Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling are the authors of The Fat Burning Kitchen. Mike Geary has received his certification as a nutrition expert and a personal trainer. He wrote the book The Truth about Six Pack Abs which became a best seller. In excess of 700,000 copies were purchased all over the world in 160 countries. Mike Geary has written more than 500 nutrition and fitness articles.

Catherine Ebeling is a registered nurse with a physical therapy background. She has over twelve years of experience in fitness. She developed numerous food allergies by the time she was twenty. She also suffers from a serious autoimmune disease. This triggered her to begin researching nutrition, natural alternatives for traditional medicine and diet. Her research efforts continued for thirty years.

A Look at the Contents of the Book

The Fat Burning Kitchen is essentially a guide to teach you how to transform the way you eat. You will learn which foods in your diet are the most dangerous and the best foods to replace them with. The replacements are generally foods with the potential to burn a lot of fat along with healthy vegetables and fruits. The information provided for correctly evaluating the nutritional levels of your foods is excellent.

The authors remove a lot of confusion about what you should or should not be eating to remain healthy and enable your body to burn fat. The Fat Burning Kitchen takes an extra step with a discussion of the scientific facts pertaining to many of the most popular foods being consumed on a daily basis. The authors reveal the potential harm these foods can cause.

Unfortunately, the bulk of these foods are being eaten by people interested in living a healthier lifestyle. One of the most shocking facts revealed by the authors is the medical link between consuming whole wheat with different types of diabetes and Alzheimer’s. This is simply the tip of the proverbial iceberg. A lot of the information in this eBook is not common knowledge.

Reading the book will enable you to learn about the numerous steps you can use to quickly and permanently get rid of your fat. You will be shown how to trigger the fat eradicating hormones within your body. This can repair your digestive system and increase your metabolism. Everything in this book will help you live a much healthier and longer life.

A Basic Guide to The Fat Burning Kitchen

The book will teach you how to change your eating routine. You are encouraged to decrease the amount of fat you consume while improving your digestion. The Fat Burning Kitchen teaches you the reality of good nutrition. This strategy was developed by Mike Geary. The program teaches you to appreciate restored hormones, joints and skin for a healthy and lively body.

You will additionally be learning how to decrease your muscle to fat ratio, enhance your levels of vitality and reduce your waistline. You will be encouraged to choose foods containing solid nutrition. The authors provide the assistance you will need to change the way you are eating for a healthier body. You will be given the ability to slow down the maturing of your body to look and feel five to ten years younger.

You will finally understand the nourishment available at your local market. You may be surprised at what the food in your kitchen contains. Once you learn about nourishment traps, you will be able to decrease your fat intake. The main purpose of the book is to help you change the way you are controlling your weight. The book helps you eliminate dangerous and unsafe foods. These will be replaced with vegetables.

All of the data regarding the fat content and nutritious value of food is analyzed by the authors to provide you with a wholesome diet. This will help you make the right choices for your diet.

What You Will Learn by Reading The Fat Burning Kitchen

The program created by the authors is a step-by-step process for achieving a healthier and leaner body in addition to feeling and looking younger. Each chapter fully covers the details of a different topic. The book starts with the introduction of a principle to help you achieve better results by forgetting about counting calories. You will learn new methods for permanently decreasing your cravings for certain foods.

Another section of the book reveals facts about polyunsaturated fats. These facts have always been kept a secret. The authors provide full disclosure regarding the protein bars that will make you gain more weight. You will learn about specific candy bars that are beneficial for your body and your overall health. You will be taught about the role saturated fat has in your diet and why it is so important.

You will learn why your body needs cholesterol in your regular diet. One of the biggest surprises in The Fat Burning Kitchen is revealed early in the book. This information explains everything you should be aware of concerning wheat. The authors will show you why wheat causes more harm than good. You will learn how your consumption of wheat may be the reason you have been unable to lose weight.

The authors discuss the real reasons why both homogenized and skim milk should be completely eliminated from your diet. The book reveals some extremely interesting facts about tilapia, salmon, oolong tea and green tea you may not be aware of. The additional facts include why you are not losing weight while consuming veggie burgers and soy products and how energy drinks increase the aging process.

You may be surprised to learn there is only one healthy alternative for sweeteners. Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling share their research concerning healthy fats found in animal products. These fats will help your body to burn fat, make your body stronger and leaner and build additional muscle. The authors reveal why the push to eat egg whites for numerous years is actually a big mistake.

One of the most exciting facts revealed in The Fat Burning Review is chocolate can be a contributing factor for improving your blood pressure while assisting you with your specific cravings. The book is so much more than just a diet program because it is filled with interesting facts. The authors explain the logic behind paying attention to the foods you are consuming as opposed to simply counting calories.

The only reason numerous individuals want to lose weight is to have a physically appealing body. The actual importance of maintaining your correct weight is not superficial. Gaining weight and belly fat are both harmful to your overall health. This will result in your aging faster than you should, has been linked to numerous serious illnesses and can cause a decline in both the quality and span of your life.

The book is exceptional in the way the authors explain the results of food being processed. The key argument is despite the large quantities of processed food being sold, the digestive system of the human body was designed to process unprocessed food. This is the reason you should avoid any foods marked low fat, high protein, etc. All of these foods were processed and should be eliminated from your diet.

The authors are both experts in the nutrition and health care fields. All of their information has been combined in The Fat Burning Kitchen. The result is a book offering excellent advice, recommendations and a thorough information list. The main benefit of the book is showing you how to achieve a leaner and healthier body by avoiding foods with artificial sweeteners or containing the wrong type of fats.

The Information Packed Modules

The eBook contains three key modules. The first module is the main manual consisting of 121 pages. This is where you will find the most current data regarding weight loss. The module will teach you techniques to help you stop counting calories. The authors believe this is an extremely bad habit. You will also be shown the best ways to suppress your appetite as opposed to letting it control your food consumption.

Shortly after you begin reading this module, amazing facts pertaining to whole grain bread are revealed by the authors. Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling then proceed to discuss the reasons why the facts you have learned about whole bread, wheat and crackers and not the truth. You will most likely be surprised when you learn consuming soya milk, tofu and vegetable burgers can increase your belly fat.

The reason The Fat Burning Kitchen is an interesting read is all the consistent updates to help you consume a diet for optimum nutrition. The steps you need to take to eat the right types of food are also revealed. This is how your body will be transformed into a machine that burns fat. All you need to do to be successful is to follow the steps provided by the authors.

The second module consists of six videos. These will show you the different ways your body can burn fats. Isabel De Los Rios is the popular nutritionist responsible for creating these videos. You will be given tips on remaining healthy without having to spend a lot of money. The videos also delve into the labels you will see on junk foods. This enables the manufacturers to marks these products as healthy.

The videos will help you to understand the advertising and marketing practices businesses hide behind to lie to the consumers. The videos are extremely helpful for teaching you how to eat much healthier food through the use of insightful tips. The third module is one of the bonuses you will receive with the program. This module is an advanced program for burning fat meant for advanced users.

You will learn how to decrease your body fat in as few as 23 days from 10.2 to 6.9 percent. You will learn about the best ways for timing your meals. This module also contains a workout plan showing the maximum amount of proteins and fats you should be consuming. You will be shown exercises you can perform to help keep your fat level at 6.9 percent.

Both authors show you details for the foods they consume, their carbohydrates and their fat ratios. You will learn how to optimize your fat-burning by working out at the right time. The module teaches you advanced techniques for losing fat and achieving lean muscles in a short period of time.

The Final Look

If you are truly interested in reaching your personal fitness goals, The Fat Burning Kitchen will provide you with the help you need to succeed. Once you have read the book, you will have all of the information you need. The key is being committed to your goals.

The authors explain which foods are preventing you from losing weight and may cause you to become ill. If you are serious about establishing and maintaining your correct weight, you will need to make a drastic change in your diet. It will not take long for you to realize this is the best guide for fitness you will be able to find.