How To Fix A Car Battery Without A Trip To The Mechanic

As every automobile owner will tell you, experiencing a car battery failure can be every automobile owner’s worst nightmare. Replacing a car battery is expensive, cumbersome, and just a nuisance all around. However, households around the world are more dependent than ever on electronics, and similar problems can arise when battery failure ensues in a cell phone, a laptop, or even just a plain old AA Energizer. Many of these devices are designed to run on non-reusable batteries, which presents a problem for the user.

In addition, the increase for demand for electronics is pushing new battery prices up, further motivating gadget owners to invest in fixing old batteries rather than buying new ones every time they experience a battery failure. Not only is battery reconditioning economical, understanding how to revive old batteries can save a lot of time and pointless hassle.

In Tom Ericson’s latest eBook, “The EZ Battery Reconditioning Program”, he promises a simple method to recondition a wide variety of commonly used battery types. Specifically written for non-technical users who don’t have any previous experience with electronics, the program is provided as a PDF Guidebook and divided into 21 chapters. Each section is written in a step-by-step manner with detailed illustrations, including instructions for:

Reconditioning Your Car Batteries In Under 60 Minutes

— Often known as a “lead-acid” battery, the typical car battery can be subject to internal corrosion if not properly maintained, causing wear and tear over time and eventually leading to the inevitable replacement. In addition, extreme temperatures tend to wreak havoc on the car battery’s ability to do its job properly, and the problem persists in both hold and cold climates alike.

Reviving The Lithium-Ion Batteries In Your Smartphone

— This battery powers smartphones all around the world, and people have become increasingly dependent upon its proper functioning. Lithium-ion batteries, however, are used for a lot more than just smartphones. If you are currently using a laptop, a digital camera, or other common portable electronics, the odds are that you’re dependent on Lithium-Ion batteries. In fact, Lithium-Ion batteries are even used in e-cigarettes.

Reconditioning The Solar Batteries Which Power Electric Golf Cars

Reconditioning The Nickel-Hydride Batteries Which Power Modern Electric Vehicles

Many of the hybrid electric vehicles being sold today are actually running on nickel-hydride batteries. In fact, nickel-hydride batteries were used for the Toyota Prius, the Honda Insight, and even the Toyota Rav4 EV. As electric vehicles continue gaining favor, these batteries have become increasingly important throughout the world.

An Inside Look At The Program

For a price point below $50, the book provides comprehensive methods for not only reconditioning the main battery types listed above, but also for reconditioning everything from general alkaline batteries, to marine batteries, and other types of rechargeable batteries.

The guided, step-by-step eBook/PDF format makes the information simple for users to digest and strives to keep information overload to a minimum. Since every battery type needs its own specific way of being reconditioned, Tom provides detailed schematics and pictorial representations for each of the instructions in the program.

The main body of the PDF begins with a basic explanation of the science behind batteries. Specifically, Tom delves into a bit of the science behind how batteries are able to produce convert chemical energy into electrical energy and produce the proper voltage to power electronic devices.

After a bit of basic background on batteries has been covered, the book beings delving into specific battery types and how to recondition each of them without having to hire help.

Even though the main subject of the program is battery reconditioning, the main book and the free bonuses contain interesting sections on related topics, such as:

  • Battery Testing
  • Properly Utilizing A Multi-Meter To Verify Your Reconditioning Method Has Worked
  • Buying Other People’s Older Batteries To Recondition And Then Re-Sell Them

Perhaps the most unique part of the package is section on how to use the EZ Battery Reconditioning Program to make a profit. Far from being merely a way to recondition old batteries for yourself, Tom makes the claim that the program’s user can utilize these methods to buy other people’s de-conditioned batteries for cheap and then re-sell the working versions.

This section is included as separate from the main book and is the main subject of a free bonus aptly named “The Battery Business Guide”, The Battery Business Guide is included with all standard purchases of the main product, and is actually one of two bonuses that are centered around developing a resale business by reconditioning batteries.

In keeping with the idea that a collection of old batteries can actually be acquired for cheap and turned in to profit through reconditioning and resale, the program’s second free bonus is an explicit guide for increasing the life of the reconditioned batteries.

Overall, the instructions contained in the main book are pretty easy to follow, and it’s very clear that Tom has gone out of his way to make everything very understandable with no technical background required. The diagrams are pretty clear and concise, with detailed illustrations to act as step-by-step instructions for each method.

Being a digital product, the program is also:

  • Mobile and Tablet Compatible
  • Continuously Updated With New Content And Formats
  • Lifetime Support
  • 60-Day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

In addition, the premise of the program is certainly eco-friendly.

Every year, the number of dead batteries that are simply trashed is astronomical. Reconditioning batteries helps the entire planet avoid needless waste, and if every person were to make the effort to recondition their batteries instead of simply purchasing new ones every time they ran out, the Earth would be better off for it.

However, even though Tom has made every effort possible to make his methods accessible to the widest range of users, the program may not be for everybody.

For example:

Program users will need to employ strict safety precautions. Even with simple, clear instructions, electricity can be dangerous if proper procedures are not strictly followed.

People who are attempting to recondition lead-acid batteries and batteries which contain volatile materials have additional safety precautions to consider. These risks may prove to be too much for some.

People who work multiple jobs, busy raising a family, or otherwise managing multiple commitments may not have the proper amount of time required to read all of the instructions. Given the possible safety risks involved, the program does involve the commitment to have strict discipline in setting aside the time to follow the instructions to the letter.

Some people simply find themselves unable to get comfortable working hands-on with electronics and technology, even if it does save some money and time.

As a purely digital product, there is no paper-based version available. Therefore, users will need to either physically print out all of the documents (which can be a bit of a hassle) or they will need to have a tablet or smartphone nearby at all times so they are able to consult the diagrams. However, if the whole purpose of buying the program was to recondition a smartphone battery, this may defeat the purpose of buying the program in the first place.

Even though the eBook/PDF of the main program is quite detailed, the program does not contain any video. Many people find it easier to learn from watching live demonstrations as opposed to reading a text, and some may be disappointed that video is missing from the program.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Whether Or Not It Works

Not surprisingly, the website for the program features several raving testimonials from users who claim to have successfully reconditioned batteries of all types. In general, the demographics of users who have reported success with the program are quite wide. Specifically, both men and women of all ages have claimed to have a positive experience, with one woman claiming to have saved $400 in addition to fixing her battery.

Even though the main eBook/PDF is detailed with a lot of diagrams, users also report being able to do things like reconditioning a car battery in under 30 minutes. For under $50, several people who have purchased the program seem satisfied with their experience.

Testimonials commonly state that no matter which type of battery needed reconditioning, the process was usually finished in under an hour. Car batteries and larger solar batteries were reported to take the longest, with average times between 40 and 50 minutes to achieve reconditioning and further reuse.

In general, users seem to agree on the following points:

  • The reconditioning techniques provided can be achieved in under 60 minutes.
  • Smaller batteries will likely take less time to recondition than larger batteries, although results may vary.
  • Even though the EZ Battery Reconditioning Program was designed with safety in mind, some of the techniques demand strict safety precautions that people will need to be disciplined in following.

The program not only offers practical advice for home use, but the bonuses include sound advice on how to turn a profit by reconditioning other people’s batteries.

Important Closing Thoughts

At first glance, the claims made by Tom Ericson’s EZ Battery Reconditioning Program may sound too good to be true. Even though many people who purchased the program were initially skeptical that the methods for reconditioning old batteries would really work, the program does not seem to be a scam in the least.

At only $47 for total access, the course is certainly affordable and feedback has generally been positive. The course is centered around a series of simple, easy-to-follow schematic diagrams, and the author has gone out of his way to make sure that no previous knowledge of electronics is necessary from the advice given in the book.

The 21 chapters provided in the main PDF are specifically designed to take a person from never having reconditioned a battery before to being able to actually do this as a business, and that’s a pretty ambitious goal. So long as the reader is motivated, however, they will probably be in good hands with this guide.

For people with absolute experience, however, the main book may take a bit of time to read, but it’s important to keep in mind that the methods inside do promise to save time and money.

Fortunately, the generous 60-day risk-free money-back guarantee means that somebody can always try the program and change their mind if the EZ Battery Reconditioning Program isn’t quite what they were looking for.

With battery usage increasing as smartphones continue to proliferate, the subject of the book is both timely and practical.

People who face harsh winters should be able to gain practical use from the sections on repairing car batteries, and likewise for those who have cars in tropical climates with blistering hot summers.

The section on reconditioning Lithium-Ion batteries makes the program universally useful, as this can be used for reconditioning cell phone batteries and helping to troubleshoot a variety of consumer electronics, like digital cameras and more.

Even though the material may have a bit of a learning curve and some people may prefer to consume video content over reading PDF, there seems to be something for every in The EZ Battery Reconditioning Guide.