Jeff Martin is the author of Heartburn No More. He has been a health consultant, certified nutritionist and medical researcher for the past twenty years. He has written numerous health books including best-sellers. He suffered from chronic heartburn, esophageal reflux, gastritis, hiatal hernia and acid reflux for many years. His research into a permanent and natural solution resulted in this book.

A Synopsis of Heartburn No More

The book is a lot more like a program to cure acid reflux than for actual heartburn relief. This distinction is incredibly important and becomes obvious after you have read the first couple of chapters. You will discover searching for a means of relieving your heartburn is definitely the wrong goal. This may be the reason you have failed to control your heartburn or acid reflux in the past.

The author focuses on the reasons the internal cause of your heartburn must be corrected as opposed to simply masking the symptoms. This will not provide you with permanent relief. Jeff Martin then proceeds to explain exactly how this can be accomplished. Heartburn No More is very different from the other books relating to this subject.

The author goes into detail regarding what you have to do in order to be free from digestive disorders and the symptoms of acid reflux on a permanent basis. The book thoroughly explains the fallacies, myths and lies surrounding heartburn. This is the reason the subject became so confusing in the first place. Heartburn No More has been described as the best book ever written about gastrointestinal health and heartburn.

This is an extremely extensive book containing 150 pages of solid content. The author has not written fluff or wasted any words. The focus of the book is on a treatment for acid reflux that is 100 percent natural. The author does not recommend using any harsh drugs or prescriptions that may result in nasty side effects. The core formula of the book is a five-step system.

The author has held absolutely nothing back. Jeff Martin provides an extremely detailed description of every step prior to efficiently dividing the specifics into chronological order. The checklists and charts are exceptional. This makes it very easy to figure out where you are so you can follow the program. If you are looking for a fairy tale cure or an instant fix, this is not the program for you.

Heartburn No More offers you a complete holistic solution to help you eliminate the underlying cause of your digestive disorders or heartburn no matter how severe the condition. This will make certain your acid reflux has been cured for good. You will need to be persistent and put in some work to complete this program. According to the author, the only place you will find success listed prior to work is the dictionary.

The entire philosophy of the book is there is no quick fix for heartburn. The only potential issue you may have with this book is the enormous amount of information the author has written. You may find this a little bit overwhelming at first. This is especially true if you were searching for a fast program to treat or cure your acid reflux.

The good news is if you are patient, continue reading Heartburn No More and take your time, you will begin to relax and feel more confident. You will not need to read much to realize this book is worth all of the effort required. This is because you will never have to purchase another book on heartburn or acid reflux again. There is no doubt holistic treatments have increased in popularity.

Holistic treatments offer healing for the complete person including the spirit, emotions, body and mind. This approach is unique, effective, safe and completely natural. This is the approach you will be receiving with this book because the author is using holistic treatment. The focus of the system is on curing your heartburn and acid reflux by addressing all of the factors as opposed to just the physical ones.

You will learn about everything including your supplements, exercise, levels of activity and nutrition. The book will help you understand all of the different potential causes for your acid reflux including what you need to do to permanently eliminate your condition. The basic breakdown of Heartburn No More includes the following:

  • The five-step approach for the elimination of acid reflux and heartburn
  • The risk factors
  • The quick results program
  • Diagnosis guidelines
  • Nutritional and supplementation guides
  • Valuable information regarding heartburn and acid reflux

There are nearly 200 pages in this program filled with helpful tips, steps and techniques to eliminate your heartburn completely naturally. In addition to the eBook, you will also receive some free bonuses. The first bonus is three months of counseling with the author of the book. There are also five additional eBooks for improving your health and your life. This includes the following eBooks:

  • Ways to get rid of bad breath
  • Walking for life
  • 47 herbal remedies
  • The ultimate relaxation guide
  • The secrets for sound sleep

In addition to offering you a lot of information, you will receive one of several different bonuses with your purchase. The bonus you will receive is random according to when you make your purchase. Your first potential bonus is a complete book of natural cures. You can use this information for improving your health by understanding the cures available through nature.

The second bonus is a guide teaching when and how to act as your own physician. The author talks about what you have been taught regarding modern medicine. According to Jeff Martin, there are certain situations where your interests are best served by taking direct control of your health as opposed to becoming reliant on modern medicine.

The third bonus teaches you about the healing power found in water. The author goes into a lot of detail regarding the spirituality of water in addition to the proven benefits. The fourth book will teach you how to manage IBS. This includes the causes, medications, treatments and a lot more.

The fifth bonus provides you with free lifetime updates from the author. Jeff Martin will let you know whenever there are changes or new developments. This will enable you to remain informed as time passes. The sixth bonus is a counseling period for three months directly with Jeff Martin.

Once you have made your purchase, you can download all of the information for eliminating your discomfort and pain immediately. You can download your program onto a tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop. Your purchase includes a sixty-day money-back guarantee. You will have two months to make certain your heartburn can be cured using a holistic, five-step approach.

The Specifics of The Program

Heartburn No More was created to help eliminate your struggle. The book succeeds by categorizing the most helpful topics into five chapters. The chapters cover ways to treat heartburn and the specifics of the natural treatments. The contents included in each chapter are as follows.

Chapter One: Introduction

  • Ten facts regarding the system
  • The best ways to get the most from the book
  • Success is yours
  • Eliminating acid reflux holistically

Chapter Two: All About Acid Reflux and Heartburn

  • The Truth about heartburn
  • Symptoms and signs
  • How GERD is diagnosed
  • Conventional medicine vs. holistic medicine
  • Risks factors for reflux disease
  • Complications of reflux disease

Chapter Three: The Mini Program

  • A crash course about the program

Chapter Four: The Five-Step Holistic System

  • First Step: The two-day reflux
  • Second Step: Digestion optimization and dietary changes
  • Third Step: Powerful supplementation for anti-acid reflux
  • Fourth Step: Internal cleansing
  • Fifth Step: Sleep optimization, exercise and stress control

Chapter Five: Maintaining an Environment Free of Reflux and Preventing Heartburn

  • Complimentary heartburn treatments
  • Supplementation guidelines
  • Sleep optimization guidelines and stress control
  • Dietary guidelines
  • Cleansing guidelines

In addition to providing insights regarding the best actions you can take for your heartburn, the book also discusses other critical areas. You must address all of these areas to maintain a completely healthy lifestyle. Not only will these changes help to eliminate your heartburn but they may also improve some of the systems in your body. To achieve an ideal body condition you need to read the following:

  • Complimentary heartburn treatments
  • Gallbladder and liver flush
  • Detoxification diet for anti-reflux
  • Program for detoxification based on the Ayurveda

The Benefits of Heartburn No More

The program offers you a completely natural way to eliminate acid reflux and heartburn. There are no undesirable results or side effects to make your suffering even worse. If you are not pleased with your results from the program you can simply return your package using your sixty-day money-back guarantee. The presentation of the program is based on a guideline that is very easy to understand.

You can be assured the entire program is not only convenient but hassle-free as well. The author is offering you an excellent solution that will last. The program is appropriate for all individuals no matter how severe the condition. Heartburn No More has actionable items in each chapter. These are suitable whether you have had heartburn for numerous years or your condition is still fairly new.

Even if you have already completely eliminated your acid reflux and heartburn, the cleansing methods and dietary recommendations will still be of benefit to you. You can live a much healthier lifestyle by using the methods provided as a part of your daily life. The author explains the reasons for performing each method. This is what will provide you with the motivation you need to succeed.

The book does not pressure you in any way to eliminate your heartburn or acid reflux. The author allows more than enough time for the process to enable you to achieve the positive effects the program will have on your health. One of the biggest issues is the number of individuals attempting to destroy the reputation of both holistic health and the program contained in this book.

Unfortunately, this has resulted in too many people having a difficult time trusting this product. The only way you will know whether or not this program is truly effective is by purchasing and using the program. If you are not satisfied you will have a money-back guarantee. You must take the time to read every chapter while following the guidelines to be successful.

If you do not believe you have enough time to read the book, follow the guidelines or comprehend all of the information, you will be wasting your money. If you take the time necessary to understand, this may be the best purchase you have ever made.

The Inevitable Conclusion

Heartburn No More is a well-written book containing everything you need to know about curing your acid reflux and heartburn with a completely natural, holistic program. You will be shown everything you have to do to improve your mental, emotional and physical health to permanently eliminate acid reflux and heartburn. Once you have read the information, you will see the value of the program.

You will understand what is happening within your body, what you need to do to correct the situation and be provided with an actionable plan. The book is easy to understand and will help you eliminate the pain, discomfort, belching and bloating resulting from your acid reflux.