Whether you attribute it to the economy, inflation or something else, the fact is that the prices on everything seem to be going up. This is especially true for automobiles. To buy a new car these days will cost you thousands of dollars, and that’s not even counting the insurance you have to get for it and the gas you have to put into it. This is why many people are looking to save as much money as they possibly can on their automobiles.

There’s a service out there now called Gov-Auctions.org. While it is a website, it’s not necessarily freely accessed. You can log onto it to look around to see what they offer, but you actually have to purchase a membership if you want to use this network’s services in order to find deals on cars and trucks and other sorts of automobiles. Because of the high prices of vehicles now, and the fact the costs keep rising, tens of thousands of people employ this service to find the best deals on vehicles in America.

As the name of this service would suggest, it deals in government auctions. Every day across the nation, thousands of vehicles are taken into government custody. It could be because someone got arrested, a vehicle was abandoned, or was used in the commission of a crime, and many more reasons. The fact is that the government has more vehicles available than most car dealerships. However, it’s hard to keep up with all the auctions and to know when they’re going up for sale.

Often is the case that relatively new vehicles are put up for auction by the government, and you can end up getting them for pennies on the dollar. It’s not uncommon at all to have luxury and sports cars go for a few thousand dollars. It’s all profit for the government, so they don’t care about the lower selling prices. So, of course, all sorts of people are trying to get a good line on the when and where of these auctions.

What is Gov-Auctions.org?

As mentioned above, this is more than just your typical website. This is an actual service which gives you details on government automobile auctions in all 50 US states. You will find out when the auction is being held, what time and its exact location, and also which sorts of vehicles are going to be auctioned. This is a very important detail, as it would be a waste of time and money to travel somewhere looking for a work truck, for instance, when they’re only auctioning off regular cars.

One thing you’ll want to keep in mind about this site is that it’s not going to sell you anything online. You won’t be able to look up vehicles using this service. You’ll be directed to auctions where you can buy any sort of vehicle you’re looking for. A lot of people use a service like this because they think they can bid on the automobiles online, like an eBay auction site, but it does not have that functionality.

Though a cool thing this site does do is walk you through the entire process with a step by step guide to assist you with everything from initially finding a vehicle to how to bid on one once you arrive at an auction. This also isn’t some site that does a quick search for auctions before selling you some basic information. There are over 4,000 sectors covered here, in all 50 American states, so you will be able to access information about every single government vehicle auction held.

The kicker here with this site is that you will have to pay a monthly fee. So for every month you are a member, you’ll have to pay a fee. Keep this in mind, of course, as you may only want to sign up for the month you’re looking for a car. Of course, if you’re buying multiple vehicles to sell on your own for a profit, this monthly membership fee may be more than worth it.

What You Can Find with the Site

There are a lot of reasons someone may want to purchase automobiles at an auction. For instance, used car dealerships are always purchasing cars and trucks at auctions so that they can make a huge profit when reselling them. It’s also great for people who want something new and reliable yet don’t want to spend over 10 thousand dollars on it. So there are a ton of reasons you might want to use Gov-Auctions.org, and here are a few types of automobiles you can get from these auctions.

  • Cars: Coupes, sedans, sports cars, family wagons, etc
  • Trucks: Work, utility, sport, and more
  • Vans: Panel vans, passenger, work vans, etc
  • Farm use: Heavy duty, farm equipment, and more
  • Motorcycles and scooters
  • Relatively new repossessions

What Gov-Auctions.org Offers

The goal of this review is not to recommend you use or not use this service. That final decision rests solely in your hands, as the reader. We’re here to provide you with accurate, honest, detailed information about the service. As such, we’re looking hard at a litany of sources so that we can tell you about all the advantages and disadvantages. According to the service itself and other outside research, here are some of the things that Gov-Auctions.org offers to you.

  • Thousands of Vehicles: At any given time, this service covers every single vehicle-specific auction that government agencies are holding in the United States. What this means is that you will have access to over 10,000 vehicles at any given time. So if there’s a vehicle you really have your heart set on, the odds are pretty good that you will be able to find it with this service.
  • Thousands of Auctions: There end up being thousands of automobile auctions every year in the United States. With Gov-Auctions.org, you will get information about every single one of them. You can find cars, trucks, SUVs and more offered at these auctions starting at $100, and often being sold for as little as $500. So if you need vehicles, membership to this service is going to help you save a whole lot of money.
  • Specialized Auctions: As we spoke about up top, this service isn’t like eBay, in that you cannot bid on this website for automobiles. However, with this service, you can get links to a few government websites where you can actually do your bidding online. So while you cannot use Gov-Auctions.org to place your bids, you can find sites and services in the member’s area that will allow you do just that, so you might not even have to travel at all.
  • Links to Other Auction Sites: For your automobile auctions, this service has you covered with everything that’s going on in all 50 states. However, what if you want to bid on houses or other properties? Gov-Auctions.org’s member’s area will actually give you links to other auction sites, where you may be able to buy homes and land acreage for pennies on the dollar.
  • Google Maps Link: One very cool thing about this service is that it doesn’t just tell you when and where an auction is. Most people are traveling a good distance to visit these auction sites, often even visiting different states. It’s hard to know your way around, so this service actually connects you directly to Google Maps and shows you exactly where the auctions are taking place.
  • All Day Access: Another great thing about having access to this service is that you have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This means that while some people are relaxing on Sunday, or taking a holiday off, you can look for cars and bid on vehicles while no one else is around. Having full access to this service, every day, puts you in a great position to get vehicles for a lot cheaper with a lot less competition.

Who is Gov-Auctions.org For?

Anyone who needs a quality vehicle for an affordable price can really benefit from a service like this. For instance, if you have a dealership and need to turn a profit, paying a few hundred dollars for a car that you can sell for a few thousand means that you’ll be profiting in a big way. Or maybe you’re a parent looking for a safe, affordable automobile for your child as a present. No matter what your reasons, anyone is welcome to use this service in order to find affordable vehicles from thousands of government auctions.

Because these are cars that have been repossessed for a variety of reasons, you’ll find that most of these vehicles are in great working condition and don’t have a ton of wear and tear. This isn’t like a house where someone knew they were getting evicted, so they trashed it first. These are vehicles that people were keeping clean and running well before they were taken, so there’s very little repairs you have to do.

This means that if you need a vehicle, you can certainly benefit from Gov-Auctions.org.

Pros and Cons of Gov-Auctions.org

Our only aim in this review is to be as informative as possible, giving you only accurate information to help you make the best possible decision. So we’re not out to shill for this service; we simply want to inform you. To that end, we need to run over both the positives and negatives of this service, with a list of pros and cons.


  • Can help you save a ton of money on any sort of vehicle you need
  • Vehicles at auctions are generally in great shape and newer models
  • Can actually find auction sites that allow you to bid online
  • No downloaded software necessary, just a website where you’ll become a member
  • All-day, year-round access allows you find better deals
  • Quick access to auctions with directions
  • Can find any sort of vehicle you need
  • Member’s area also has consultants to help you with the auctions


  • Cannot access without Internet
  • Must pay a monthly membership fee
  • Some auctions have a ton of competition

Gov-Auctions.org Conclusion

If you need a vehicle and want to go the auction route, it can be quite annoying to search around for auctions happening and only being able to find very few. Gov-Auctions.org is a service that gives you information about every vehicle auction being held all across America.

The benefits of this sort of service speak for themselves, especially if you’re purchasing more than one vehicle and can make the most out of your membership. It allows you to find any sort of vehicle you want, from any one of thousands of auctions that take place every single year.