Golf is more than a game. It requires concentration, dedication, and athleticism. Playing pro golf is a dream shared by millions. However, few people are able to fully realize this dream since they most likely do not have a professional coach or the right fitness program to help them be their best. Susan Hill’s Body for Golf promises to provide you with the tools needed to achieve your aspirations of improving your golf game and feeling better in the process.

About the Creator – Susan Hill

This training program was designed by Susan Hill. Susan is a founder and past president of She is also a nationally certified golf fitness expert. Also, Susan is also a sports nutritionist, youth conditioning specialist, fitness trainer, golf bio mechanic, and golf flexibility expert. She has been published in several magazines including SELF, in addition to writing eight books about golf. Susan has been a coach for members of the LPGA Tour, consulted for top golf teams including UCLA, and oversaw the fitness program of the International Junior Golf Academy (Hill, 2017).

What Makes This Program Different?

Susan Hill has had a stellar career in coaching golf. Furthermore, she has adapted her talent for fitness and the science of bio mechanics into a way to help people improve their golf game. She has used her system to train well over 106,000 golf players and enthusiast in over 27 different countries. Her Body for Golf book and 6-week program offers a revealing look at the essential skills needed to improve your health and your golfing.

Body for Golf is a program which lasts six weeks and will teach users peculiar, yet revolutionary techniques to play golf. Susan claims to take the average novice Sunday afternoon players and transform them into a force to be reckoned with on the course. Her program is specifically designed to educate her students on the methods necessary to alter and fix their swing, hit extremely accurate shots, and improve their current skills through the use of simple exercises and stretches. By utilizing the methods she teaches, Susan promises users will dramatically lower their golf score, increase their drive distance, get into the best shape of their lives, and blow their competition out of the water on the golf course (Hill, 2017).

Features of the Body for Golf System

Susan’s training methods are exponentially different than other instructors, which is part of what puts her ahead of the crowd. The Body for Golf system has a plethora of features that you won’t find elsewhere. Some notable components include:

  • The steps needed to be taken in order to avoid the negative aspects affecting your golf game and how to easily improve them
  • A healthy nutrition plan designed to increase energy
  • Power principles to aid you in lowering your golf score while increasing confidence
  • A specially designed cardio workout plan crafted specifically with golf in mind that’s guaranteed to burn fat fast
  • A golf specific exercise routine that allows you to achieve peak performance
  • Commanding strategies to increase levels of energy, fitness, and productivity while lowering stress
  • Key tips on metabolism
  • The ordinary mistake golf players keep making that allow their hips to reduce the power of their swing
  • Quick and easy methods to self-evaluate fitness levels and physical limitations along with the methods needing to correct any issues
  • The same technical evaluation used by top experts and coaches
  • The correct methods needed to assess and measure your levels of athleticism so you can move forward instead of stagnating your golf game
  • Quick weight loss methods
  • A specially tooled cardio workout to shed pounds while building the stamina needed for golf
  • Hill’s expertly designed strength training workouts that will allow you to achieve an amazingly precise golf swing
  • Meal plans crafted with the essential nutrients golfers need
  • Methods to explore, understand and fix issues holding you back from proper golf performance

Body for Golf is more than just a book. Susan has taken years of experience to craft and tool her education program to allow everyday folks the chance to experience the level of training and help that the pros receive. She helps users to get the issues and reasons that they are not playing to their full potential.

Susan Hill is a firm advocate of the necessity and importance of having a strong and healthy core. She indicates that conditioning of the core is imperative for any golfer since every movement originates from this section of the body. To get the best golf performance possible, golfers must strengthen their cores as quickly as possible.

The three other areas critical to success according to Susan are the spine, hips, and shoulders. She also stresses the importance of posture in order to achieve the optimum swing while building strength in the right areas of the body. Her digital coaching system can help people to burst through plateaus and play the best game of their lives. Her six-week program will help ordinary players decrease their handicap, develop drive distance, and get a healthier body.

Is this the Right Program for You?

Susan has taught countless individuals of all ages to improve their golfing skills. Individuals who will likely benefit from this system are:

  • Anyone who has been playing golf for years without seeing a significant decrease in their handicap
  • Golfers that want to realize their peak potential
  • Players who consistently receive injuries while playing or are often sore or are in pain after playing
  • People who want to increase strength and energy not only in golf but their everyday lives
  • Beginners, advanced golfers, and anyone in between

Benefits and Pricing

After examining what the Body for Golf system includes, it is imperative to examine the cost and benefits of utilizing it. The price for this 6-week program is usually $47 USD. Currently, a summer special is being run on the website offering the system for $37 USD. The system includes the PDF file online book, which is convenient to download onto a computer, laptop, tablet, e-reader, or even your smartphone.

Susan guarantees her book, system, and methods. She assures customers that the program will benefit anyone from novices to seasoned players. The program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, which further demonstrates the validity of her claims.

In addition to the Body for Golf book, online purchasers can also receive a bonus package, free of charge. The bonus package includes three additional online books, including Golf Experts Tell All featuring golfing expert tips and tricks, the Ultimate Stretch Guide manual, and a list of More Burning Questions that solves the issues frequently pondered by golfers.

Is Body for Golf Worth Trying?

The Body for Life program has received rave reviews from many top golf coaches and experts. Average, everyday players have also enjoyed it and learned a great deal from it. While her methods and workout plans may seem different, unconventional, or even strange at first glance, they are based in science. Susan has worked in the realm of fitness and bio mechanics for years, and this experience and knowledge is extremely evident in her teachings as well as her passion for helping every golf enthusiast to transform their bodies and game into that of a professional.

The program offers an incredible amount of information. Susan has compiled years of education, training, and real life examples into an easy to follow plan. This program provides practical solutions to everyday golfing issues. Any golfer no matter what their level will be able to benefit from her sage advice and teachings. It is also incredibly easy to follow and fun to try as well.

Susan’s methods are interesting and helpful in many ways. Users will gain the necessary tools to master golf, learn the correct body mechanics to hit the ball farther and with greater accuracy and lower their handicap. These essential skills, exercises, and nutritional tips will also benefit customers in their daily lives. You will lose fat while gaining muscle and energy. Overall, Body for Golf is a fascinating way to achieve your golfing goals.


  • Inexpensively priced
  • Easy to follow plan
  • PDF download is easy to read and understand
  • Since it is a downloadable book, you can take it anywhere and enjoy it on a multitude of platforms
  • Susan Hill is a renowned expert in fitness and golf
  • Includes great bonus materials
  • Aimed at helping anyone at any age and any level to improve their game
  • Offers great insights in understanding why users aren’t playing well, and how to fix these areas of concern
  • Information is useful in golf and everyday life
  • Money back guarantee


  • Users may still need a coach or instructor in real life when implementing the tips
  • Some of the methods and teachings may seem a bit strange

In conclusion, Susan Hill’s Body for Golf is an excellent system designed to empower everyday users by allowing them to diagnose their shortcomings in golf. She then gives you the tools and methods needed to address these issues and move beyond them. By following her plan, you can increase energy, gain confidence, increase athleticism, and most importantly, improve your golf game.