Are you fed up with the rising cost of electricity bills in your home? If you have kids or irresponsible housemates, you probably know the frustration of having the lights mindlessly left on at night. It seems that with each passing billing cycle, your electricity bills just seem to keep going up.

Now, many of you have probably tried to address this issue by looking into solar panels or wind turbines for your home – ultimately, you were likely discouraged. These options are both incredibly pricey and can take over twenty years to fully pay themselves off through saved electricity costs. Just a few small panels for a mid sized home can cost over twenty thousand dollars!

Author and self-made electricity guru Jeff Davis claims that he’s built his own solar panel system completely from scratch, purely by using cheap components available at any hardware store. Though it can seem too good to be true, many have found success by checking out Jeff’s claims for themselves.

If you’re considering a home energy system that slashes your monthly bills, you might have many questions about this product: what comes included with the home energy system? What do reviewers say? And, most importantly, does it actually work?

Who is Jeff Davis?

Not much is known about Jeff Davis, who is the author of the DIY Home Energy System that claims to immediately and drastically cut down on your monthly electricity bill simply by implementing an at-home remedy.

Jeff claims to have been a Solar and Wind Power expert who has installed power systems in over one hundred homes over the course of his career. It was then that he got to thinking: what was so special about the solar panels that they had to cost in excess of thousands of dollars? Was there anything that scheming energy companies were hiding from the average consumer that could ultimately be helpful?

Over the course of two years, Jeff got increasingly more interested in this issue. After tinkering in his garage, he ultimately discovered an energy system that was cheap, easy to construct, and immediately effective to cut down on costs.

After seeing the system be continuously successful over the course of a few months, Jeff decided he couldn’t just keep it secret. Soon enough, he decided to write the DIY Home Energy System guidebook in order to share his insights with electricity users all over the world.

Over the course of five years, Jeff has saved more than ten thousand dollars purely on lost energy bill costs.

What is the DIY Home Energy System?

To put it simply, the DIY Home Energy System consists of an online set of e-books, DVDs, and written guides that can help even the least mechanically minded individual craft their own energy system at home. The entire kit features highly detailed yet simple to follow instructions, pictures, and tutorials to make crafting the solar energy system for your home easier than ever.

Through following Jeff’s step by step guide, it’s estimated that you can slash your monthly power bill by over 75 percent in less than thirty days. By the end of the day after you build the system, you can produce completely off-grid power from your own home. In Jeff’s own words – “this system represents a simple new way to escape the power monopoly, no longer will you have to rely on the fickle will of greedy energy companies”.

More specifically, the whole DIY Energy System guide contains:

  • Full video course with over three hours of high definition footage:Each clip shows you exactly how to build the power system, the science behind how the system works, and how to get your own panels up and running from start to finish
  • Fully illustrated and clearly written guidebook that acts as a companion piece to the video content
  • List of necessary materials that can be found in any local hardware store, scrap bin, or friends’ garage

Jeff states that, now, over 42,000 people have bought his guide and implemented their own at-home energy systems.

Does the DIY Home Energy System Work?

According to hundreds of reviewers online, Jeff’s DIY Home Energy System is effective, easy to build, and can slash digits off of the monthly power bill. Many have walked away feeling very satisfied with the results of their day’s worth of labor.

Skeptics often believe that Jeff’s claims are too good to be true; after all, if it were that easy to “get off the energy grid”, wouldn’t most people have done it already? Wouldn’t local businesses have capitalized on their ability to completely undercut the market share of huge energy companies by making much cheaper solar panels?

However, what these skeptics often don’t realize is that solar panels have a high price tag at nearly every seller. Since big businesses sell their panels at a high price, local vendors do as well. Middlemen in business ramp up the price tag of ultimately cheaply produced and bulk-ordered hardware that can be found inexpensively on its own. According to many reviewers, the truth is that energy companies simply don’t want you to know how cheap it is to actually make solar panels – or that they can even be made at home!

Jeff has clarified why current business has obfuscated the average customer’s ability to slash their electricity bills. Reviewers state that the guidebooks, items list, and tutorial videos have explained all of the inexpensive materials needed to made DIY solar panels.

Once your solar panel is fully operational, it runs on the tried and true scientific research that backs even the most highly priced panels in the business. To put it simply, a solar panel allows photons (particles of light) to knock electrons free from atoms, which ultimately generates the flow of electricity. Even homemade panels can reliably cause this process to occur – there is nothing special about the industry level panels that can’t be adapted for home creation.

What are the Positive Aspects of Jeff’s DIY Home Energy System?

Ultimately, the biggest positive aspect of Jeff’s system is that – according to reviewers – it works. There’s not much more to be said than that. However, here’s a full list of reasons why you should consider chipping into Jeff’s particular DIY power system:

  • Sixty day money back guarantee means that, if it doesn’t work out for you, you can return the guidebook and tutorial videos with no questions asked and no hassle – what inspires more customer confidence than that?
  • Slash your electricity bill by over 75 percent in the first thirty days by implementing the energy system
  • Not only a power generating system – the guidebook shows you how to store energy that can be used for power outages, rainy days, and overcast winters to avoid ramping up power costs
  • Guilt-free energy source: this power system is completely environmentally friendly and powered by the sun
  • Based on some of the most recent and robustly tested scientific research around energy production in the past fifteen years
  • If you act fast, you could get the DIY Wind Turbine program, Solar, Wind, and Battery Bank Sizing calculator for building the most effective system possible
  • Lifetime customer service and support through email
  • Energy security for you and your family, even in the event of community power crises
  • Nearly complete energy independence from corporate entities

Are there Any Downsides to the DIY Energy System?

According to most reviewers, there are very few downsides to the DIY Home Energy System purchase. The price is cheap and easily justifiable since it ultimately allows you to save hundreds, and potentially thousands, on lost monthly energy bill costs.

However, there are a few important drawbacks that are worthwhile for every interested customer to consider before chipping in to Jeff’s series of videos and guidebooks.

  • The guidebook, kit, and videos are only offered online, meaning that no physical product is actually sent to the customer
  • The product doesn’t come with any of the physical materials or hardware that are necessary to actually build the DIY Home Energy System, which is a disappointment to many
  • Some customers state that the video tutorials were confusing to follow and had to be repeatedly paused in order to actually understand the instructions

Most reviewers state that there are very few drawbacks that impact the quality of the product or the outcome of implementing its simple, easy to follow advice. If you encounter any problems with the kit, guidebook, or materials, it’s encouraged that you reach out to the support email in order to get the best advice on the issue.

Ultimately, if you find you are unsatisfied, you can always cash in the sixty day money back guarantee. Jeff recommends that you first source your materials from scrap yards and make sure to save receipts for any purchases, just in case you change your mind about implementing the DIY Home Energy solar panels.

What do Reviews Say?

Overall, the reviews for the DIY Home Energy System are incredibly positive, enthusiastic, and grateful towards the insights they were able to apply to get the best energy savings possible.

One man, Howard, was over the age of forty with a wife and twin girls when he decided he wanted the cut down his costs dramatically. He was constantly frustrated when lights were left on and electronics plugged in, resulting in tens of dollars every month that were lost in needless waste. Of course, it’s hard to train young children about the importance of conservation.

Rather than wasting any more emotional energy on his bills, Howard decided to buy into the system one day after a coworker mentioned they were able to slash their costs down by over fifty percent. In under one afternoon, Howard was able to construct the system, which immediately started working to save him money. When the next electricity bill appeared in his mail, he was shocked to see that there was an over seventy percent reduction in costs.

Howard shared his shifts in green energy around the neighborhood and has gone on to teach others how to construct the simple-to-build system for their homes. Many are grateful towards him for showing them the power of shifting to green energy. Instead of spending over 20,000 on solar panels, he claims he spent somewhere around one hundred dollars to build the system that competes with industry level technology.

The Verdict: is it worth it?

If you are constantly concerned about monthly costs, have a large home, or boast a big family, the DIY Home Energy System might bring you significant savings that will finally give you peace of mind.

Those who like tinkering with homemade projects, and who have an intuitive understanding of tools, will find crafting the home energy system easy and fun. Even if this isn’t you, many find it more than worth it to go through the trouble of constructing the homemade energy panels.