Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress Review


Brooklyn Bedding is a mattress company that has been a leader in engineering and innovation for years. Started in 1995, the company provides multiple mattress lines to suit a variety of sleep needs. The Signature mattress combines comfort and support by providing both foam and spring layers. It’s made to promote spinal and sleep health. Featuring unique construction materials, cooling gel, and an affordable design, this mattress has a multitude of positive qualities. We’ve broken down the pros, cons, and general information in this Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress review.

Materials and Construction

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress has unique construction for optimal sleep health and comfort:

  • The 2-inch Titanflex foam pad on top comes with immediate response technology. It’s engineered to conform to each movement of your body during the night, so your weight is always dispersed evenly. For an added layer of comfort, the pad is infused with TitaniumGel, a coolant that kills bacteria and stabilizes as it works.
  • The 2-inch Titanflex support foam underneath the pad is made from firmer material, designed to cradle your body and provide the support you need. This layer separates your body from the firmest final layer, allowing maximum contouring and support.
  • The six-inch Ascension layer is engineered from up to 1,024 pocketed coils. These reactive coils respond instantly to your sleep movement while retaining more structural integrity than many other leading foam mattresses.

The Firmness Scale

Brooklyn Bedding has designed a firmness scale to help consumers more easily understand their options. The scale is numbered from 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. The Signature mattress is not available in a “1” or “10” firmness, as these levels are too soft or hard to promote sleep health.

Soft mattresses rank between 2 and 5 on the firmness scale. A soft mattress is best for side sleepers and people who prefer the feeling of their mattress “hugging” them. Additionally, it’s best to choose a soft mattress if you need greater relief on your pressure points and gentler contour support for your body.

Medium mattresses are designed to suit people who sleep in a variety of positions, including their side, stomach, and back. A medium mattress is also best for people who need a more even balance between body contouring and back support. If you prefer to sleep above the top layers of your bed, medium is a better bet. Additionally, a medium bed is good for couples with different firmness needs, as this strikes a balance between soft and hard.

Firm mattresses are best for people who tend to sleep on their backs and stomachs, but rarely on their sides. If you don’t like the feeling of “sinking” into your mattress, firm is the way to go. A firm mattress is also best for people with back issues, as these types provide the most lumbar support. For people who need a smooth and flat surface to sleep, a firm mattress will suit you better than a medium or soft.

Rather than choosing a number on a scale, you’ll simply choose from one of the three firmness options. This takes a lot of the hassle and guesswork out of your decision, while still ensuring you have the best sleep possible.

Advantages of Titanflex and TitaniumGel

Titanflex and TitaniumGel are two patented materials used in the construction of all Brooklyn Bedding mattresses. TitaniumGel was developed specifically for Brooklyn Bedding’s lines of mattresses, while Titanflex is a material used in a number of industries.

Titanflex has the following advantages over traditional mattress topper materials:

  • Titanflex materials come with ten times the flexibility of conventional material.
  • The construction is lightweight, up to one third lighter than your run-of-the-mill mattress topper.
  • The memory effect causes the mattress to retain its original shape, no matter what your body type, weight, or length of use is.
  • The material conforms to your body and reduces the strain on pressure points through equal weight distribution.

TitaniumGel has been infused through both top layers of the Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress. It has these properties:

  • A cooling effect keeps your body at a comfortable temperature throughout the night, regardless of your body’s heat regulation or your general environment.
  • The antibacterial gel properties kill bacteria before they can manifest, keeping the mattress fresh and pleasant-smelling over long time periods.
  • The gel increases the elasticity and contouring capabilities of the foam.

Brooklyn Bedding’s Additional Accessories

Brooklyn Bedding doesn’t limit itself to mattresses. The company is devoted to making sure people get the healthy, restful sleep they deserve. Multiple accessories are available for the Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress for a slightly increased price:

  • A mattress protector that ensures your rest is cleaner, ideal for people with night sweats
  • 360-degree mattress-encasing protection for maximum health and comfort
  • A high rise platform to support and raise the mattress off the floor
  • A tri-fold box foundation with built-in portability and the streamlined appeal of a box spring
  • An electric adjustable base that automatically adjusts the angle of your mattress for maximum comfort and spine health

Frequently Asked Questions

What certifications does the Signature mattress have?

All of the mattress foam has been certified with CertiPur. This means that the foam is free of toxins and meets industry health standards.

Is the mattress odorless?

When you first unpack the mattress, it will have a natural scent. As long as you ventilate the area, that scent should dissipate within a few hours. Because the TitaniumGel infusion kills bacteria, your mattress shouldn’t smell even after periods of long-term use.

Can the mattress be flipped?

It’s recommended that you rotate the mattress after every 6 to 8 months of use. However, the mattresses should not be flipped over. The foam layers on top are meant to support the body, while the firm layers on the bottom are meant for maximum support.

What kind of foundation does this mattress need?

One of the great things about the Signature mattress is that multiple foundations will work. As long as the foundation doesn’t flex, it will support the mattress. This covers the majority of box spring, slat, and platform foundations. Additionally, if you aren’t certain what foundation is right for you, you can purchase a mattress foundation directly from Brooklyn Bedding. Each of these foundations is designed for compatibility with the Signature mattress.

Are there custom sizes?

If you need a custom size for your mattress, you can contact the customer support service at the company to get a quote. The mattress pricing is variable depending on the availability and dimensions of your request. If you do order a custom size rather than a standard size, you may have to pay for shipping, which is not required for standard sized mattresses.

How do you pick the right firmness?

If the firmness recommendations aren’t enough to help with your decision, Brooklyn Bedding employs sleep specialists that can help you choose your specifications. They can be contacted either through chat or email.

How long will it take to break in the mattress?

The Signature mattress will typically take between 30 and 45 nights to fully break in. Your body will need a similar time period to become used to the new mattress. After the mattress is broken in, it will reach its maximum softness level and allow for full aeration. Due to this period, you must sleep on the mattress for at least 30 days before you can return it.

Is there a warranty included?

Yes. Every Signature mattress includes a 10-year hassle free warranty covering defects and body impressions measuring at least 1 inch.

Is there a trial period?

The trial period for the Signature mattress is 120 nights. After the date of delivery, you must use the mattress for at least 30 days before you can return it. Your trial period will begin on your mattress delivery date. Each customer is only permitted to use the trial once for each calendar year.

What if you pick the wrong firmness?

If the mattress feels too firm following the adjustment period, Brooklyn Bedding offers a free mattress topper to increase softness. Each topper is made from foam that disperses weight and relieves pressure points. If your mattress still isn’t comfortable even with the topper, you can exchange it for a softer one or receive a refund on your purchase price.

What is the return policy?

After you contact the company’s customer service department, you’ll be given information about the process. It’s most likely that you will be asked to donate the mattress and then given a refund of your purchase price.

Is there international shipping?

Right now, Brooklyn Bedding can only ship to people within the United States and Canada. Mattresses do ship to both Alaska and Hawaii.

How fast does the mattress arrive?

Your order will be processed within 1 to 3 business days. After that, the mattress is shipped using FedEx Ground. Depending on your location, it should take between 3 and 5 business days to arrive.

Does the company support any charitable causes?

Yes. Brooklyn Bedding is a partner with multiple organizations and companies that promote safe spaces for children to sleep. The company’s core ethics mission is to ensure that every child can rest easily. In pursuit of this goal, they partner with local organizations that make impacting change on a fundamental level. They provide sleep accessories and new bedding to children in need.

Brooklyn Bedding’s partnerships include organizations that reunify families, transitional housing units, and foster care groups. For at-risk children, age-appropriate bedding is one of the most asked-after donations. Transitional housing services are always in need of comfortable mattresses, and foster care homes need adequate bedding to provide for children. The main aim of Brooklyn Bedding is to meet as many of these needs as possible, so you know your purchase will help people.

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Is For You If:

You like to sleep on a hybrid surface. The surface of the mattress is simultaneously soft and firm. The springs underneath give you the pushback you’d find in a traditional spring mattress, but the foam contouring provides much-needed comfort.

You like a latex surface. While not created from latex, TitanFlex is meant to emulate latex properties. The mattress has the same antibacterial qualities and springiness that you’d find in latex.

You prefer buying directly from the manufacturer. The company’s factory is based in the United States. Brooklyn Bedding both produces and sells all of their mattresses.

You prefer a cool surface during the night. The TitaniumGel-infused surface stays cool throughout the night, no matter what temperature your bedroom is. You won’t overheat even if you need heavy blankets to sleep, and you won’t wake up sweaty.

You understand your preferred firmness level. It’s common for mattress companies to sell mattresses at only one firmness, but the multiple firmness levels available for the Signature make it ideal for multiple sleep necessities.

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Is Not For You If:

You want your surface to be soft and feel like memory foam. Even though the surface is made of foam, the springs underneath keep the mattress from sinking. If you want to sink into a mattress completely made of foam, this isn’t the right product for you.

You’re looking for a 100% natural latex surface. Signature mattresses emulate the feel of latex, but they’re made of TitanFlex rather than actual latex fiber. If getting natural latex is important to you, this isn’t the right fit.

You want to test your mattress before you make a purchase. Signature mattresses aren’t featured in any physical showrooms, so you can’t test the mattress before you make a purchase. That said, you do have a 120-day trial period, so you’re still covered even if you don’t like the feel of the mattress.


The pricing varies depending on the dimensions of the bed. Custom sizing is also available through the company’s customer service system. These are the standard prices for a Signature mattress:

  • Twin – $599
  • Twin XL – $649
  • Full – $799
  • Queen – $949
  • King – $1149
  • California King – $1149

Compared to many mattress companies, this is definitely affordable pricing. Mattresses made entirely from memory foam tend to cost upwards of $3,000. Brooklyn Bedding keeps the cost down by using memory foam only where it’s necessary, at the top contouring layers of the bed. Underneath, the springs make for less expensive manufacturing and better long-term structural support.

You’re also given a 120-day trial period for the mattress. If you use it for more than 30 days and don’t like it, you can return it with no questions asked.

Final Thoughts

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress is engineered with comfort and durability in mind. Particularly impressive is the use of TitaniumGel, which the company developed specifically for their mattresses. You won’t find this material in any other mattress on the market.

The three firmness choices allow people a greater degree of comfort, no matter how much support or sinkage they require for sleep. Also impressive is the duality of the construction, providing memory foam contouring without sacrificing the support in springs.

Overall, this is a simply-constructed mattress that’s affordable, long-lasting, and designed to suit your sleep needs. With the 120-day trial period and 10-year warranty, there’s no financial risk in your purchase. If you’re looking for a good night’s sleep on a mattress that will last more than 10 years, give this one a try.

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