Crazy Bulk offers a wide variety of products to help you bulk up and intensify muscle gains from your routine workout. While most of their products are individual supplements, the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack is a quadfecta of supplements that work together to get you results, and fast. This power combo of supplements includes the DecaDuro, D-Bal, TestoMax, and Trenorol. These four supplements focus on giving your body the ability to produce muscle mass quickly and efficiently, leading to those crazy gains and muscular physique in a matter of months. While stacking these supplements will help build muscle, it’s not a miracle treatment. You still have to work out, you still have to maintain a proper diet, and you have to put in the effort. The old saying ‘no pain, no gain’ still holds just as true here, even with these supplement stacks.

What’s a Stack?

Considering this review is about Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack, it might help to understand what exactly a ‘stack’ is. A stack is a combination of supplements that are designed to help with the muscle building process of intensive workouts. There’s no one true stack, and everyone tends to have their own personal preference on what they put in their stack based on what they’re trying to achieve. Someone looking to cut down on fat and tone muscle is probably going to have a very different stack than someone who’s looking to bulk up.

Building Muscle

The first step to building muscle is making sure your body has the nutrients it needs and working out regularly. Muscle forms when your body produces more myofibrils within muscle cells. This is triggered by the body repairing microtears in the myofibrils caused by repeated physical strain, most readily achieved by working out. Normally, your body processes and breaks down proteins into nitrogen and amino acids to build new proteins for repairing these myofibrils. Normally, the more microtears you make in your muscles, the more repair your body will undergo and the bigger your gains will be. This is assuming you have enough proteins and amino acids to rebuild your muscle. If you’re not supplying your body with enough nutrients for muscle repair to match the intensity of your workout, you’ll actually end up weakening your muscles instead. That’s where the bulking stack comes in.

Your body can also only absorb so much nutrients though, and over-consuming protein provides your body with more proteins than it can process leads to your body excreting perfectly good nitrogen and amino acids. Two supplements in this bulking stack specialize in helping your body retain more nitrogen and nutrients for muscle growth. DecaDuro and D-Bal are the stars of the show when it comes to nutrient retention, specifically designed to aid in the ‘building’ part of the muscle building process, by increasing the efficiency of the healing and repair process of your muscles.

Is The Bulking Stack for You?

With the basics of how muscle growth functions out of the way, you may be wondering if the Bulking Stack is for you. The Bulking Stack is specifically designed to do a number of things. By using the Bulking Stack, you’ll get the benefits of:

  • Getting massive muscle gains in a short period of time
  • Having a legal steroid alternative with all of the benefits, but none of the drawbacks
  • More strength and energy through your workouts
  • Get better results from your training sessions
  • Have better and shorter recovery times, allowing for more workout sessions

With that said, there are also some people who probably shouldn’t use the Bulking Stack:

  • People looking for prescription strength steroids aren’t going to find what they’re looking for in the Bulking Stack.
  • People just getting into body building or who are new to building should hold off on using the Bulking Stack. Learn the basics of exercise and diet routine, get into your workout groove and once you’re comfortable with a normal workout regiment, then start adding in the supplements.
  • People just looking for the easy way out, that miracle pill that’s magically going to give you six-pack abs and lats that would put Hercules to shame. Hate to break it to you, but that magic pill doesn’t exist. While the Bulking Stack helps accelerate the process, you still need to put in the work and keep to a nutritious diet.
  • People going through the cutting phase, or the process of cutting down fat and replacing it with muscle, shouldn’t use the Bulking Stack. While it’s not a bad product for them as a whole, a cutting stack better suits the goals they’re looking to achieve.
  • Anyone who fits the criteria listed on the health and safety warnings on the bottles. This includes pregnant or nursing women, individuals on heart medications, individuals with depressions, on anti-depressants, or who have kidney or liver disease. If you have any medical conditions or take any medications, always consult with your doctor before starting any kind of workout supplement program.

The Breakdown

Since there are four different supplements included in this bulking stack, there’s a lot of ground to cover in terms of how each one works and what they all do. While there is some overlap between them in terms of functionality, each supplement in the bulking stack targets a specific part of the muscle building process to help get those huge gains.


DecaDuro is a legal alternative to the steroid Deca Durabolin, and provides many of the same benefits. DecaDuro is a bit of an all around helper supplement, in that it lends a hand in all of the processes that go into muscle building. It helps with nitrogen retention to help with the building and repair process for muscle growth, while at the same time providing increased energy to get you through your workout and work harder. On top of all this, it has ingredients that help enhance nutrient retention. This last one’s the most important, because this means you’ll get even more out of following up with the rest of the stack. The best part about DecaDuro, and the rest of the stack, is that they’re made using all natural ingredients. DecaDuro includes natural ingredients such as:

  • Panax Ginseng to supply your muscles with plenty of oxygen, which helps in the cellular respiration process and ATP production for increased energy and longevity through your workout routine.
  • L-Arganine to help signal the production of more growth hormone to get more gains from your workouts.
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine for more endurance and fat burning.
  • Wild Yam Root to help with absorption and nutrient retention. This is what helps make the rest of your stack extra effective.

Testo Max:

Testo Max is an alternative to the steroid Sustanon. Testo Max, as you probably already guessed, plays a huge role in increasing testosterone production, helping bulk out those muscles. It not only helps you produce more testosterone, but helps your body utilize it more effectively. Here’s how it works:

  • D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) helps to naturally boost the production of growth hormone to help with muscle building and recovery from workouts.
  • Panax Ginseng and Tribulis Terrestris help provide oxygen to the muscles as well as increase testosterone production.
  • Fenugreek Extract is used to increase the bioavailability of your body’s testosterone. This means your body can use even more of that testosterone to build muscle and push you through your workout.


Trenorol is a replacement for Trenbolone and, just as it sounds, is another testosterone booster (sensing a theme here)? Tenorol has a number of natural ingredients to help testosterone production, as well as break down fats. These ingredients include:

  • Beta Sitosterol helps in naturally boosting the body’s testosterone levels.
  • Nettle Leaf Extract, much like Fenugreek, helps with the absorption and bioavailability of testosterone.
  • Pepsin is a naturally produced enzyme that helps in the breakdown of fats and the conversion of fats into proteins and muscle.


D-Bal is a natural alternative to Dianabol, which is chock full of helpful amino acids and testosterone boosters to give your body the building blocks in needs to quickly and effectively build more muscle for even better gains. Some of these superstar ingredients include:

  • Leucine is a powerful amino acid primarily used in the muscle building process. This goes straight into bulking out your muscles for intense gains.
  • Isoleucine is another great amino acid for building muscle. As its name suggests, it works incredibly well with Leucine, and while on their own are great for building bulk, combining them unleashes their true gains potential.
  • Tribulus Terrestris is a natural testosterone booster, which helps your body put more into forming lean muscle mass and getting nicely toned muscles.

If you’re interested in learning more about how the individual components of the Bulking Stack work together, the Crazy Bulk website has more information. We’re just scratching the surface on what these supplements are truly capable of. These four supplements are specifically chosen to focus on upping testosterone production and utilization, along with providing your body with the amino acids and nutrients it needs to build muscle fast, as well as ingredients that play off of each other to drastically improve the effectiveness of the bulking stack as a whole.

Are So Many Testosterone Boosters a Good Idea?

At first glance, this stack does seem super intense. With all of the supplements contributing to testosterone production in one way or another, it seems like there has to be some kind of horrible side effect from all that extra testosterone, right? It’s actually a lot simpler and safer than it might look.

With prescription strength steroids, the goal is to give your body a quick hormonal boost to help increase energy, kick start the body’s recovery system, and ramp up your body’s functions in the heat of the moment. In medical situations, this is useful for when your body is too weak to support itself, or to help counteract certain kinds of anemia. They’re also used to counteract issues where the body isn’t naturally producing enough testosterone normally and balance a hormonal system that’s already out of alignment. Giving these to a normal person will completely throw their hormone production into overdrive and cause a sudden imbalance. This is where all of those nasty side effects come from.

With the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack, and all of Crazy Bulk’s products for that matter, these supplements are designed to mimic the function of these anabolic steroids, but with a much more gradual impact. Since these supplements are taken orally, there is a time release component to them as the supplements break down in the digestive tract and get absorbed into the body, as opposed to being injected straight into the blood supply like anabolic steroids. The ingredients used are also meant to gradually build up testosterone production over time, rather than to shock the body’s testosterone production system into overdrive.

The gain results won’t be as quick as with anabolic steroids, but can be seen in as little as two months time, and the gains you will get will be just as noticeable. Two months of exercise is a small price to pay to avoid the nasty side effects that come with anabolic steroid use.

Sounds Great! Where Do I Sign?

For better or worse, Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack can only be purchased directly through Crazy Bulk’s website. The downside is you can’t hunt around and find the best deals on Crazy Bulk products, but it does ensure you’re getting your supplements right from the distributor, and are assured to get quality products. If you buy from online reseller sites like eBay, there’s no guarantee you won’t be getting a bunch of sugar pills.

Crazy Bulk offers shipping worldwide, which is great since these supplements can be a bit on the expensive side, but the quality is well worth it. Buying one set of the Bulking Stack retails for $229, but regularly goes on sale for $179. One stack will give you enough capsules to last about 4 weeks. Since results start to really show closer to the two month mark, you might be better off with the bulk buy deal. Ordering in bulk is a buy 2 get 1 free deal, giving you three months worth of product and a little over $300 in savings. On top of those savings, buying in bulk also gives you free shipping also.

How Do I Use It?

Taking the Bulking Stack comes down to more than just cramming a bunch of pills in your mouth right before your workout. Since these supplements all play different roles in your workout routine and function differently, you’ll be taking them at various times throughout the day and both before and after your workout routine.

  • Take one Testo Max each morning to keep up consistent testosterone production throughout the day.
  • Take DecaDuro and Tenerol about 45 minutes prior to working out to kick start your metabolism, as well as get the yam root into your system to help boost the effect of the rest of the stack.
  • Take D-Bal after your workout to kick your protein synthesis into high gear and help with the healing and repair process.

The exact doses of each along with more information on how to maximize your stacking and workout routine can be found in the handy free Bulking Guide that comes with the Bulking Stack. For the absolute best results, it’s best to use the Bulking Stack in 8-week cycles, taking about one and a half weeks off between cycles.

The Gateway to Epic Gains

The Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack is a great product for anyone serious about getting serious gains and building muscle quickly through hard work, exercise and proper diet. These natural steroid alternatives enhance the natural protein synthesis and repair functions of your body, leading to greater muscle growth and rapid expansion of muscle tissue with no real side effects. With worldwide shipping and great bulk deals in order to get enough Bulking Stack to get through a full cycle, it’s worth trying out so you can see the results for your self.

If you’re still on the fence, here’s a quick breakdown of all the pros and cons regarding the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack:


  • All natural
  • No side effects
  • Builds noticeable muscle gains in as little as two months
  • Completely legal alternative to anabolic steroids
  • Only available through Crazy Bulk, ensuring you get the highest quality product
  • Provides a boost in energy to get you through your workout
  • Helps shorten the recovery period between workouts and improves the rate of muscle repair
  • Comes with a free Bulking Guide to help optimize your stack and workout routine
  • Worldwide shipping


  • Not a miracle pill, some exercise required
  • Not as powerful as an anabolic steroid
  • Only available from the Crazy Bulk website.
  • Not a weight loss pill, if you’re looking to cut, try one of Crazy Bulk’s cutting stacks
  • Not for everyone, check with your doctor if you have any health conditions that may prevent you from using the Bulking Stack