Detector: As you may have guessed, this part will help you pick up on deceit in others and turn it around on them as an Alpha. Once you can immediately detect lies, you can use this against the person who is trying to con you.

Crawford promises drastic live changes involved with each of these course modules. Not only can you control your financial and career life, but you can also have extreme control over other’s emotions. This comes with great responsibility, as delving into someone’s soul can prove to be a very risky territory if not done properly.

After the Course: What to Expect

Once you complete the course, you can start to fully apply what you learned in your everyday life. Some may notice fast results while others may take just a bit more time. Everyone is different so the speed of results may vary.

Some things you can hope to see change are:

  • Capturing the attention of groups of people in social settings
  • Climbing to the top in your career or other group situations
  • Being looked upon as the leader and the answer to other’s questions
  • Becoming an attraction to others physically and mentally
  • Delving into the complexity of another’s mind
  • Utilizing the power to be a winner in any given situation
  • Fooling people into thinking you have higher social status than you do
  • Successfully using your eyes to get what you want

If you are a naturally more assertive person as opposed to passive, you may notice faster results! If you are more passive, your results may be less drastic or slower to come.

Positives and Negatives

You may want to weigh out the pros and cons before deciding if this is right for you. That is perfectly understandable! Making sure you feel like it is the right fit is the first step.

So, let’s go back over some key points, mapping out the positives and negatives.


  • This can help socially awkward or powerless feeling individuals get the upper hand.
  • It can teach you tools to be rewarded and grow in your successes.
  • It can help you manipulate situations to get what you want.
  • It can help people remember or forget you, depending on what you intend.
  • It can make you incredibly irresistible to potential mates.
  • It is full of easily digestible and well-planned direction for great results.
  • It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • This can be a harmful resource if you don’t have good intentions.
  • This is largely dependent upon your personal skills and ability to utilize them.
  • You cannot get instant results and if you are seeking that, this isn’t for you.

While this won’t be the ideal fit for every person, if you are wanting to promote your power- it can be a great tool. Using this with less honorable intentions may not be the best idea, as it can bring consequences for you from others. If you are just looking for a way to more effectively persuade and convince others, this could be your saving grace!

With the 60-day money-back guarantee, there isn’t much to lose here. If you get the course and realize this isn’t what you thought, you can get your money back with no hassle. This should add to your confidence. Crawford seems to have all the confidence in this product.

If you see what he has to say, he is very sure! He has placed these steps into his own life with these results and wishes to extend the favor.

In Summary

If you are the kind of person who longs to control others, this will likely be just what you are looking for. While this may not help everyone, it does get very positive reviews from other users. It is what you make it! You can use this to enhance any area of your life where you feel powerless and take charge! If being a leader is something you have dreamed of, but your personality seems to hold you back, you can change that!

There is nothing that should have you on the fence at this point! You can greatly change the course of your life and how others view you. And if you don’t get the results you want, you can just get your money back! What are you waiting for?