The book, Hemorrhoid No More, by Jessica Wright, is a detailed book that addresses every conceivable aspect of hemorrhoids. It delves into how hemorrhoids develop, what the main causes are, how people can avoid getting them in the first place and how they can get rid of hemorrhoids after they appear. Rather than turning to drugs and surgery, the author describes a natural system for preventing and eliminating hemorrhoids.

Health consultant, certified nutritionist and researchers, author Jessica Wright is a former sufferer of hemorrhoids who decided to devote several years to come up with a solution to the age-old physical problem. The book discusses all the medical aspects of hemorrhoids, explains why they appear so frequently in adults and addresses a natural, holistic strategy for curing them. In addition to breathing and physical exercises, the book examines diet, sleep and daily lifestyle changes that can defeat hemorrhoids.

The Science Behind the Treatment

Holistic: The author created a totally holistic approach to resolving the problem of hemorrhoids, which is in stark contrast to the hundreds of creams, suppositories, drugs and other products on the market. Based on more than a decade of scientific research that employed testing on nearly 150,000 subjects all over the world, Jessica Wright created a program that is backed by statistics and real results.

Many Solutions: There are multiple solutions discussed in the book because, as the author explains, hemorrhoids arise for a wide variety of reasons based on the differing physical attributes of people who get them. That’s just one reason the book includes so many different explanations about potential causes and remedies. What works for one person might not work for someone else.

Long-term Health: Lifestyle, exercise and diet are three of the key components in the treatment program described in Wright’s book. There is a strong emphasis on holistic, non-drug remedies. One of the detailed discussion points in the book concerns the kinds of food that can lead to hemorrhoids, as well as the kinds of foods that have been known to prevent or even eliminate the occurrence of them.

Anatomy and Exercise: The author does a thorough job of educating readers about the anatomy of hemorrhoids. The book does a good job of describing what internal and external hemorrhoids are and how their symptoms differ. There’s a complete section on how to use breathing routines and exercises to minimize discomfort and prevent the appearance of the problem altogether.

Along these same lines, there are detailed explanations about exercises that can bring long-term and short-term relief, as well as which kinds of exercises to avoid. For physically active people and athletes, there is a wealth of information about what works for and what works against general health. For example, the book does a good job of explaining how aerobic activity, like regular waling and jogging, can go a long way toward helping the body heal itself of many conditions.

A core component of the book’s usefulness is the author’s ability to explain rather complex scientific concepts in a clear, concise manner. Wright has the background to deliver all the details in such a way that readers can not only understand but also remember what they’ve read. The sections on breathing, diet, exercise and anatomy are perfect examples of why so many readers are attracted to the author’s style of writing.

Diagnosis and Prevention: One key aspect of the book is its ability to show readers how to correctly diagnose their own condition with little effort. The book clearly describes not only how to prevent the problem at hand but how to effectively and efficiently treat the annoying and painful symptoms of common hemorrhoids. While treatment is the main focus of the book, the author wisely gives plenty of space to demonstrate the value of proper, correct diagnosis and comprehensive prevention strategies.

The Hemorrhoids No More book backs up every fact and suggestion with scientific explanation. The huge majority of products on the market offer limited scientific backing, if any. Wright’s book is similar to a textbook on hemorrhoids. After reading it, consumers will know virtually everything there is to know about the topic. Armed with solid facts and researched treatment options, the reader can set out to solve the issue of hemorrhoids and get healthy once and for all.

Consumer Reactions to the Book

Because there are many types of hemorrhoid sufferers, reactions to the book vary widely but tend to by universally positive. Many readers are attracted by the fact that the book is comprehensive and deals with all the types of hemorrhoids. Others note that they learned something valuable about the topic for the very first time. Many reviewers pointed out that they never knew the key differences between internal and external hemorrhoids, for example.

Other points brought up by reviewers of the book include the following:

  • There is a lengthy discussion about how to treat children who suffer from the condition, which is unique among books on this topic.
  • Pregnant women, who typically suffer from hemorrhoids after their pregnancies are complete, report positive results from using the program.
  • People who have had problems with chronic hemorrhoids and/or very large piles have reviewed the product favorably, typically praising the sections on prevention.
  • Many reviewers note good results when they’ve used Wright’s book to treat their own thrombosed hemorrhoids and situations involving anal fissures.
  • A common idea that runs through hundreds of the reviews is the “safe and natural” methods described in the book.
  • When it comes to specific, and particularly troublesome, symptoms, many users of the book point out relief from swelling, irritation, itching and attendant bleeding.
  • A handful of the highly positive reviews point out that the book teaches readers how to avoid bloating and related digestive problems like IBS and constipation.
  • Two of the most popular chapters in the book, according to reader reviews, are the first and fourth, which deal with “Everything You Need to Know About Hemorrhoids,” and a “5-Step Holistic Plan” for eliminating hemorrhoids completely.
  • Many readers find it important that the author is not only a health consultant but also a professional researcher and nutritionist.
  • Book sections on intestinal health and general digestive health are two aspects of the program that are often mentioned in reviews as being both informative and helpful in a practical way.
  • Nearly everyone notes that the book is written in such a way that readers need no scientific knowledge in order to understand it.

The Pros and Cons of the System

Like every other scientific system for treating common illnesses, the Hemorrhoid No More system has its pros and cons. Most readers of the book and those who diligently employ the system will come to their own conclusions but the following points are a summary of the most commonly-cited pros and cons:


  • No drugs or surgery are involved
  • The program can work for adults of any age or sex
  • Because the program addresses causes, it has the potential to prevent hemorrhoids
  • The book is written in simple language and is free of complex medical terminology
  • There is a full 60-day money-back guarantee that comes with purchase of the book
  • There are no side-effects to the treatment program
  • The eBook is quick and easy to download, so buyers don’t have to wait for shipment
  • The analysis is based on scientific facts, not guesses
  • The author gives buyers a lifetime update privilege, so the data is never outdated
  • The approach is 100 percent natural and deals with a long-term solution to the problem of hemorrhoids
  • The treatment plan was created by a person who knows, first-hand, the pain and frustration of hemorrhoids
  • Compared to other treatment options, this plan is quite inexpensive


  • Consumers can not buy the book in stores. It is available only online in downloadable format.
  • For those who want a drug-based treatment or a quick fix for hemorrhoids, this book is not the answer. It offers a long-term, lifestyle-based solution to the problem.
  • Buyers need to read the entire book to fully understand how to implement the program. It takes enough patience to read thoroughly and to then take action, so there’s an element of self-discipline involved.

Bonuses and Extras That Come With the Book

Products in this market segment often come with one or two extras to induce buyers to make a purchase. For many of the drug-based products that promise to treat hemorrhoids, these bonuses, promo items and extras are needed to offset the unusually high prices of the products.

In the case of Hemorrhoids No More by Jessica Wright, however, the already low price level would probably be enough to generate a significant number of sales. But the author still felt compelled to offer prospective customers a generous array of extras. For example, with every purchase of the book, buyers also receive a 60-day money-back guarantee along with the following items:

  • Upgrades to the product for life. That means whenever the book is amended in any way, owners will receive a new digital version
  • Phone and email-based technical support for buyers who have questions about any aspect of the program
  • An extensive listing of hemorrhoid-fighting recipes in the form of an easy-to-use cookbook
  • A book about how to be your own doctor
  • A book about the healing power of water
  • A book about the lessons you can learn from “Miracle Doctors”
  • A complete guidebook about nature’s methods of curing the human body

It’s clear from the long list of free items that come with each purchase of the book that the author is confident buyers will learn a lot about their condition. Reviews of the book often mention the bonus items and extras, particularly pointing out the high-quality of the eBooks and the convenience of having lifetime upgrades to the text itself.

In Summary

The book and the program for hemorrhoid elimination it describes are both reasonable and effective. Based on hundreds of consumer reactions and the amount of research that went into the book, Hemorrhoids No More is a comprehensive, safe, low-cost way for dealing with hemorrhoids. Not only does the author make no outlandish promises, she also explains every small detail about how the problem begins and what must be done to solve it.

The key advantage to the program described in the book is that it is all-natural. That means there are no side-effects, no surgery, no worries about drug toxicity and no concerns about interactions with medication that someone might already be taking. The price is low compared to every other hemorrhoid treatment on the market and the author’s lifetime updates policy is icing on the cake for buyers.