As a pet owner, you want the very best for your dog in all areas of your pet’s life. You want your dog to live a long, healthy, and happy life. Feeding your dog high quality dog food can improve the length and quality of your pet’s life. The best way to ensure dog food is healthy and meeting your dog’s needs is to make the food at home. Andrew Lewis’ “Dog Food Secrets” (available as a downloadable book) provides accurate information about concerns with dog food and provides recipes for you to make your pet healthy treats! We spend lots of time and energy on our dogs (from vet visits, to doggy daycare, to treats and toys), but often neglect their diet – a key part of their overall well-being and health. This book can change that and help you assist your dog in living his best life!

About Dog Food Secrets

Dog Food Secrets is an instantly downloadable book available to you now. It is just under 100 pages and costs under $60 – it is worth every penny. The book is a comprehensive educational review about the concerns with dog food available for purchase on the market today; highlighting key health concerns with commercial dog foods. Dog Food Secrets provides information about how to make dog food at home; it a cookbook for your pet. It supports the recipes with background information about why these ingredients and cooking at home support the health of your pet. Nutritional expert Andrew Lewis gathered the information found in this book along with the support and assistance of veterinarians and dog experts around the world. He provides information about general pet health and the impact of different vitamins and deficiencies on your pet. The information is trustworthy and helpful to pet owners, whether you are raising your first puppy or are a seasoned dog parent. Everyone has something to learn when reading Dog Food Secrets.

What will I find inside Dog Food Secrets?

Dog Food Secrets is a dog recipe book. It belongs in your kitchen next to “Joy of Cooking” and other cooking classics. Dog Food Secrets includes recipes for meat dished and vegetable dishes your pet can eat for breakfast and dinner, along with recipes for biscuits to use for snacks and training, and other special treats (like cakes to celebrate your dog’s birthday). The book focus on six major dietary (and/or food) components and highlights why different types of vegetables and beef are important for your pet, how vitamins support pet health, and how processed commercial dog food is not meeting the needs for most pets. Recipes include ingredients such as flour, water, oatmeal, mashed sweet potatoes, peanut butter, molasses, honey, and fresh meat. There is a focus on quality meat (freshly cooked chicken, turkey, a beef) for your pet, and highlights the health of these fresh ingredients. The recipes vary in their key ingredients and how they are prepared. Some are quick and easy, while others will require a bit more skill! While you should never swap out ingredients (the recipes are specially made to include multiple vitamins and elements), you can try many until you find the right ingredients and recipes for your dog! There are enough recipes that you can provide a varied diet for your pet – or, if your pet struggles with changing food, you can pick one or two staples and prepare them regularly for your pet. These recipes do not include the added preservatives or chemicals found in the commercial processed and packaged foods.

Importantly, Dog Food Secrets also includes a “don’t feed to pets” list. This list includes several common foods that you may love and have all over your home, but are toxic, deadly, or dangerous to our pets. While we want to cook from our kitchen and use the same foods, some things are best left in the fridge or on the shelf! Make sure to read this before you start cooking at home – it could be harmful to accidentally throw one of these ingredients into the book’s recipes.

Why should I consider homemade dog food?

Recent news and health reports showed that some commercial dog food brands include chemicals used to euthanize pets. Can you believe people feed their pet the same chemical that veterinarians use to kill pets?! You might be one of those people feeding your pet a harmful diet and not even know! Even without this concern, most commercial dog foods contain at least six deadly chemicals that have been banned from human food! We are feeding our pets things that are unsafe for our consumption, and should also be unsafe for theirs.

Low quality dog food can result in many problems for your pet including skin irritation, upset stomach, allergies, and other irritable symptoms. These result in veterinarian bills and prescription medications! Poor diet is a root cause of many health issues for pets – Dog Food Secrets will help you ensure you are providing your pet with high quality food and nutrition. With the proper diet, your dog’s life span could drastically increase. You could save money on vet bills and prescriptions. Most importantly, you and your pet may be happier and healthier, spending more time doing the activities you love (like running, hiking, walking, and playing) together. Homemade dog food may be a game changer for you and your pet!

What if homemade dog food isn’t for me?

Making fresh homemade dog food can be a big commitment. Depending on where you live and your dog’s current diet, it may also be more expensive to make dog food at home (fresh meat and vegetables may be hard to find and expensive) – picking up a commercial brand is sometimes fast, easy, and cheap. The book “Dog Food Secrets” provides strategies to help with cost concerns, including buying ingredients in bulk, making food in larger portions and then freezing it. All these tips help pet owner’s save both time and money. Without freezing, homemade dog food is expected to last about one week in the refrigerator. While you may be spending increased funds on dog food compared to your prior budget, you could save up to $10,000 in other health-related pet costs (like dog dental bills, veterinarian visits, and prescription medication). Spending in this area can save in the long term!

But, don’t feel defeated if you can’t find the time or finances to make dog food, Andrew Lewis has additional books. The Gold package is available and includes a book that outlines the nine best, healthy dog food brands available. These best commercial dog foods use natural ingredients and appropriate balances (balancing grains, proteins, and fats) to keep your dog healthy. This book is 40 pages, and it alone valued at $150. The Gold package also includes other books that have additional information about dog training, dog treats, and dog health. Read Andrew Lewis’ other books to supplement your knowledge of dog food, dog health, and dog diets. Currently on sale for $27, the Gold Package is a great deal!

Why should I get and read this book?

A positive change to your dog’s diet can result in a multitude of positive changes for your dog throughout all areas of his or her life. These include lengthening your dog’s life, improving the glow in your dog’s skin and dog’s coat, improving the health of your dog’s teeth, and freshening your pet’s breath. These wins for your dog are also wins for you! We all want a better smelling, softer, smoother haired, and cuddly pet with increased energy for fun. Making dog food at home means you will not have to store large amounts of canned and dried food in your home and can use the same pots, pans, and ingredients that you use for your own food! This book will give you many ideas, tips, and tricks that you can use in your home to help support your pet’s health!

Learning more about how to make healthy dog food can change how your interact with your pet in a great and positive way. This book, Dog Food Secrets, provides tricks and tips that will help you with your dog and assist you in taking the first steps toward making dog food at home and supporting your dog’s long-term health and happiness. Rather than relying on the information the salesperson at your local store shares, focusing on the quality information in this book can help you support your pet’s overall health. Whether you choose to make dog food, blend homemade dog food with a healthy commercial brand, or just to supplement a high quality commercial dog food with homemade health treats, this book will help you take the first step in your new journey with your dog!

If you read “Dog Food Secrets” and want to learn more, the Gold Package will provide even more knowledge and support. The Gold Package includes eleven books (three newly published). The Gold Package is full of additional recipes, information and about commercial dog food and more (in fact, includes recipes for making dog shampoo and soap at home and strategies for supporting dogs with special needs). The books in this set include helpful tips for reading commercial dog food labels and overall information about canine nutrition. The Gold Package will help you have a happy and healthy dog!