Is James Gordon’s Destroy Depression system a scam? The eBook has received a great deal of hype. Gordon suffered from crippling depression for more than two decades. He wants to share his method for overcoming his debilitating condition with others. By getting to the root of the problem, and working on those issues, he found that his depression lifted.

Like many others suffering today, Gordon was working too much and wasn’t happy. He went through life with an outlook of gloom and doom. However, by working on the core issues behind these feelings of angst, he discovered he didn’t need medications or other costly techniques to find a cure.

There are more than 300 million people around the world that suffer from depression. The number continues to increase. Going back in time a few decades shows that there wasn’t even half as many people that struggled with this mental health issue. The typical age group for depression falls between 20-30 years of age, though it can strike at any given time. Gordon demonstrates how the fast-paced lifestyle that society has become accustomed too is destroying mental health.

Understanding the Symptoms of Depression

Gordon goes into detail about how horrific his illness became and why he needed to do something quickly. He would often struggle to get out of bed or dread seeing the sun come up in the morning. Though the symptoms of depression vary, most will experience the following:

  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Changes in Eating Habits
  • Exhaustion/Fatigue
  • Muscular Aches
  • Isolation
  • Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks
  • Agoraphobia
  • Mood Swings
  • Irritability
  • Avoids Activities Once Enjoyed
  • Changes in Bowel Habits

The level of depression each person faces varies greatly, and circumstances can make symptoms wax and wane. For some, it’s all they can do to get out of bed or keep up with basic hygiene. For others, they maintain their job and home but have a hard time doing much else. There are different degrees of depression, and Gordon gives examples of several different cases and how depression affects everyone differently.

The Destroy Depression Review Is Easy To Follow

Gordon’s plan lays out a step-by-step guide to help the reader fight their depression. The part that many people like is that his method doesn’t rely on the use of popular anti-depressant drugs, which are said to only work for one out of four people. Many find these medications to be ineffective as the body builds up resistance.

Doctors keep increasing the dose only to find that a person maxes out and needs to be switched to another medication. The vicious circle is a daunting process as it isn’t treating the core problem. He attempts to give an alternative solution that doesn’t cost any money, and there is no Guinea pig type, drug trials either.

Product Overview

The Destroy Depression system is comprised of a set of four e-books. There are also two video courses. The first book is an introduction to the program. Gordon found himself using various mental health drugs to try to combat the problems associated with his depression. He spent countless hours in therapy and a great deal of money. No matter what therapy or medication used took, he still couldn’t shake the depressive state.

Tired of the limited options available to him, Gordon began doing research. He wanted to fight his depression naturally. He didn’t want to waste another decade of his life living with depression. He documents the procedures he implemented and the results he received with the specific treatment plan.

The first book has seven chapters, and It examines each step necessary to cure depression. Though Gordan doesn’t give any medical advice, he shows the methods that worked for him. It’s interesting to note that some of the underlying reasons that people suffer from depression include things like sleeping disorders and a constant state of anxiety. The book is easy to follow and gives short, simple steps that anyone can implement immediately.

Utilizing the CBT Workbooks and Other Tools

The CBT workbooks are helpful to demonstrate how intermingled thoughts and actions are cohesive. He goes into depth regarding perception. By altering the way a person perceives something, it can have a positive impact on one’s emotional state. He executes this topic well and puts it into terms the reader understands. His use of examples gives concrete evidence to the effectiveness of his methods.

The books are full of pictures, explanations of the methods, affirmations of their success, and a call to action. Lastly, this section gives many tips and tricks that helped him get through this difficult time. If a reader has any doubts about the program or its effectiveness, then Gordon does a great job easing those worries in the first book.

Using the Mediterranean Diet to Combat Depression

There are many diet plans out there that make big claims. The low carb eating plan, which is extremely popular, proves to have some impact on mental clarity. Gordon studied and implemented the use of the Mediterranean Diet as he wanted to use nature to heal his issues. By becoming physically healthy, he found it had a significant impact on his psyche.

During his studies, he found interesting correlations between diet and depression. Countries around the globe that rely on fresh fruits and vegetables, and don’t consume processed junk foods, have incredibly lower rates of depression. By limiting things like carbohydrates, fat, and reducing calories, it has an overwhelming effect on the brain. He mentions that in Japan, refrigerators are stocked with fresh produce rather than junk food. The plant-based diet gives this region an incredibly low depression rate.

America’s rate of depressed people is high. One in eight people suffers, which equates to over 14 million citizens. Japan has the lowest rate of depression as well as the Scandinavian countries. Afghanistan ranks the highest for depression, but here, one must examine terrorism rather than a diet. The language in this book is simple and easy to follow. It’s written on a level that a high schooler could understand.

The Goal-Setting Workshop

Up until this point, the series is rather elaborative and explained very well. However, he saved the best for last as the final writings prove to be the most thought-provoking. Gordon goes into detail about how procrastination has become the enemy of most. In the rat-race called life, many people learn to procrastinate to protect their sanity.

He focuses on the need to keep a healthy balance and not take on more than what one can handle. The center of focus should be on happiness rather than monetary gain. The fact that the American people strive for wealth more than contentment overwhelms the brain and puts life out of balance.

Gordon focuses on the fact that happiness is both internal and external. By searching for contentment, depression is suddenly put on the back burner as one has a new focus. Stimulating specific regions of the brain make it easier to combat depression. Since he does update this eBook on occasion, the subscriber gets the benefit of free updates for life, which is another bonus as his research continues.

Who Is James Gordon?

James Gordon is an activist that speaks out on the ability to heal depression without the need for medications or expensive therapies. He is based out of the United Kingdom, and he has a cultic following thanks to his tried and true methods. Though he is based in the UK, he has expanded his work to help those around the globe. People are more apt to listen to someone who has walked this journey and demonstrates methods that helped him to overcome.

Gordon’s battles with depression began at the young age of 14. It wasn’t until he got fed up with new-fangled methods that he decided to hit the books and do some research. At 34 years of age, he had enough. He was tired of the side effects of the medications and struggling only to find that he was no better than before. He didn’t want to put a band-aid on the problem any longer. Instead, he tried to cure the reason for the depression and then work towards rebuilding a life of happiness. He found that in 12 short weeks, his years of struggling came to an end. Best of all, it didn’t cost him a dime.

The Pros to The Program

One thing that was rather interesting about the program was the in-depth testimonials included. They give readers hope about the methods used in the book. Gordon goes way beyond the basic chemical imbalance notion that medical science relies on. He discusses how depression fuels itself inside the body. The illness can become bigger and greater based on circumstances and consumption.

He urges people to look at all the external factors that are contributing to the depressive state. Through the worksheets and guides, he tells people to plan their life. Setting goals is a simple task that can ease the mind and show visual proof of accomplishments. Changing one’s outlook can change everything.

Many people will like the fact that this approach isn’t going to cost them thousands of dollars in supplements or therapies that may or may not work. It’s an all-natural method that seems to work when incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. The steps given are easy enough that they can be implemented into anyone’s life without issue. Happiness is the beginning of healing. By trading sorrow for joy, it’s easy to find contentment.

Another benefit of the program is that it doesn’t cost much. There are no premade meals to buy, no supplemental herbs, and nothing that is going to go beyond the expense of reading the book. Gordon even offers a money-back guarantee to those who don’t achieve their desired results in a certain amount of time.

The Cons of the Program

One thing that readers need to keep in mind is that everyone is different. What works for one person may or may not work for another. While there’s no information given that will hurt anyone, it may not be as apt to fix depression the same as it did for Gordon. While there are some great reviews included, it’s nearly impossible to get accurate data on the overall effectiveness of the program.

Like the saying it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks, it’s going to be difficult for people to change their mindset and their daily routine. The methods prescribed in this book take a person that is willing to entirely overall their way of thinking. Those who lack willpower may find that they have a hard time with tips and tricks. Also, if someone is suffering from severe clinical depression, then medical intervention is still necessary. These methods may help, but they should be used in addition to medical advice and not instead of.


Overall the Destroy Depression Review attempts to take its readers on a journey to explore other options outside of Western Medicine. The methods have been tested and researched heavily, and there has been clinical testing conducted too. It’s an alternative that is affordable and safe to try.

Readers can follow Gordon’s 20 years of suffering and relate to his problems. Additionally, giving a cash back offer allows people to try the book without any risk of losing money. It’s worth reading, and while it may not improve depression, the methods demonstrated are useful and not harmful to anyone.