Todd Kuslikis is an expert at injury prevention, a fitness trainer and the author of Feel Good Knees. He attended Western Michigan University where he studied human physiology, personal training and nursing prior to earning his Master’s degree. He has spent the last decade specializing in Western and Eastern holistic practices believed to be able to speed up the natural healing processes of the body.

The Idea Behind the Program

One of the most common issues experienced by adults is having pain in the knees. This issue impacts approximately ten percent of individuals all over the world. Knee pain is not only painful, but it is also extremely frustrating. Unfortunately, almost everyone will experience pain in their joints and knees at some point in their life. If you are experiencing knee pain or losing your independence, there is a solution.

This is especially true if you are suffering from chronic knee pain you are afraid may eventually lead to a wheelchair. Your solution may be a remarkable program called Feel Good Knees. The program will teach you a method to solve the issues you are suffering from due to your knee pain once and for all. You will be taught how to release the pain you are currently experiencing in your knees.

One of the best benefits is you will only need to use this method for five minutes each day. You will be taught how to improve your stamina level, minimize your knee pain and decrease your inflammation. The author will explain how to perform isometric exercises for effectively removing your knee pain. When you are suffering from pain in your knee joints or recovering from knee surgery, nothing else seems to matter.

As you continue to follow the Feel Good Knees program, you will be able to control your health issues by eliminating your knee pain. The methods revealed in the book do not require you to purchase any equipment to be comfortable. You will begin to feel younger and a lot better.

The Basic Contents of Feel Good Knees

This system is an online program. Todd Kuslikis has combined his regime with a ritual that has been around for more than a thousand years. This will enable you to decrease your knee pain by approximately 58 percent. You will follow the program for a period of six weeks. You can accomplish everything in the comfort of your home with nothing more than yourself and the Feel Good Knees program.

You will not have to purchase any expensive equipment. All you will require is a comfortable area for stretching out your knee. The system will teach you exactly how to perform the exercises. There are three levels in the six-week program. These are:

  • Level One: The pain eliminator stage lasts for two weeks.
  • Level Two: The knee rejuvenation stage lasts for two weeks.
  • Level Three: The knee rejuvenation stage lasts for three weeks.

The key to the Feel Good Knees program is the companion guide. This is because the program is more for rehabilitation than for working out your knee. As you move up through the three levels, you will be working your knee using a different therapeutic approach. Each level will build the foundation for a new level. You must not begin with the third level or you can cause a lot more damage than healing.

It is extremely important you begin with level one while following all of the directions provided for each level. Your purchase also includes a couple of nice bonuses created to use along with the main program. This will help improve your overall health and assist you in faster healing. The bonuses are the postural alignment guide and the proprioceptive one-minute workout finishers.

You will not have to wait to use the complete program because everything is online. You will receive a link as soon as you have made your purchase to enable you to download the content. The process is extremely simple because all you have to do is click your mouse a few times and you will be ready to begin. The best part is since the program will be on your tablet, computer or smartphone, you can use it anywhere.

You will be able to view the movements for the program from anywhere just by accessing the program. You can accomplish this in any room in your home. If after using the program you decide you would rather manage your pain using medications instead of naturally, you have a money-back guarantee for sixty days. There is an excellent chance you will no longer want to take medications once you have tried the program.

The Stages of Feel Good Knees

You will be following the three different levels for a period of six weeks. Each level is defined below.

Level One: The pain eliminator stage. This level is focused on the steps you will need to take to help alleviate your knee pain immediately. The author will teach you a variety of exercises to help strengthen the ligaments and muscles around your knee. These exercises will not push you too far because Todd Kuslikis understands you are still healing during this stage.

There is a detailed description provided for each movement. This will explain exactly what you need to do. You can also look at the videos and photos you will find in the video library. Feel Good Knees provides you with numerous different exercises during this stage. This includes:

  • The standing pidgeon involves a slight back-bend.
  • The seated pillow squeezers involves placing a pillow between your knees.
  • Reach the sky is a big upwards stretch.

Level Two: The knee rejuvenation stage. By the time you reach the second level, your knees should feel stronger and a little bit better. This is when your exercises will become more complicated. These exercises have been created just for individuals in your age group. These exercises include:

  • Seated towel presses involve pressing down your knee into a towel you have rolled up.
  • Laying pillow squeezers involves placing a pillow between your knees and squeezing.
  • Seated leg raisers are when you lift your legs upwards then downwards.

Level Three: The knee renewal stage. Your knees should feel really good by the time you get to this stage. This is when your movements will increase a little in pace. These exercises include:

  • The wall sit is when you are actually sitting against a wall.
  • The reverse lunge involves placing your weight onto one foot then switching.
  • The wall sit with towel squeeze places you against a wall with a pillow between your knees. You will need to squeeze the pillow.

The exercises in this level probably seem impossible right now due to the pain you have been experiencing. Rest assured, by the time you complete the first two levels you will be able to perform all of these exercises.

The Individual Guides

Feel Good Knees provides you with a completely natural method that has been scientifically proven. The gentle exercises provided will help you battle the cause of your pain. Chronic joint pain has three possible causes. The first is cellular inflammation. This is the number one cause of joint pain for individuals 45 and above. The second cause is cartilage deterioration.

The number one cause of cartilage breakdown is instability. This is why this condition is often referred to as loose joints due to the injury and daily breakdown of the cartilage. The third cause is postural misalignment. The smallest possible misalignment in your knees adds between seventy and ninety percent more stress to your joint. This can lead to harmful conditions including osteoarthritis.

If you have excess weight on your body, the problem can become worse. The program shows you how to perform scientifically proven isometric exercises to ease your pain while targeting all three of the causes. The program is easy and requires just five minutes each day. The method has been clinically proven to relieve inflammation pain better than anti-inflammatory drugs.

You will be treating the cause of your pain as opposed to masking your symptoms with medications. Once you have effectively treated the root of your pain, you will have increased mobility. This offers even more benefits such as weight loss. You will receive a lot once you purchase Feel Good Knees. This includes:

The Five Minute Feel Good Method: Just like the name of this program, only five minutes are necessary to complete the exercises. The exercises are easy, fast and offer a lot of pain relief within a short time period. As you begin working your way through the program, your knee pain will decrease. Your joints will become healthy and strengthen.

The isometric exercises are simple yet enable the regrowth of healthy cartilage in your knees. In spite of what numerous individuals believe, there are two studies that have proven your cartilage can repair, regrow and heal. The exercises additionally enable your body to increase the amount of fluid in your joints. The extra lubrication will decrease your pain even further.

The exercises will decrease the amount of inflammation while increasing your mobility. The strength in your muscles around your knee will improve. This will make you more stable because your kneecap will begin to realign.

The Companion Guide: This is a visual guide showing you the correct way to perform all of the exercises. The guide includes both pictorial and text descriptions to show you the right way to perform the exercises in the five-minute routine. You can also take advantage of the modifications of the exercises provided if your knee pain is extremely severe.

The Pain Reduction Tracker: This is an excellent feature for tracking the decrease in your pain level. The tracker makes certain you remain on track. There is also a visual reminder so you do not forget to complete the short exercises every day.

The Video Library: This was included by the author because he understands the best instruction guide enables you to see the exercises actually being performed. The library not only offers you videos but you will also learn how the exercises should feel.

Minute Rejuvenation Finishers: These are extras lasting one minute each. You can add these once you finish your routine or at any point during the day when you have a moment. This will increase the speed of your recovery.

The Postural Alignment Guide: This is a video tutorial that will teach you how to make simple posture adjustments. Your posture may be increasing your knee pain without your knowledge.

The Verdict

No hard sell is necessary for Feel Good Knees. This is because the program really works. If you are interested in living with no knee pain or medications triggering nasty side effects, this may be the ideal program for your needs. All you have to do is follow the steps in the program.

There is no risk for trying the program because you have a solid money-back guarantee. The only thing you really have to lose is your knee pain. This program has already changed numerous lives for the better by helping to eliminate knee pain.