After considering the results of in-depth studies by Ph.D. researchers, this new start-up company has produced an individually-customized and reasonably priced hybrid mattress. Helix offers a personally designed and fitted product to ensure users achieve their best night’s sleep. Each person’s personal data and sleeping habits are used to decide the mattress that will be best to meet their needs.

A customized model is recommended based on an online questionnaire, or ‘sleep quiz.’ For those who choose a dual-firmness model to accommodate both themselves and a partner, each side is customized for qualities such as firmness and coolness. Helix has created a mattress which incorporates the latest innovations for providing a relaxing, pain-free sleep experience.

The Helix mattress seems to strike a good balance between pressure point relief and good support. The many models offer a gradual increase from plush to firm. Overall, Helix has ranked high in owner satisfaction and price compared with other foam mattresses. The following gives a quick overview of the construction of these mattresses, firmness and other important features.

A Personalized Fit

Helix evaluates data on each user’s specific needs based on criteria such as body type, height, weight, and sleeping habits as well as any medical conditions which may affect personal needs. This data is used with surprising accuracy to determine the Helix model that will provide the greatest comfort and support.

Mattresses are custom made for optimum comfort and sleep posture for each individual. The goal of the best possible sleep experience is achieved by combinations of high-quality materials that meet each user’s personal preferences. Coolness is also a factor to be addressed, especially for those who tend to sleep hot. The Helix’s special dynamic foam allows for maximum airflow and cooling.

Other considerations, such as whether the user is normally a back, side, stomach or combination sleeper, will help determine the style of mattress that will be needed. Helix supplies many choices to ensure there is a custom mattress to meet every need. Personal preferences are also considered for the greatest satisfaction. For most users, the more carefully and accurately the sleep quiz is filled out, the better the result will be and the less chance any changes will be needed.

One recurring comment among individual reviewers is the need to trust the questionnaire, even if the result doesn’t match opinions. Some who thought they needed a firmer mattress found that a softer top was recommended by the quiz. After ignoring the results and ordering a firmer mattress, they found it was necessary to add a topper or even to have the mattress replaced.

Construction and Materials

As mentioned above, Helix builds their mattresses based on customer responses to their sleep quiz. This makes it virtually impossible to do a single review that would cover every potential configuration of these beds. Instead, the following will look at a single version of the Helix mattress based on the responses of a single individual. This will provide a baseline for comparison.

The following criteria are used by Helix when building a mattress:

  • Feel – your preference between a soft, medium for a mattress
  • Support – determined by your weight, height and preferred sleeping position
  • Temperature Regulation – whether you prefer to the pool or hot when sleeping
  • Point Elasticity – how much relief from the pressure you need

For purposes of this review, the responses given to the quiz were as follows: Feel = Medium-to Medium Firm, Support = Strong Support, Temperature Regulation = Moderately Cooling, Point Elasticity = Moderate Elasticity. Obviously, when filling out the quiz you can choose your own options, which could give you a different result.

To build a mattress gets your particular preferences correct, Helix will combine a mixture of microcoils, polyfoam and dynamic provide you with a response, supportive mattress that offers a firm bounce and adequate cooling. Also note Helix offers a so-called “Dual Comfort” solution for any mattresses queen-size or bigger. This is great if you are sharing your mattress with someone who has different preferences on it comes to their sleep comfort. The company can create a mattress with entirely different instruction and firmness on either side of the mattress. At the same time, they can do this in a way that provides an even, blended feel across the mattress.

Cover – The manufacturer includes a cover of very thin polyester, which allows it to breathe. This cover will in no way affect the feeling you get from the mattress’s top layer. The cover is relatively easy to clean.

Top Layer – This is a springy, unique dynamic foam top layer designed to quickly respond to any pressure. This means when you step on this mattress, you won’t sink down into it. Instead, you’ll feel like you are sitting on top of it. This also means you should be able to switch your position on the mattress with relative ease. And this is actually the case.

Transition Layer – This is the next layer just below the dynamic foam layer. It makes use of the company’s unique dynamic foam. This layer is supposed to respond very quickly when pressure – and can be said to feel like a blend of memory file and latex. It doesn’t excellent job of helping to keep you cool. All too often, this type of material can result in you sleeping hot. This layer also serves as a transition level the coils underneath.

Microcoils – This layer of microcoils is useful for helping to your mattress, since it increases how much airflow you get through the mattress – as compared with standard foam layers. It also offers the layers above excellent support and increases the springiness of this mattress. Finally, microcoils white these also serve the function of improving the mattresses ability to conjure your body and reducing motion transfer.

Base Layer – This last layer is comprised of a denser polyfoam intended to act as the mattress’s foundation. This layer will provide support for the layers above – not to mention you – and is fairly standard with the average bed in a box mattress.

The mattress comes with two covers. The top, jersey-knit Helix mattress cover has a modern look, adding to the bed’s overall style factor. The bottom mattress cover is 100% polyester and thin, allowing extra airflow to aid in cooling. The bottom mattress pad zips off for easy machine washing.

There is no need for an extra mattress pad, as adding one may hinder air circulation and affect cooling. A light mattress protector may be used to protect the surface from stains and dirt and extend the lifespan of the product. If any abnormal compression appears in the mattress, such as permanent indentations of over 1″ deep, contact Helix immediately. Helix mattress purchases include a 10-year warranty against defects.


While the company does allow you to choose your specific preferences and firmness level during their quiz, because of the fact everyone is slightly different – either in weight or in the height – the mattress might feel different for different people. This is why the following considers the reactions of three different individuals to this mattress’s firmness level. Based on the response of these testers, this mattress can be considered as being of medium firmness.

When you press down into the mattress, you can detect the microcoils and the polyfoam layer working together to offer a springy, highly responsive feel. When you are laying on this mattress, it is fairly easy to move around and switch positions without being stopped in one spot. For most people at most sleeping positions, the responsive materials used with this mattress and the medium firmness used for this task the excellent for a range of sleeping positions.

When you’re on your back, you should find the top dynamic foam layer will keep you on top of this mattress. When you’re in this position, your weight should be well distributed so that you won’t detect any concentrated pressure in any particular spot. Tests of this mattress indicate it also does a nice job of keeping your back aligned, while still letting you shift your position with relative ease. Even when you roll onto your site, you will probably notice you don’t sink into the mattress very much, even though your weight will be concentrated in a smaller area.

Unfortunately, this can cause problems for side sleepers, since pressure points often occur in the hips and shoulders in such a situation. This means that side sleepers may want to use the sleep quiz to create a much plusher mattress. Doing this will mean you will be able to sink down a bit further into the mattress and experience less pressure on these points on your body. This in turn will result in a better night’s sleep.

When you roll onto your stomach, you should feel you are supported quite well. Your faction also being in a line. People who sleep on her stomach frequently have problems with softer mattresses allowing their hips to sink down, which was a great deal of pressure on their lower back. However, tests of this mattress indicated it will do a good job of keeping your hips from dropping.

It should be noted that a flat, stable foundation or bed frame is recommended in order to achieve the full benefits of the custom mattress. Conventional springs should be avoided, as they may affect comfort and performance. A simple base may be used as long as it has plywood or some other base to support the mattress.

Cooling and Motion Isolation

The Helix mattress has received good customer reviews for motion isolation. -The top layer is designed to absorb each sleeper’s movement and thus cut down motion transfer.

-Reviewers have commented that when a soft mattress without dual preferences is used, there may be less motion isolation than in more firm or dual firmness models. The softer layers have a quicker response time and so may potentially pass on more movement than models made with the thicker memory foam option.

In one test, the 10 pound weight was dropped from varying heights on the mattress determine how much disturbance was generated on the opposite side. At about 4 inches, there is very little disturbance. The microcoils used in this mattress are specially designed to help isolate motion, and they were quite well in this test. There were also good results with drops from slightly higher heights. While there was more disturbance at one foot, it was no more than would be expected – and certainly not unacceptable.

It should also be noted that the firmer the mattress, the more difficult it may be to move around. The heavier memory foam of firmer mattresses has a slower reaction time than the lighter dynamic foam used for softer settings, which could make a sleeper feel stuck. However, the slower response time is often balanced by the added support offered, especially to side sleepers or stomach sleepers.

The Helix is also customized according to personal preferences for overall coolness. There are several temperature regulation options available from mild to cool in the various models. Also, the greater air flow of the thin mattress cover helps to ensure users will stay cool all through the night. These factors can be included in dual mattresses for the comfort of both sleepers.

If these custom components are not enough, hot sleepers may consider replacing the standard cover with an Ultra Cool one. This modified cover is made of a phase-changing material which offers greater temperature regulation all through the night. These covers range from $100-$150 depending on the mattress size. There is even an Ultra Cool Helix pillow available for around $115.

Sinkage Test

People dislike the sensation of sinking down into a mattress, but this can frequently occur with mattresses that incorporate foam. In order to test this property of the Helix mattress, a range of weights running from 6 pounds to 50 pounds were placed on the mattress in order to determine how much a person might sink into this mattress. Using these different weights of different sizes made it possible to simulate how the mattress might react in contact with different parts of the body.

  • There was below 1 inch in sinkage with a 6 pound weight.
  • There was precisely 1 inch in sinkage with an 8 pound weight.
  • There was roughly 2 inches in sinkage with a 10 pound weight.
  • There was approximately 3 inches in sinkage with a large, low density 50 pound weight.

Edge Support

It’s definitely true that when you’re sharing a mattress and have to use the whole surface of that mattress, and support is extremely important. Certainly, traditionally foam mattresses have often failed to provide the kind of support that a traditional innerspring mattress is, so this is a key consideration when looking at the Helix mattress.

When you lie close to the edge of this mattress, you will feel as though you are being evenly supported all the way from the edge to the center. You don’t get a sense that you’re going to roll off the bed. Even when you hang all the mattress of it, you will still feel supported, even though there is a bit of compression. This is the kind of compression you might experience when you sit on the edge of the bed in the morning putting on your shoes more when you first sit down at night to go to bed.

This level of compression is common in virtually all been in a box products, and compared to many of its competitors the Helix mattress performs very well. There is reason to think that this will be consistent across this product, regardless of your choices in the preferences quiz.

Basic Facts about the Helix Mattress

  • This product is manufactured entirely in the United States and ships from there as well.
  • The company offers a 100 night trial in which you can test the product to see if it is right for you. If it isn’t, you can return it for a full refund.
  • Manufacturer also offers customers a 10 year warranty with this mattress.
  • Shipping is entirely free in the United States, with the mattress arriving at your door in a box.

Hybrid Design

There are still a few things to note about the Helix’s unique hybrid design. Although the first models reportedly used latex, there is no longer any latex used in the mattress. Instead, Helix now constructs mattresses using its own unique, proprietor foam or a heavier, but thinner, memory foam. The unique dynamic foam’s performance is somewhere between latex and memory foam. So users looking for a classic memory foam mattress will not find it in a Helix mattress.

Most users should not expect to slowly sink down in this mattress, especially in the case of the more plush models. For those who still desire to add increased softness and bounce, a latex-based topper pad is available. However, most users will find the regular plush model selections comfortable enough to satisfy their needs for both consistent full-body pain relief and softness.

The Helix mattress is constructed to provide a balance of comfort and support. The quick-responding top layer of foam is specially manufactured to aid in relief for pressure points such as shoulders and hips. The coils provide consistent support for both back and stomach sleepers.

The pocketed coils also ensure good edge support. Although most foam beds have a certain amount of give, the underlying coil support allows a user sitting on the edge of a Helix mattress to feel secure about the quality of the entire surface and edges of the mattress and its ability to provide adequate support when getting in and out of bed.

Mattress Price

Like most other bed in box manufacturers, Helix offers its product in a range of sizes to suit your needs and preferences. For mattresses which do not include dual balance or big and tall features, the regular prices are listed below.

  • Twin 40-50 pounds $600
  • Twin XL 40-50 pounds $700
  • Full 70-80 pounds $850
  • Queen 80-90 pounds $995
  • King 90-100 pounds $1195
  • California King 90-100 pounds $1195

Dual balanced mattress features are available in sizes Queen and King sizes for a little higher price. Nightfall mattresses are also a little more expensive. It may be worth noting that one-piece foundations and adjustable bed frames are available through Helix for those who would like to one-stop-shop.

For the convenience of shoppers, Helix does offer 0% financing through Klarna for qualifying customers, explore alternative financing options through Zibby.


The Helix Sleep Mattress comes in six sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. All of the mattresses are shipped in a roll pack and generally arrive in as little as 3-7 business days. Mattresses weigh between 50-108 pounds and have no handles. It is best to open the mattress on the foundation where it is to be set up.

Please allow time for the mattress to decompress fully before making a determination regarding the quality and comfort it provides. Helix mattresses have a slightly shorter break-in time than many foam mattresses, so users should begin to enjoy the full benefits of their uniquely constructed mattress fairly quickly.

There are a total of nine specially designed models to choose from. This includes big and tall sizes and dual balanced mattresses. The models have names such as Sunset, Moonlight, Midnight, or Twilight. Nightfall is for plus size or big and tall size, and a is able to support a combined weight of up to 1,000 pounds.

For customers who may be shopping for a family, there is an option for the various models to be reviewed without taking the suggested questionnaire. It is easy to see and discuss what each model has to offer before making a decision about what would work best for each individual.

Any questions can be answered by a friendly, knowledgeable customer service representative. The customer/company relationship appears to be a top priority for Helix, which is a plus. Many customer reviewers note their helpful and pleasant experience in this area.

If it should become necessary to return the mattress, Helix will send a courier to pick up the product. There is no need to try to replace the mattress into the packaging. Also, there is no set time before the mattress qualifies for return.

However, be forewarned. Purchasers do need to remember to file the original receipt in a safe place. It will be required if it is ever necessary to return the item.

Unboxing This Mattress

It’s an exciting moment when your new mattress arrives at your front door. Obviously, you’re looking forward to taking advantage of its features and getting a good night’s sleep as quickly as possible. However, there are a few points you’ll want to consider first. To begin with, you’ll want to make sure that you have a clear space on your floor for opening up the box and releasing the compressed mattress. Once it fully extends, it’s going to take up a good deal of room.

When you’re opening box and then removing the plastic that holds in the mattress, be very careful that you do not cut the mattress or damage it in the process. Once you have the mattress free, you’ll want to let it expand for a view minutes on the floor before you do anything with it. It’s generally best with bed in a box mattresses to wait at least 24 hours for lying on a mattress to give the mattress time to fully expand.

New Bed Odor and Ongoing Mattress Care

The unique materials which make up the Helix mattress are designed to keep new-mattress odors to a minimum. Any initial odor is completely gone within a day or two, and off-gassing has been reported to be near zero. For the health and safety of users, the Helix is CertiPUR-US® Certified. This means that all the foam materials have been third-party tested for harmful chemicals or emissions.

User reviews have confirmed that there is very little smell associated with a new Helix mattress, even when putting their face very close to the surface. The quality materials and careful choices made in the construction of these mattresses allow for very little reason to worry about any harmful product emissions either at the time the mattress is received or over the first few weeks.

If the Helix should need any cleaning, remember to never use steam or attempt to soak the entire mattress. Also, never use high amounts of chlorine bleach when cleaning the mattress surface. All Helix mattresses receive antimicrobial treatments before leaving the factory, so users can be assured there is no harmful bacteria or pests in their new mattress.

Pros and Cons

The Pros:

  • Fully customized for ultimate comfort.
  • Free shipping anywhere in the U.S.
  • 100 day risk-free trial
  • Reasonably priced compared to other luxury beds
  • Great customer service
  • 100% made in the U.S.A.

The Cons:

  • Durability not yet determined for this new product
  • 10-Year, Non-prorated Warranty period a little on the short side for foam mattresses.

The Helix satisfaction rate is better than for average mattresses. To this point, the ratings are about on a par with its main competitors. The exceptional pricing can be a deciding factor, along with Helix’s unique design and custom construction.

Determining If Helix Mattress Is Right for You

The entire point of this review was to help you better determine if you want to purchase the Helix mattress. You should definitely consider buying this mattress if the following is true:

You’re uncertain and precisely what you want in a mattress: The company’s sleep quiz can help you ask the right questions and get the right answers about your sleep preferences and habits, allowing you to create the mattress you really need. This means you don’t have to know everything there is to know about mattress construction to get a high quality mattress.

You’d like to buy mattress that is suitable for many different people: When you’re answering the Helix sleep quiz questions, you have the option of choosing the features you want. This in turn means you can create a mattress that is suitable for a wide range of sleepers sleep types. You can even combine sponsors produced by 2 separate sleep quizzes, which is something you might do when you are a couple sleeping in one bed.

You and your sleep partner are different: The fact that this mattress company allows you to divide the mattress down the middle in a way that permits different construction and firmness levels on each side is a tremendous benefit when you share your bed with someone else. It means that one of you doesn’t have to settle for mattress you don’t like just because the other one prefer something else.

Final Thoughts

The Helix Sleep Mattress has been available since 2015. Although Helix mattresses have only been on the market for a few years, they have been fairly well received. They have been ranked among the top ten for 2018 by many online review sites, and have received high ratings from individual users.

Although there is currently no long-term data regarding the durability of the mattress, the new production methods and high-grade materials lead many to estimate that the Helix will last longer than many foam mattresses.

The main complaints to this point have been occasional problems with sagging or inconsistencies in support in the middle of dual configurations. Some reviewers have found the center of the dual mattress is not comfortable for couples snuggling or spooning.

Some of the sagging complaints may stem from the improper matching of users to mattress models. This could be due to incorrect or disregarded questionnaire data. Overall, the positive reviews indicate that the Helix Sleep Mattress could be an excellent option for long-term quality sleep.

As a further note for the environmentally conscious, in the event a mattress must be returned, Helix does not send returned products to a landfill or refurbish and resell them. Returned mattresses will be donated or completely recycled through a third-party contractor.

The Helix Sleep Mattress may be a good place to start when making a change from a conventional mattress to a foam or hybrid mattress. It is easy to fill out the online questionnaire in order to choose a model that will suit the needs of either an individual or couple.

Additionally, the reasonable pricing adds to the appeal for anyone who has been considering making that change for a long time. When compared to conventional mattresses, it seems logical to put the latest innovations to the test.

Look at overall, the Helix mattress is an excellent product for its price. Although not a perfect mattress, it offers good value for money. One of the best things about it is it is entirely customizable. You can get exactly the mattress want, instead of settling for a compromise. You don’t have to worry a lot about sleeping hot, it’s the customizations allow for you to solve this problem as well.