When the real estate market’s bubble burst back in 2008, millions of families’ credit scores instantly plummeted. According to recent studies, even 10 years following that sudden decline of the housing market, millions of people’s credit scores still have not recovered. That is the bad news, but there is good news on the credit front. Thousands of families are seeing their credit scores climbing due to credit repair solutions now being offered in the market. In fact, one study in 2019 even showed that credit scores have increased in the past two years. Sadly, though, millions of scores still are lower than 650, showing that Americans are in need of credit repair solutions.

One of these credit repair solutions is called, ‘Credit Repair Magic,’ and we’re reviewing the program, its outcomes, and its testimonials for you today. Is it a scam? Will it help to raise your credit score? What’s involved in the program? Is the cost even worth the time and effort? We’ll address these questions and more, giving you solid research to decide whether Credit Repair Magic will help your credit situation.

About The Creator, Bruce Hurley

Bruce Hurley has been in the credit repair business for over 30 years. He reports that when he owned a real estate company he found it distressing that many good families could not purchase homes because of what he dubs ‘credit poverty’ – a situation in which poor credit causes good people to pay more for cars, credit cards, and even insurance, which of course is a vicious cycle that leads to more debt. He adds that raising your credit score by just 40 points can save you thousands per year and lift your quality of life significantly.

Seeing the negative impact of bad credit, Mr. Hurley started his own credit repair business in 1989 and became what he calls ‘the nationwide industry expert.’ He claims to have ‘tested every conceivable approach to credit repair, partnered with law firms, filed lawsuits, and even shown up in person to the offices of the credit bureaus’ in order to find legitimate methods of repairing credit. He calls credit repair the subject that has become his ‘passion.’ This passion, apparently, led to Mr. Hurley’s creation of Credit Repair Magic.

Inside The Credit Repair Magic program

Following are the main points we learned regarding what’s involved in Mr. Hurley’s patented system:

Credit bureau automated system workaround: Apparently after decades of research, hard work, and testing, Mr. Hurley designed this program to help others repair their credit in order to live a better life. He reports having ‘stumbled on a simple system that gets far better results than any other approach.’ In his short video, he explains that he discovered ‘e-OSCAR,’ which stands for ‘Online Solution for Complete and Accurate Reporting.’ This is the credit reporting agencies’ online automated system that creates and responds to consumer’s credit history disputes. He goes on to explain that this automated system scans disputes, initiates investigations with other computers, and this actually hurts your chances of receiving a positive outcome in your dispute because your dispute gets an automatic ‘frivolous’ label from e-OSCAR, harming your ability to raise your credit score. He implies that his system, Credit Repair Magic, solves this problem.

Less time and effort: This system is designed to take less of your time than any other approach out there. No other credit repair solution ‘works better or faster.’ In fact, Mr. Hurley says it’s ‘so easy a 9-year-old could do it.’

Low-tech: Mr. Hurley states if you are looking for a high-tech credit repair software, there are tons of them out there that you should try besides this one because his system is designed to be low-tech for a reason. He apparently found that high-tech solutions simply do not work as efficiently for credit repair as lower tech solutions do.

Easy to use software: Credit Repair Magic’s software system is considered a true ‘point-and-click’ system that’s simple to follow and works to permanently remove negative and erroneous items off your credit report.

Different from other systems like it: This system purports to be different because it shows you how to bypass the big three credit reporting agencies’ ‘e-OSCAR,’ which is the automated system they use to answer your disputes. The idea here is that it’s up to 40% more successful than going it alone or using other systems of its kind.

Expert advice: Not only do you get Mr. Hurley’s 30 years of experience in the credit repair industry, but you also get input from people he’s hired who used to work in the big three credit reporting agencies.

Reference guides and systems that take you through the process: Here are some of the specifics of this system that will help you to dispute erroneous items on your credit report and successfully get them removed:

  • Definite and easy-to-use shortcuts to success
  • Tracking system that helps you dispute items and sends you email reminders
  • Reference guide that provides answers to your most important credit report questions
  • Audio and video multimedia training resources
  • Poor credit eliminator that provides a simple method for repairing your credit score

Added bonuses: The bonuses included with this program include:

  • Lifetime access
  • Program is accessible from any device and from anywhere in the world
  • No extra charge for family members and even for designated friends
  • Automatic free upgrades for life

Pros and Cons

The pros

Online purchasing for instant access: Once you purchase the system, all you have to do is click and you have instant access to the program.

Expert advice: Mr. Hurley’s 30+ years of experience in the industry indeed make him an expert. With this system, you are not simply getting research someone did off the internet.

Low price compared to other like systems: Considering the other systems we’ve found, this system comes with a fairly low price that can fit into most budgets.

Money-back guarantee: With a full 60-day money-back guarantee of your entire purchase price, you have plenty of time to work this system to decide for yourself if it has the power to do what Mr. Hurley says it will. In other words, there is zero risk.

Step-by-step instructions that are helpful for beginners who do not know where to begin: If you see mistakes on your credit report, it’s vital that you dispute these and have them removed. However, this can be a difficult task, particularly if you do not know how to go about it. Credit Repair Magic was designed to show you a step-by-step method of disputing those errors.

Solid support and customer service: This system is better than some other systems we’ve found, and it’s definitely better than going it alone because it offers support when you need it. Credit Repair Magic offers to its users support for questions and concerns with either email or phone. You get answers back pretty quickly to your questions. Access to this kind of support is worth the price alone, particularly since you would have to not only do the initial research yourself, but you would then have to do double the research to find the answers to your questions as you go along.

The cons

Cost can be too high for some budgets: If you have poor credit, then you likely have some financial difficulties, which means the cost of this system still may be too high for you. Of course, the good news here is that, if it does not work, you can get your money back if it does not work for you so you’ve, essentially, risked nothing.

Other systems out there that cost less: There are some other systems out there that cost less than this program. However, if you are looking for advice from experts in the credit repair industry, many of those other systems may not cut it. It all depends on your specific needs and the time you have to put into disputing mistakes you find on your credit report.

For disputes only: This system is not designed to raise your credit score. It’s designed to help you dispute errors on your credit report. If you have poor credit, it will not show you how to raise your credit score; it will simply show you to dispute credit report mistakes.


Mr. Hurley provides testimonials from those who have used his credit repair program.

Kendra reports that the program really works, adding that her credit score jumped from 662 to 731 since starting Mr. Hurley’s program only a month earlier.

Eric states he loves the program because when he followed the instructions ‘to the tee,’ he successfully negotiated erroneous information not only on his own credit report but also on his wife’s.

Is it Guaranteed?

Credit Repair Magic is guaranteed, which is a great added bonus here because not all programs like this one come with a money-back guarantee. Mr. Hurley seems to have confidence in the program he’s developed because he states there’s zero risk in trying it. He gives you the opportunity to try it out for 60 days, adding that if you follow the program and it does not deliver on everything he says it will, all you need to do is send a message and 100% of your purchase will be refunded.

Our Conclusions

After researching Credit Repair Magic in-depth, we conclude that this program is beneficial for those who are looking to raise their credit score and who find erroneous information on their credit reports. It is advantageous because it is simple to use due to its point-and-click software. It can provide very useful information for those who find mistakes on their credit reports that must be disputed, but they do not know where to begin to do so. It’s also helpful because it can take far less time to have a program like this at your fingertips than simply going online and doing all the research yourself.

However, if you are looking for a method of raising your credit score but you haven’t found disputes on your credit report, this may not be the program for you. We will say, though, that this program is an eye-opener when it comes to learning about the three credit reporting agencies, understanding your credit report and your credit score, as well as comprehending the massive effect your credit score can have on your life in a society where credit is a vital tool.

Therefore, whether you are looking to dispute erroneous items on your credit score or not, this program can benefit you. It can benefit anyone who lives in a culture where having a good credit score is important.