Gary Watson is the author of Fat Burning Fingerprint. He completed his Kinesiology B.S. and Performance Nutrition correlate in 1992 while attending the University of Illinois. He has completed graduate courses in physical education, exercise and aging. He became a personal trainer for the Chicago East Bank Club in November of 1992. He first discovered his training system in January of 1995.

Gary Watson’s system consists of weight loss, lifestyle changes, conditioning the body, strengthening and conditioning the muscles, proper nutrition, sports endurance, burning fat and weight management. He combined all of his knowledge and experience to write Fat Burning Fingerprints.

The Contents Within Fat Burning Fingerprint

Fat Burning Fingerprint is essentially a nutritional guide for losing weight. The program provides easy to understand step by step instructions. The author created the program using a completely natural foundation to help you achieve your weight loss goals in the shortest length of time possible. The basis of the entire plan is fruits capable of flushing out fats.

There are routine exercises necessary for the program. These one-hour exercise sessions must be performed a minimum of once each week. According to the author, the main purpose of the program is to establish sensible eating and exercise routines. The book will teach you how to eat meals containing direct starches and high protein while decreasing the number of calories and fats to satisfy cravings.

Fat Burning Fingerprint contains 94 pages. The book teaches you about your body and how much weight you should lose. This is accomplished using different metabolic types. The book will enable you to figure out which type applies. This is how you will determine the best diet for your specific needs in addition to your best possible figure and shape.

Gary Watson has included a mini eBook and fast track guide with the package. This is where the seven super hormones are explained. This will enable you to burn fat much faster provided you used the included diet program and exercise a little. This gives you the opportunity to have the best shape possible and the perfect body. You should not experience any difficulty following along because the instructions are clear.

The Specifics of the Program

Your first step is self-assessment. This involves completing the questionnaire provided in the book. This consists of questions about the way you feel after consuming specific foods and your typical cravings. Once you have had a chance to observe the way your body is affected by eating certain foods, the author recommends completing the questionnaire again.

You will be shown how to determine which type of oxidizer you are. This will enable you to figure out what type of food you should be eating. You will either be a mixed metabolic type, a protein type or a carbo type. A good example is what you should be eating if you are a carbo type. Your diet would include approximately sixty percent carbohydrates.

If you are a protein type, your carbohydrates will be decreased to thirty percent. This shows the tremendous difference between the types of oxidizers. Fat Burning Fingerprint is about a lot more than what you are eating. When you eat is just as important. Once you have determined your metabolic type, you will know the ratio and types of food you should be eating in addition to when you should be eating.

The author explains the importance of a daily window. This shows you when to start eating and when to stop. If you consume anything outside of this window, it must be liquids with no calories such as coffee, tea or water. The guide is incredibly important because it involves an intriguing study showing when you choose to eat is critical for successfully sculpting a new body.

According to studies, eating too frequently can be harmful to your health. Participants not paying any attention to when they were eating developed a condition called a metabolic glitch. This can result in liver damage. If you are serious about improving or maintaining your health, eating during your window is critical. The book does not require you to follow a rigid eating plan.

You will not have to schedule your food consumption minute by minute. You will simply be following the general guidelines for your metabolic type. The author does provide a sample plan for eating for a period of one week to ensure you understand the correct way to plan your meals. As soon as you have purchased Fat Burning Fingerprint, you will immediately be able to download the eBook.

The package contains both the main eBook and supplementary materials. The main manual describes the diet strategies, self-assessment and research in detail. You will receive further help from the supplementary guides. The package includes the following three supplemental guides.

  • Seven Super Hormones for Burning Fat: This guide teaches you how to reactivate specific hormones to speed up your metabolism.
  • The Three Foods You Must Avoid: You will most likely be surprised by these foods because they are considered healthy by most individuals. You will begin with the three-Week Fast Track Guide.
  • Seven Super Fat Burning Hormones: This guide will show you how to reactive the right hormones that provide younger individuals with a fast metabolism.

What Fat Burning Fingerprint Includes

You receive a lot of information once you purchase Fat Burning Fingerprint. Everything was created to help you achieve the body of your dreams by losing weight and burning off all of the excess fat. You will receive the following guides.

The Main Manual for the Fat Burning Fingerprint: This easy step by step guide is the heart of the program. You will have all of the information you require to meet your weight loss goals. The program teaches you the types of foods you should be eating before going to bed. You will also learn about the green fruits that are essential for your diet.

Fat Melting Meals: The author created this guide specifically to help you eliminate the toxic waste you have in your body. This will accelerate your process of melting fat. You will be taught which herbs and spices you should be adding to all of your favorite foods to increase your energy levels and decrease your production of fat.

The Follow Along Sequences for Three-Minute Belly Flattening: This is a three-minute exercise program you will be following in the morning. This will effectively target the fat on your abdomen. Only a short length of time is necessary to achieve optimal results. This program will additionally teach you the correct breathing techniques to use while exercising to decrease your risk of injury or pain.

The Benefits of the Program

One of the biggest advantages to Fat Burning Fingerprint is the diet you will be following is customized for your metabolism. Once you have completed the quiz, you will learn which type of body you have. This is very different than diets using one-size-fits-all methods. The different metabolisms are broken down into three categories by the author.

The first category is called slow-oxidative dominant. If you have this type of metabolism, you body will burn a limited amount of calories within a short timeframe. Your thyroid and adrenal activities are low. This can cause you to feel depressed or lethargic. This type of metabolism will crave carbohydrates and sugar for your energy production.

The second type is the medium dominant. This is a combination of slow and fast oxidative. The last category is fast oxidative dominant. If you have this metabolism, you are burning a lot of calories in a short timeframe. Even if you consume a lot of food, it is difficult for you to gain weight. You are more likely to be stressed due to more stress hormones. This can cause diabetes and belly fat. You crave fatty foods.

Once you have figured out which metabolism you have, you will be provided with login credentials. This will enable you to download the guides. The content of the guides is informative and helpful. You will receive a unique strategy for burning fat that is appropriate for anyone interested in improving their physical condition. You will also receive:

  • The Fast Track Guide
  • The Bermuda Triangle of Foods
  • Seven Super Fat Burning Hormones
  • The Three-Minute Morning Routine

The meals you will be eating were created to burn fat. These foods will also provide your body with the correct nutrients required for your metabolism. You will be shown how to activate and cleanse your liver by eating fat burning fruits. You do not need to wait for approval to begin the program. You can begin losing weight and losing fat as soon as you have downloaded your purchase.

According to the author, the day after you have begun using the program you will feel better and experience an immediate change. This program is appropriate for both women and men. The author guarantees that following Fat Burning Fingerprint will provide you with maximum results. This is an excellent program if you have a busy schedule. Since you can follow the program out of your home, you will not need to visit a gym.

You only have to spend three minutes on the morning routine each day. This makes following the program quick and easy since it will not interrupt your daily routine. The instructions in the program are simple, clear and very easy to follow. You will not have to spend an exorbitant amount of money to lose weight because Gary Watson has made his program affordable.

You will not have to follow a specific diet or purchase expensive exercise equipment. Everything you need to change your life and understand the best possible way to achieve the body you want is included in Fat Burning Fingerprint. If you are not satisfied with your results or the program you have a sixty-day money-back guarantee. You will find helpful information on every page with absolutely no filler.

The program enables you to determine your metabolic type. This is the basis for your eating plan. You will learn the importance of your eating time window. There is also a special recipe for tea you will enjoy that will help you lose fat. The recipe includes apple cider vinegar. You will not need to do any strenuous exercises or starve yourself. You will improve both your health and your physique.

The Final Decree

Fat Burning Fingerprint is an excellent program for losing weight. The guide works especially well for individuals over forty because their metabolism is extremely slow. The author’s method is proof you can lose weight and improve your health without doing anything extreme, harmful or dangerous. The program is easy to follow, safe and effective. If you follow the guide, you have a good chance of reaching your goals.

Even if you are not interested in achieving a perfect body or a six-pack, the program will teach you how to live a healthier lifestyle. Following the guide will help decrease your risk for chronic fatigue, heart disease and diabetes. You can reduce or eliminate any pain you feel when you get up in the morning due to your bones and muscles. The bottom line is the author is offering you an effective program.