The creator of bow legs no more is Sarah Brown. After living with bow legs for 26 years, she was extremely self-conscious about her standing and walking posture. She wanted healthy and strong legs more than almost anything. This desire led to several years of in-depth analysis and research. She found the natural remedies and exercises to strengthen her legs and reverse her condition. All of this is included in her book.

The Foundation of Bow Legs No More

This program contains forty pages to help you naturally correct your bow legs. The author shows you how to straighten your legs without surgery. If you have bow legs, this eBook can change your life. Thousands of individuals across the globe have used this program to address the embarrassment and discomfort associated with bow legs. You will learn how to correct your condition right from your own home.

The formula has been proven to track and measure your progress while offering you support for a more positive and active lifestyle. The remedy is both permanent and safe. Bow Legs No More can eliminate the need to have surgery to straighten your legs. This is accomplished by using the techniques explained in the book such as certain types of detailed exercises. This will reshape your legs from the inside.

The Teachings of the Program

Sarah Brown explains the different ways bow legs can regain a natural strength and shape. This is based on the lessons included in the program. These are:

  • Different methods for straightening your legs.
  • Strengthening bow legs.
  • How to accelerate your healing process.
  • Exercises you can perform at home.
  • The exercise for correcting bow legs.
  • The difference between an X and O curvature.
  • An explanation for led curvature.
  • Treatments not requiring exercise.
  • The formula to track and measure your progress.

Prior to the creation of Bow Legs No More, surgery was commonly used for correcting the shape of the leg. Corrective surgery is not the only way to correct your legs. This program has all of the benefits of surgery without the pain and danger frequently linked to this operation. Even though your bones are broken with surgery, there is still no guarantee your issue will be resolved.

Some individuals have experienced more issues after surgery than before. In some cases, these issues were more serious than the original condition. The process explained in the book does not require any bones to be broken, is all-natural and will not cause you any pain. The author provides you with a guarantee to make certain you will never regret purchasing her eBook.

Even if you do have surgery, there is no guarantee you will not have problems walking for weeks or even months. There are also side effects you have to consider such as an unsightly and undesirable weight gain and atrophy of your muscles. With Bow Legs No More, the methods will enable your legs to heal just a little each and every day. You will still be able to complete your tasks and fulfill your responsibilities.

For all of these reasons, Sarah Brown believes the benefits of her program far outweigh the potential benefits of surgery. Prior to deciding if this program can possibly work, take advantage of the guarantee and try the different methods. This may completely remove the thought of having surgery from your mind.

The Guide for Understanding Bow Legs

The actual definition of bow legs is an unusual bending of your legs. This bending takes on a bow shape. The medical term for this condition is Genu Varum. One of the best ways to determine if you have bow legs is by placing your feet together and standing up straight. If the distance between your ankles is much smaller than between your knees, there is a good chance you have bow legs.

Bow legs should be treated as soon as possible. The best way to understand the treatment is to learn about your condition and the way it manifests. There are two different types of bow legs. This condition can result from either pathological or physiological factors. When the condition has naturally occurred in an infant, it is usually due to physiological factors.

When the child has reached the age of three of four, the issue often corrects itself. When the factor is physiological, the bow legs naturally disappear as the child is growing. If the condition has occurred because of a pathological condition like Blount’s disease, a vitamin D deficiency or Rickets, the condition often continues even after the individual has become an adult.

This makes the condition much harder to deal with. Bow legs can be effectively treated when the condition is diagnosed in the early stages. A fast diagnosis is extremely important. When a child has bow legs that do not straighten out naturally, the cause is usually malnutrition. If the condition is not treated, it may become permanent. One of the most important essentials for bone development is vitamin D.

A lack of vitamin D can negatively impact the way legs straighten out as the child begins to grow. This can result in a medical complication called Rickets. Rickets can be the reason for bow legs. This is due to the importance of every child receiving exposure to sunlight for a minimum of five to ten minutes per day. The child must also receive enough vitamin D through either supplements or their diet.

In many cases, the development of bow legs as a child and Rickets as an adult can be prevented by ensuring the child is receiving enough vitamin D. Another disorder resulting from abnormal development of the bones is called Blount’s syndrome or Blount’s disease. When a child has this condition, they will generally not show any distinctive signs. The only exception is the bow shape to their legs.

The only way for a physician to determine if the bow legs were the result of Blount’s syndrome is to take an x-ray. If the diagnosis is Blount’s syndrome, the physician will recommend either casts or medical braces to reshape the legs of the child. This works very well if the bones of the child are still developing. This means having the child diagnosed early is critical. If the case is severe, surgery may be required.

Bow Legs No More also discusses both gout and arthritis. An adult who did not have bow legs when they were a child may develop this condition suddenly due to either gout or arthritis. Both of these conditions are capable of causing damage to the joints. In this instance, receiving medical attention immediately is strongly recommended.

The treatment usually involves a combination of supplementation and dietary changes. In some instances, surgery may be necessary.

The Different Solutions for Treating Bow Legs

Bow Legs No More explains the solutions often effective for the treatment of bow legs. This includes:

Yoga: According to the author, yoga should be considered. Despite the effectiveness of this exercise, yoga is easy to perform. This exercise can offer remarkable results if it is performed on a consistent basis. Yoga can improve flexibility and alignment. Bow legs and posture can be corrected with the use of yoga straps. If you have bow legs, Yoga can present a challenge when you first begin.

Prior to trying yoga poses including forward bends and cow face, you should use a yoga strap to hold your legs together. You can strengthen your legs and correct their position by performing yoga routines.

Exercises for Strengthening Legs: If your issue is slight, you may be able to improve your condition with leg strengthening exercises. These exercises were created specifically for correcting the strain placed on the tendons and joints due to bow legs. You can also improve the muscles around your knees. These are simple exercises requiring you to lay down on a bench or mat while bending your knees.

Once in the correct position, place ten pound weights between your feet. Bend your legs until you can feel your buttocks. Extend your legs and perform three repetitions several times per day. Repeating this exercise every day while increasing the amount of weight will enable you to see some desirable changes.

Pilates: Pilates are excellent for realigning your body, correcting your posture and improving your vital muscles. Pilates have more power than yoga for developing abdominal muscles and toning the muscles in your legs. You can perform ballerina arms and roll-ups.

Begin by laying down on a mat with your stomach facing upwards. Lift your legs upwards and downwards. Your legs must be kept together while you repeat the exercise numerous times. You can tighten your stomach muscles by lifting your body from the mat.

Massage: Massage therapy is effective for the elimination of bow legs. Professional therapy is only effective in the beginning before your muscles have had time to fully develop and your bones have hardened. If you have massage therapy on a regular basis, you can naturally an efficiently help correct your bow legs.

Toes-In Squat: This is a good exercise for targeting your inner thigh muscles instead of the muscles of your outer thighs. While you are squatting, your knees are being engaged by being pulled to the center. This will strengthen your knees. You begin by standing up straight with your knees three inches apart. Turn your toes inwards before you squat. Your toes should be facing each other.

Continue moving your feet until your big toes are touching. Now squat down as slowly as you possibly can. You can achieve balance by stretching your arms out in front of your body.

Figure Four Stretch: Bow Legs No More recommends using this exercise for stretching your glutes. This will help the powerful muscles in your hips to relax enabling your knees to come together a little bit closer. If you perform this exercise on a regular basis, it will correct the issue of bow legs. To perform this exercise, lie down on your back.

Make certain your feet are flat on the floor then bend your knees. Lift up your right leg until it is resting across your left knee on the outside of the opposite ankle. Hold this position while moving your right arm into the open area between your left and right knees. Now hold onto the front of your left shin.

Place your left hand beneath your right foot. Hold the front of your left shin. While in this position, bend yourself backward. Hold your left knee in the direction of your chest while stretching your right glute. Change legs then repeat the exercise. You need to hold the position for a minimum of thirty seconds.

The Final Verdict

Bow Legs No More has changed the necessity of living with bow legs. This program is effective for straightening out your legs. To succeed, you must perform all of the recommended exercises consistently. Dedication is a critical component of your success. The program will enable you to take control of your life.

The money-back-guarantee provided by the author will ensure peace of mind. You can reach your goal of having straight and beautiful legs by following the guide in the program.