DreamCloud is a leading mattress manufacturer, one that aims to provide customers with a luxury experience at an affordable price. Currently, they’re offering a one-year trial to customers who purchase a new Luxury Hybrid Mattress. Should you become dissatisfied with the mattress’s performance at any time throughout the trial period, it can be returned for a full refund, cost of shipping included. Their Everlong Warranty goes even further to ensure a lifetime’s worth of customer satisfaction.

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While some manufacturers offer a range of products, the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid is the company’s only offering. Customers might initially balk at the lack of options; however, the team behind this unique combination of memory foam and traditional spring mattresses believes in the importance of doing one thing well.

According to the DreamCloud team, each mattress is constructed by experts, using the finest available materials to provide a sound and satisfying night’s sleep. The company understands that a restful night depends upon a reliably comfortable mattress, and strives to deliver the best possible experience. In this review, you’ll become more familiar with the construct and benefits of the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid, and can therefore determine whether this particular mattress is right for you.

Construction And Materials

DreamCloud uses an astonishing eight different layers in their mattress. Old styles of beds had a single layer, usually coils, that forced your body to conform to the mattress instead of the other way around. The result? You woke up with pain in your pressure points and lower back.

Memory foam tried to correct this, but old styles conformed to your body too much, creating that dreaded sinking feeling. Other types of softer mattresses only worsened the problem by causing your spine to overextend.

DreamCloud’s layers both conform to and support your body.

  • The first two layers are memory foam, one gel infused and one quilted. The gel infused layer helps wick heat and moisture away from your body, so it doesn’t build up as you sleep. The quilted layer is soft but still responsive, so you have less of that dead foam feel.
  • The next two layers are denser support foam. These begin to push back against your body once your widest parts reach those surfaces. Your shoulders and hips sink further into the mattress, but your torso stays filled in. They also help transition you to the final support layer.
  • Micro coils form the basis of the mattress. They’re individually pocketed, so you’ve got less motion transfer, but the bed has excellent structural integrity and support. The final layer is another layer of dense support foam for overall structure and edge support.
  • The cover materials are a soft cashmere blend with a natural flame retardant made from thistle. It’s breathable and allows airflow directly to your body without feeling stiff. It stretches well with the contouring layers, so you get full advantage.

While memory foam mattresses–and even hybrids–are nothing new, the double-tufted cashmere topper sets this model apart. Of course, the top would be nothing to boast about if the overall construct was lacking, but the other seven layers possess the same attention to detail, from the customized compression system to the layers of body-hugging memory foam.

The DreamCloud has been certified free of harmful gases and chemicals by Certi-Pure, as well as several other ratings groups. It’s also free of formaldehyde, heavy metals, and PBDE flame retardants, and it isn’t harmful to the ozone.

Firmness And Sinkage

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress is rated at about a seven on a ten point firmness scale. That’s decidedly in the medium-firm range, so back and stomach sleepers should feel fully supported without any pressure to the upper shoulders or lower back.

Side sleepers still get a lot of contouring though with the ultra soft top layers. The bed feels a little softer, but overall, it’s on the firm side. You won’t see much compression as you lay down.  Some memory foam mattresses can cause you to sink too low, which makes it difficult to get in and out of the bed. Because this is a hybrid, containing layers of both springs and foam, there’s less sinkage (also known as “hug) than in comparable memory-foam only brands. How low you go depends on the firmness of the mattress’s top layers, which means that the DreamCloud falls toward the upper end of the spectrum.

During tests, it was revealed that a 100-pound weight resulted in a little more than 5 inches of sinkage, after which the support of the bottom layers could be felt. While most testers find that this provides the right combination of comfort and pressure, it should be noted that if you prefer to “float” on top of the mattress, this is probably not the ideal choice for you.

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Edge Support

Edge support is critical if you plan to use every part of the mattress for sleeping (hello, couples). Mattresses with poor edge support have more compression towards the ends and sides of the mattress than the middle. This has you fighting over the sweet spot towards the center of the mattress.

This is indeed an issue with some memory foam mattresses, as the lack of a spring component can cause sagging at the edges. DreamCloud, however, does have a micro-coil system, comprised of many tiny springs that help you to feel just as secure on the edge of the mattress as you would in the middle. This is especially important if you’re sharing the bed with a partner, as you’re more likely to be using the entire surface of the mattress.

Micro-coils and three different layers of dense foam give the mattress its structure. The coils cause it to feel more like a traditional mattress in that sense, but you don’t lose any of the contouring of memory foam either. Overall, well done.

Motion Isolation

If you sleep with a partner, this is the most important factor to consider when shopping for a mattress. It becomes even more crucial if you and your partner have different sleeping habits, particularly if one of you goes to bed or rises much earlier than the other. When a mattress has good motion isolation, it’s much more difficult to detect motion on other areas of the bed–in other words, you won’t feel the other person moving around or getting out of bed.

DreamCloud uses individually pocketed coils to dampen the effects of motion throughout the mattress. If your partner tosses and turns constant throughout the night, this will be good news. The most obvious culprit of motion transfer is coils, but DreamCloud wraps them individually, so you have the support but not the constant jiggle of traditional coils.

The foam layers below and two dense foams on top further dampen any motion from reaching the surface. The premium-quality, contouring layers on top reduce that jiggle down even further, so you have a still surface to sleep.

An extra benefit of motion isolation is that if one partner is significantly heavier than the other, the bed prevents that extreme dip that causes you to roll towards each other all night. Instead, the surface of the bed remains mostly flat for both parties.


You’ve likely experienced off-gassing before, even if you’ve never heard the term. It refers to any industrial odors that linger on an appliance or piece of furniture after it’s unloaded, similar to that “new car” smell. When it comes to mattresses, the phenomenon can be particularly bothersome, as most people don’t want to breathe strong odors when they’re trying to fall asleep.

Fortunately, the high quality materials keep the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid from giving off unpleasant smells, although a slight scent may be detected immediately after opening. This is because the fresh foams have to be vacuum-packed for delivery, and not because any harmful chemicals were used. If you do notice an odor, keep the room well-ventilated until you notice an improvement. Understand that while the smell might be off-putting, it isn’t harmful and should dissipate within a few days.

Cooling Effects

The cover materials are a cashmere blend but don’t think of your winter sweaters. It’s breathable, quality material that circulates air flow from the foam layers of the mattress to your body. The flame retardant properties are natural thistle derivatives, so there are no synthetic materials there to cut down on breathability.

The top layers of foams are premium quality, open-cell foams. The gel infused top layer quickly redistributes heat away from the body, returning the top layer to the ambient temperature of the room. The quilted layer has pockets that allow air to move throughout.

The dense foams and the coils both have pockets of air flow, with the coil layer the most breathable of all. This prevents heat from building up in the core of the core of the mattress and reflecting back to your body throughout the night. If you found traditional memory foam way too hot, DreamCloud might be a better solution for you.

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Sleep Positions And Support

DreamCloud is a combination support mattress. It’s suitable for a variety of sleep needs and preferences. If you and your partner have different sleep preferences, DreamCloud is a good compromise without giving up too many critical factors.

The degree of firmness that you’ll require in a mattress is largely dependent upon your usual sleeping position. In general, there are three: stomach, back, and side. While there are a few variations–for example, some side sleepers curl into the fetal position, while others remain straight as a log–the basics provide sufficient information for determining how firm your mattress should be.

If you usually sleep on your back, you’ll need a medium-to-firm mattress, as this position can cause stress on the lower part of the spine. If it’s too firm, however, it won’t provide the cushioning you need to fall into a restful sleep. Most back sleepers prefer a degree of firmness that falls at about 6 or 7 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 the firmest.

If you’re a stomach sleeper, first of all, be aware that many professionals warn against this, as it can strain both the neck and the lower back. The issue of neck strain can be alleviated by using a very thin pillow (or even no pillow at all), but if you can’t get comfortable on your back or side, then a firmer mattress is the way to go. A sleeping surface with too much give will cause you to sink in awkward places, creating undue stress on the muscles as you sleep.

If you’re a side sleeper, you’ll want a softer mattress–about a 3-6 on the 1-to-10 scale. A firmer model will probably not compress enough to provide enough comfort for sleeping. Memory foam mattresses are generally a good choice for side sleepers, as the material conforms to the body’s natural shape.

So, what degree of firmness does DreamCloud provide? It’s billed as “medium firm,” which makes it most suitable for back and stomach sleepers. During tests, it was revealed that the stomach sleepers experienced the least sinkage (see below for more details on this phenomenon). This may or may not be an issue, depending on your preference, but it’s something to consider.

However, even if you prefer to sleep on your side, this mattress might be worth a try on account of the many layers of memory foam included in its construction. “Combination” sleepers–those who are comfortable in more than one position–should be satisfied with the DreamCloud as well.

Heavier People

DreamCloud does a pretty good job of accounting for heavier than average people. Some mattresses show too much compression for the mattress to be supportive. Other mattresses have too much give in the contouring layers, reducing their effectiveness and making the mattress feel firmer than its rating.

DreamCloud doesn’t have an official weight rating, but we’re pretty confident recommending the mattress to those who may be above average size. The coil layer provides a lot of stability and the foam transition layers reduce the amount your body interacts with that coil layer. You’ll still feel the mattress at the firmness rating of the average sleeper.

If you’re part of a couple where one partner is significantly heavier than the other, this is also good news. The mattress won’t create as much of a dip underneath the heavier partner, so you won’t roll towards each other in the middle of the night. The surface stays firm for both. The smaller mattress sizes may not perform quite as well here simply because of lack of space, but a queen or above, you should be fine.


It takes between two and five business days for your mattress to ship to you once you place your order. They’re made and delivered from the USA, so you aren’t waiting for delivery from overseas.

You have two different options for delivery. For regular delivery, the mattress is compressed and shipped right to your door. You open the box and tear away the plastic (don’t cut) from the mattress to allow it to reinflate. Your bed should be ready in just a few hours.

This type is convenient because you don’t spend all day waiting for the delivery truck. If you can’t schedule your day around delivery, your mattress will be waiting on your doorstep. The downside is that no one will help you get the mattress into place.

The other option is white glove delivery. A delivery person brings your mattress during a particular window. He or she will help you set up your new mattress and haul away your old one if you’ve opted for that. It makes the transition smooth and effortless. The downside is that you have to carve out a significant amount of time during your day to wait for your mattress to arrive.

Trial Period And Returns

DreamCloud gives you an astonishing 365 days to try out your mattress. You have to have time for your body to adjust to a new mattress and to allow old aches to fade. With DreamCloud, you have a full year to track your sleep patterns and improvement before you have to decide if the mattress is the right one.

You should spend at least 30 nights on your new mattress to allow it to break in a little and offer maximum comfort. If you decide that you don’t like the mattress, DreamCloud will remove the mattress from your home with no charge to you. Their customer service is straightforward and gets things done quickly.


DreamCloud also has one of the best warranties around. During the first ten years, Dream Cloud will replace a defective mattress for free with no cost to you in fees or shipping. After ten years, they will decide if they should replace it altogether or repair and recover it.

Make sure your mattress is adequately supported so that you don’t void this warranty. Improperly supported mattresses cause more substantial dips and sinkage, and this will void any replacement eligibility.

DreamCloud also offers a mattress cleaning and refreshing any time during the first year of its life for free. After that, you are eligible for one more free cleaning during the lifetime of the mattress.

This policy should keep your mattress cleaner over its life and more like a newer mattress even after a few years of sleeping on it. It’s an excellent policy to keep the mattress more like new. It’s an unusual policy that you probably didn’t know you needed but will transform the experience for you.

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Are you ready for this? If you spent any time in showrooms, you probably have sticker-shock. Retail markups are a significant part of mattress prices, especially luxury style mattresses

DreamCloud sells directly to the consumer, so the markup is significantly less. They own their factories and distribution centers, so you get a premium quality mattress for considerably less.

The cost to upgrade your old mattress to a DreamCloud queen is just under $1400 typically. The company has a financing option that you can apply for directly through their website and check out as usual.

Adding white glove delivery and removal adds $149 to your total. Shipping itself is free, and taxes are applied based on your state sales tax.

Who’s Right and Wrong for the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid

You Will Love DreamCloud If:

  • you need a combination support mattress as part of a couple. If your sleep needs are vastly different from each other, this may solve that issue well.
  • you like innerspring responsiveness and the contouring of memory foam. You don’t have to sacrifice either for this mattress.
  • you want a luxury style mattress without a showroom. Eight layers of premium materials give the DreamCloud a hotel quality feel for a fraction of the regular showroom price.
  • you need good motion isolation. If you or your partner are restless sleepers, you won’t disturb each other nearly as much. Also, the mattress discourages frequent position changing in the first place.
  • you want time to decide. DreamCloud’s year-long trial period gives you plenty of time to accurately track sleep improvements and changes in any existing pain or pressure points.
  • you think you might need to have your mattress thoroughly cleaned in the future. DreamCloud builds that into your warranty so halfway through the life of your bed, you can have it refreshed.
  • You’re either a back or stomach sleeper, or a combination of the two

You May Not Love DreamCloud If:

  • you prefer the feel of an all foam mattress. This one does have a bit more response than a traditional memory foam mattress.
  • you prefer a genuinely soft mattress. Although DreamCloud’s European style top design should give many soft-mattress lovers the type of contouring they love, it’s still not going to register as ultra soft.
  • You’re small in stature (the 15-inch height can be prohibitive, especially when used on a frame or other foundation)
  • you prefer to try a mattress out in a store first. DreamCloud does offer a very generous trial period if you think it might be the mattress for you, but you won’t be able to walk in and test it out in the store before you purchase.

If you’ve suffered from allergic reactions to wool in the past, you’re likely wondering about the cashmere mattress topper. The truth is, reactions to wool are caused by sensitivity to lanolin, an oil that gets washed out of most wool fibers for use in hand creams and lotions. The wool itself is naturally hypoallergenic, and any reactions to lanolin are skin-related only, not respiratory. As the topper will be covered with a sheet or other fabric, this shouldn’t be a worrisome issue.

Individuals with latex allergies or sensitivities might also be concerned about the fourth layer of this mattress, which is constructed of natural latex. The good news? Direct skin contact is usually necessary to trigger a reaction, and you won’t come into contact with the latex in the DreamCloud unless you decide to cut it open. That said, it’s a good idea to talk with your doctor before making a purchase, just in case.

Our Thoughts

DreamCloud has only one mattress, but they’ve poured everything they’ve got into this model. Its uniquely layered construct offers an inviting sleeping surface, with a stronger-than-average underlay for additional support. The level of firmness and pressure relief that it provides makes it an excellent fit for both stomach and back sleepers, and may even be soft enough for side and combination sleepers, depending on what degree of sinkage they’re comfortable with.

Couples who shift and toss a lot throughout the night will appreciate the superb motion isolation, as well as the strong edge support that will allow both partners to spread out. As there are no dangerous chemicals applied to the materials, the risk of off-gassing is low to nonexistent. And since DreamCloud offers a full refund to customers who are dissatisfied, there’s little to lose in giving them a try.

Overall, we think DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress is an excellent alternative to the hassle of buying a mattress in-store and paying retail markups. As they’re currently offering both a lifetime warranty and a year-long trial period, there can be no question that the team behind the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid has complete faith in their product. They’ve also done their part to remain competitive in the brisk, tumultuous landscape of online retail sales.

Now that you’ve learned a little bit more about the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress, you can make an informed decision about whether this particular brand is the right one for you. Remember that when it comes to choosing a mattress, there’s no right or wrong answer–it all comes down to personal factors such as sleeping habits, body shape, and individual preference. Only you can decide whether the DreamCloud can shape itself to fit your needs. So best of luck, and may you have sweet dreams!

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